So over the years I have worked for multiple entertainment venues and companies… lets be real many.  And the body shaming flat out making fun of people’s bodies is not limited to theme parks only.  Some of the most cruel people are those in small entertainment companies who openly laugh at those who don’t fit their “ideal” body types.

Over the past few weeks I watched and was forced (due to politics) to bite my tongue about some severe body shaming and mocking, even side comments about my body type being inappropriate for a full body suit… at 5’7″ and size 0.  This is disgusting and unhealthy!  We need to accept people of all shapes and sizes and not some disgusting unrealistic ideal.  I’m sick and tired of people like that trying to shove every person into an unreal, unhealthy, unrealistic box that shouldn’t and doesn’t exist!  It wasn’t up to her to determine what person was in which costume, it was her job to put a person in it, make sure it fit and make them look good.  BTW I felt incredibly self conscious because who wants a shiny ass and doesn’t feel fat in that?

In what universe is it alright to say anything to a performer about the body type they were given and the role they were cast in with the body type they have?  All it does is steal the confidence, joy and strength out of anyones performance and feeds body image issues and disordered eating.  People like that are whats wrong with entertainment and should be terminated immediately for even suggesting unrealistic ideals to performers.

Thanks for listening to my rant on feeding unrealistic expectations to performers!

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    • But it doesn’t have to! We don’t have to allow it I’ve been in entertainment for over 20 years and saying it will always be that way allows it to be so, allows our little girls to be spoon fed that they aren’t good enough, skinny enough or pretty enough as they are! Is that the message we want to send them? There are TONS of companies that do not tolerate this behavior! When do we say enough is enough?

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