The Perfect Holiday Dress

The second I saw this incredible amazing GORGEOUS coat dress I knew I had to have it and frankly for under $50 and being velvet it was a heck of a steal.  The 40s and 50s inspired feel to the styling is so classic that this is a piece to wear for holiday parties for years to come!

The belting on this dress is incredible for defining a waist and the way the skirt portion of this dress floats away from the body is flattering for every single body type!  This is such an amazingly flattering dress.  The wrap style of the coat dress emphasizes and cinches any waist. A contrasting belt further emphasizes the waist so this is just a dream for anyone who wants that real hourglass shape.

Solid blue Velvet dressFlat Fold Over Clutch | Dress Pump

I have already worn this dress to holiday concerts and plan on wearing it to parties and frankly any excuse I can find!  Its incredibly well made which was my biggest concern with ordering overseas.  But overall I love this dress its going to be a staple in my wardrobe!

When TV Emulates Real Life

My best friend and I were watching the new Sabrina series when episode 7 came on.  The witches were talking about how there was no greater honor than to be eaten.  It hit both of us so incredibly hard how much this emulated the party princess community and their devotion and extremism when it comes to being a princess.

A costume in the parks changed due to it causing severe pain and serious permanent nerve damage to performers (Literally was told by a friend she couldn’t feel her arm half way through her shift). The uproar in the party princess community was insane and it is any time a costume gets changed it is beyond silly to me.  The literal responses were that its an honor to make under $15 an hour and have permanent nerve damage.  Read that last sentence again… Its an honor to make barely above poverty level and have life long nerve damage.  There are a great many things that come with those kinds of jobs that are just part of it, horrible summer heat, getting sneezed on, peed on and asked weird questions by small children who frankly don’t know any better. However the parallel that we both saw was beyond mind blowing.  The moment that any thing in our lives moves to a point where our well being is being sacrificed we need to take a serious hard look at things.

I just wish we would all take a breath, look at what we are all committing ourselves truly to and if its really worth being eaten over.  There is always a greater honor than being eaten!

Letting Out Your Inner Gossip Girl

Keyhole Front Leopard Print DressWomen’s Satin Closed Toe Pumps | Flat Fold Over Clutch | Bangle Bracelet

So leopard is back in a serious way this year but I didn’t want to do it in a traditional way, AT ALL!  I wanted something chic and unique and this has such a fabulous Serena vibe from Gossip Girl (think Season one when they stole Elenor’s dresses and had their own shoot in the park).

The low back with the really fun pom pom edged detailing is such a fun twist to this already wonderful dress! (Seeing more Gossip Girl inspiration?)

Now lets really break down the shape of this dress.  The fuller sleeve and more fitted skirt are going to create more volume up top to balance out a fuller bottom half of the bottom, making this amazing and perfect for anyone with a pear shaped body.  The tie waist is also going to pull in any waist and the cut on the leg is going to make them look lean and a million miles long.  This is just such a great party dress for winter.  Make a statement for those holiday parties and let out your inner Gossip Girl (XOXO) Oh and one more photo for good measure cause you can see the adorable key hole in the front and my photographer nailed it! 

My Favorite Nail Color for Fall and Winter

This fall I am a huge fan of mauve grey tones for for nails for fall.  They are such a fun neutral color.  Now whats particularly wonderful about this particular polish is that its also a nail treatment.  With every time you paint your nails you are treating and helping them to grow stronger.  Now my current favorite obsession is On The Mauve.

The staying power is great due to the brand and this color is super trendy but is still a color you can wear into any office.  Its neutral enough to go with any outfit.  Its just my current obsession!  If you are looking for a lighter option I suggest Tonal Taupe.

The strengthening formula in this nail polish isn’t ground breaking but anytime I can stop myself from biting my nails its going to help them get stronger lets be honest.  The colors are amazing so even if the strengthening part is a joke its totally worth it!