One of the hot buttons right now that I absolutely want to talk about is the dress code debate happening in schools.  Now don’t get me wrong a level of respect and decorum needs to be shown in schools by both male and female students however its officially going too far!  Some of these dress codes are so outdated my work uniform (a polo, track jacket and black “business pants”) would violate it… let that sink in!  You can see part of my collarbone therefore its “too revealing”  “Disney look” would violate these rules because a tank top and sweater is allowed (yes a girl was sent home for a camisole/cardigan set).


The concept that young girls are missing important education because their skirt that is beyond fingertip length is sending the very clear message that you can be asking for it and not doing so is more important than their education.  When looks such as this below are considered too “distracting to young boys and teachers” we need to have a bigger discussion about respect, rape culture and body shaming.

Photo curtesy of Seventeen magazine


Telling a 7th grade girl her arms need covering because to quote the school’s vice principal “her bare arms were “sexual objects” and cannot be shown.”

Instead of teaching girls its their job to “cover up” and not tempt the opposite sex we are teaching them that their dress can cause behaviors of others and that men and boys are not responsible for their actions.  This is how victim blaming begins and the fact that it has started this young is so disturbing!  Its up to us to stand up and make the changes.

Again Im not saying there shouldn’t be a level of decorum but when examples such as above are common, something has to change.  We can’t allow body and victim shaming to start this young!


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  1. It has been happened to our grandmothers and their mothers in their era too. We can’t do anything. Just let the time move by itself and the changes will be natural. But seriously, if this affects their studies, it’s ridiculous.

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