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3 Ways to Look 10 Pounds Lighter on Camera

So after spending over 10 years of my career literally taking pictures all day I have discovered a few tricks to looking your best on camera. The same outfit, taken on the same day at the same time.  Just a few tricks used to make me look literally 10 pounds thinner (umm side note isn’t this polka dot romper way too cute? Details below about the outfit)

  1. The prop (the purse in this photo) was used to cover the widest part of my thigh making the rest of my body look leaner and smaller
  2. I am standing at a 3/4 angle, the straight on angle is making your body totally flat to the camera and therefore making it even wider looking than it really is (making 3d shapes 2d makes them look bigger than they are)
  3. Movement!  My back leg is bent, my arm is bent and that creates more places for the eye to go.  This creates more places for the eye to go and tricks the eye.

I really hope that these 3 hacks help you to feel more confident in photos and love the way you look!


The Perfect Length Shorts

Wax Women’s Denim Shorts

I feel like there’s always an issue finding shorts that aren’t leaving your business hanging out and aren’t crazy long either. These are literally the perfect length.  They have a great amount of stretch to fit well and have seaming to be incredibly booty flattering. I even love the perfect amount of distressing to give them some fun and edge!  They are literally the perfect “adult” shorts for those who don’t want to feel like a nun but don’t want our business out for the world! Wax Jeans how I love you!

Fabulous Pink Pants Under $20!

Button Up Thick Strap Halter TopButt Lift Super Comfy Stretch Denim |  Mad Love Vada Flip Flop Sandal | Round Straw Tote Bag

Hot Pink is the new hot color this fall and I’m loving these pants! They fit really well and the color just pops.  They are gonna be a staple for fall especially with a cute sweater (I’m thinking my polka dot Kate Spade sweater shop similar here) with a cute pair of sparkle sneakers (white aka unicorn) as it cools down to make this a little more cold weather friendly.   I’m looking forward to this pink trend staying for fall and continuing to wear it till its too col (but I live in Florida so is it ever 😉 ).