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The Best Vintage Looks for Every Body Type

I’m pretty much in love with super classic looks and the amazing shapes they create.  Were gonna go fairly basic in our body types for this article as the shapes are fairly simple. I will say the shapes for these dresses can be applied to skirt shapes as well!  Lets break down the dresses and why they are great for each body type.

Dress 1

The first dress is a high neck wiggle dress, this style is amazing for very lean and athletic body types.  This style creates or accentuates curves that may not otherwise exist.  

Geometric Print Dress

1) The high neck style of this dress is well suited for a smaller chested woman.  The sloping is going to accentuate the girls you have and give amazing curves.  This is also just a style that is less than flattering on larger chested women (it creates a giant uniboob slope that you could ski down which is no ones friend), my small chested friends ROCK THAT HIGH NECK!

2) This contrasting and extremely defined waist will create a beautifully defined waist, once again creating curves.  Tricking the eye to create a tiny waist is one of the easiest ways to create curves. The contrasting color really helps to make that accentuation pop.

3) The straight hip hugging style of this skirt is going to create an amazing illusion of an hour glass shape in the hip area.  This is a great shape also for hour glass figures to really hug your curves.

This dress is available here for purchase

Dress 2

This second wiggle dress is perfect for an hourglass figure.  This style is going to accentuate every curve and keep the curves looking proportionate and all of us feeling as sultry as Joan Harris from Mad Men.  This dress would be fantastic for an athletic figure or very lean body as well.

Knot Front Patchwork Dress

1)  The V- neck on this dress is perfect to open up the face and is so flattering on a larger chest while still being covered.  The bow is just a nice detail to keep the dress interesting.  Its also going to separate the girls and the nice wide strap will give the option of a great bra to keep the girls supported as well.

2) The waist is so well defined which will make it look nipped in and so TINY!  The distinct line of the colors really defines the waist.

3) Color blocking is a great trick to direct the eye where you want it, by putting white on top it pulls the eye up to the top.  This is going to keep anyone from looking to bottom heavy (which i think everyone wants to avoid, I know I do!) and keep it ALL CURVES!

4)The shape of this skirt is the perfect pencil skirt, it hugs every last curve giving that bombshell look and feel and hugs the booty!  It accentuates every last curve.  This shape is also amazing in a skirt for an hourglass body shape.

This dress is available here for purchase

Dress 3

Now this in general is a universally flattering dress for most body shapes, but I strongly suggest this especially for pear shaped figure.

Retro Vintage Cap Sleeve Party Swing Dress

1) The v-neck once again keeps the face open, and it gives great separation to the girls, The wide strap also gives the option for a great bra to lift and great a great bust line.  Overall its just a great flattering neckline.

2) The rouched bust on this dress creates the illusion of a larger bust which will balance out a larger hip area and it gives the dress so much extra interest.  Its a really fun vintage detail.

3) The defined waist will make your waist look so tiny and much smaller than a non defined waist.  Its really making this dress so incredibly flattering!

4) The skirt on this dress floats away from the body which hides a fuller hip area.  The eye will not know the difference between hip and skirt and will just assume its skirt.  This tricks the eye into seeing an hourglass figure.

Dress 4

This dress is perfect for an apple shaped figure. This is overall a fairly universally flattering dress with a very high waist point but should be avoided by those with a large bust size.  The fun thing about this is it can be worn as either a halter or a two strap dress.  It gives you multiple options as to how to wear it.

Knot Open Back Ruffle Hem Floral Dress

1) The v-neck is very deep on this dress so its going to be amazing for anyone with a smaller bust (rock that deep v girls!) its gonna really draw fabulous attention to your face and I still love the fact that this dress can be worn two different ways.

2) The empire waist is so great for an apple shaped figure.  The high waist definition is amazing for anyone not comfortable with their stomach area.  This will draw the eye to the high waist and create an amazing tiny waist. Under the bust is the smallest part of your waist.

3) Then floating the skirt away from this point is going to create an incredibly flattering shape.  This is going to hide any fullness you are not comfortable with and trick the eye into thinking its just skirt and not anything you are wanting to hide.  Its a simple trick to make anyone look and feel their best.

I hope you find some dress shapes that will help you to look and feel your best with a fun vintage twist.

The Ultimate Guide to Dapper Day Disney World

This Spring was my very first Dapper Day at Disney World Florida and WOW was it a blast!  I had always seen everyone dressed up so amazingly in the parks and never been part of it.. EXCEPT THIS YEAR!  This year I got to join in all of the fun and I am so thrilled to be joining my friends at Royal Enchantments for the fall.

What is “Dapper Day” you ask?  Its a twice a year event where you visit Disney in your “dapper” looks.  Most people choose to go vintage inspired and many even choose Disney inspired looks (for instance I was “dapper Alice”).  But its about honoring when people used to dress up to go to a Disney park.


This is Florida the sun and heat are NO JOKE!  I believe strongly in umbrellas, water and sunscreen.  Once again for the people in the cheep seats umbrellas, water and sunscreen!  FYI they make spray face sunscreen that rocks so you don’t ruin your makeup HERE.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts the Ben Nye Final Seal is your friend in keeping your makeup on and this was no exception!  (The article is here) My face stayed all day an man it was HOT!!!

Now umbrellas are important because simply they help with shade and sunburns which can seriously put a damper on your day (and week following) and because frankly they look adorable.  Now the umbrella I linked as you can see is sturdy and will last more than one use, is super cute, and is very popular for these exact reasons at this event.

Keep applying that sunscreen, once in the morning isn’t gonna cut it here!  You have to apply every couple of hours or YOU WILL BURN TO A CRISP!  Nor is the sunscreen in your makeup gonna cut it!  And keep drinking, they always taught us in the parks, if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated!  Gatorade or Powerade are great to drink but don’t only drink them, they will dehydrate you if you solely drink them there has to be a mixture of both!

Tip 2

Florida is hot, humid and hair doesn’t like to keep styles.  That means if your hair is like mine I choose to wear wigs (mine are from Royal Enchantments who will be thrilled to bring whatever your vision is to life), this past spring she made me the PERFECT Alice hairstyle and it looked perfect 6 hours later (my hair would have been a limp sad mess lets be honest).  If you want to try to style your hair I strongly suggest invisible hairnets, they will be your best friend to keeping that style in place.


Keep your outfit comfortable!  I don’t think I can stress this one enough!  My amazing dress is from Kitty Vintage Boutique (Coupon code Jess10 for 10% off) is made of an amazing lightweight BREATHABLE fabric.  This made so much difference, Dapper Day can be hot so really look at what the fabrics are so you don’t end up with something thats not going to make your life more difficult and make you sweat a lot more!


Accessories are really important for a few reasons, sunglasses in Florida will save you! That sounds dramatic but not having them will give you headaches!  Tights will keep your temperature down as opposite as that sounds, they wick away moisture and stop any sticking or chafing that might happen and they completed my outfit perfectly (its also total habit from under gowns).

Lets talk shoes, like really talk shoes!  These ones I’m wearing above are decently comfortable… decently, granted I got drug all over the park by my friend (I still love you) so about 3 hours before the end of the day my feet got MAD!  They really needed additional padding in the ball of the foot area.  These are what will be added to the ball area of these shoes to make them more comfortable to walk in, I would also strongly suggest a pair of purse flats that fold like these that have a carrying case that can be tossed into your bag and taken with you so your shoes can be taken easily on and off for photos as well! Its ok to throw on the cute shoes for pictures and wear something comfortable for walking around.  You don’t have to murder your feet and back to look cute! ITS TOTALLY OK TO BE COMFORTABLE!

I have spoken about and with both Royal Enchantments and Kitty Vintage Boutique and they are both going to be having some great options for Dapper Day!  Kitty Vintage Boutique is offering 10% off with code Jess10 and will be offering some really amazing Dapper bound options as well as just gorgeous vintage pieces worth drooling over year round!  I hope this guide helped so you can have an amazing Dapper Day!

Channeling My Inner Carrie Bradshaw

Knee Length Tulle SkirtScallop Trim Crop Bardot Tee | Steve Madden Women’s Stecyw Dress Sandal | Flat Fold Over Clutch

When I was younger and saw the opening of Sex and the City I always wanted to have an adorable tulle skirt just like Carrie.  I came across this adorable one and I absolutely had to order it!  I felt so feminine and pretty.  A cute simple little crop top really set off the super femininity of the skirt.  The fitted nature balances the fullness and extreme femininity of the tulle perfectly.  The A- line fit and the fullness of the skirt is very flattering with fuller hip shapes and is just whimsical in nature.  Overall the skirt is super well made, the shirt is an amazing price point and the shoes are so versatile that you will see me wearing them a lot this fall and I’m sure spring.

The barely there style and nude color is perfect to make anyone’s legs look a mile long, nude heels are amazing.  There is a reason you see this style so frequently with pageants and body con dresses.  It’s visually light, elongating and makes anyones legs simply sing!

Dresses Amazing for any Body Type

I get so many messages daily with so many people thinking they can’t wear so many of these fun outfits and dresses that I post and I want to dispel that myth!  There are so many incredible cuts and tricks to be so wonderful on anyone and yes I mean ANYONE!!!

So lets go over the 5 things about this amazing dress that make it flattering on ANY body type and what to look for in any dress to make it flattering on anyone (wanna buy this incredibly body flattering dress?  Check it out here!)

  1. The first is the amazing thick straps.  First they give you the ability to wear a real bra which lets be real is key to making the girls look FAB!  It also anchors the look of the dress and gives is a real sophistication.
  2. The deep v elongates the neck which makes you look taller and thinner and don’t we all want that? It also opens up the chest area which opens up the face.
  3. Defining the waist really makes anyone look thinner PERIOD!  Right under the bust is the smallest part of you and any garment that accentuates that part is going to be a winner hands down!
  4. So for most body types the best skirt type is one that floats away from the hips disguising anything that someone doesn’t particularly care for, it just looks like skirt(especially those less than fond of their thighs I’m totally one of those) thats an A-line or a circle skirt, this dress is more circle with lots more fabric.
  5. The Length on this dress is perfect, 1″ above the knee is ideal for the average height woman to elongate the line of the leg.  (for those curious its 1″ below if you are above about 5’7″).

Now don’t fret if you have trouble finding pretty dresses like the one above (though I’m always loving gorgeous classic number like that one above)

So I decided to take a super basic boring and shapeless dress off of Amazon and make it incredibly flattering and interesting.

  1. The first key was to create that V neck that we take about above and I used two tactics to do this the first was the denim shirt.
  2. I also used the denim shirt to give the dress shape and define a waist and really cinch it in. This clearly defined the waist where believe me there was ZERO.
  3. I exaggerated the V neckline using a necklace to further open up the neck area and bring attention to the face.
  4. The length of the dress is a great shorter length.  3″ above the knee is a great length to lengthen the leg as well.

The principles can be used in all kinds of ways in so many outfits.  I really hope this gives you some confidence in getting some new outfits and grabbing some new items off the racks, or online!