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My Dirty Little Beauty Secret

So I have a serious obsession with bleaching my teeth (and borderline unhealthy thank God none of the over the counter stuff according to my dentist is strong enough to do any damage).  Like toothpaste ad white, crest ad blinding, reality tv stupid level of white and standard drug store products simply weren’t getting me where I wanted them and I tired it all!  White strips, 2 hour white kits you name it I tried it.  I was binge watching beauty gurus on YouTube, (yes guilty of guilty pleasure time) and I learned about my now holy grail for whitening my teeth.


Dr. George’s Dental White is an amazing product and works incredibly!  It keeps my teeth brilliantly white and with one quick refresh when they start to fade I’m back to insanely white teeth once again.  I pop in the tray for about 30 minutes and behold super white teeth that can blind the sun!


Ready for your own movie star white teeth?  Find and buy Dr. Gerorge’s Dental White here and start your own journey for stupid white teeth!


Have any other beauty secrets you want me to spill?  Drop a comment below and I’ll happily share them with you!


My Trick to Getting Rid of Pimples OVERNIGHT!

I really have great skin anymore since my bad bout with cystic acne.  But everyone has the occasional breakout and especially that obnoxious pimple that you really want or need to go away quickly (I mean do they ever really need to stay?) I have two really solid secrets to make those pesky pimples go away!

The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (Buy Here) is incredible!  Its incredibly drying and will dry up any pimple right away at any stage of its awfulness.  Its supposed to be separated like that and you stick a q-tip straight down through both liquids and then dap it right on the offender, leave overnight and BOOM all dried up!


Ok so the Cosrx Pimple Master Patch (Buy Here) these are the most incredible patches in the world!  They suck out all the nasty of any pimple, blackhead or anything else nasty in your pores.  They are a special medical patch designed to absorb moisture and have been marketed in Korea as patches to remove pimples, blackheads and other blemishes and ill tell ya they work like a damn dream! (Fyi this is what it looks like when they come off, so satisfying and so nasty all at once you can see it all that came out of your pores!)

Heres to happy and clear pores!

Love and Light!


Amazing gorgeous curls THAT LAST!

One of the toughest things about living in Florida is making curls stay in my hair!  The heat, humidity and despite having naturally wavy hair my hair won’t hold beautiful curls period.  The biggest trick in my opinion is having the right tools!  A really great ceramic curling wand is the only thing that will hold for me at all!


The Remington brand of ceramic curling wands are hands down my favorite brand.  I can curl my hair the night before and the curls will still be perfect the next day with what feels like zero damage to my hair!  Its hands down incredible.


Now while the ceramic iron minimizes the damage to your hair a heat protectant is ALWAYS a great idea! For a great one on a budget the Tresemme Heat Tamer is my go to!  The way is sprays gets a great even coat on your hair and doesn’t weigh it down at all!  For the price it can’t be beat.


Now for one extra trick, try rolling them up and pinning them to your head while they cool, it helps your hair “remember” the curl as the way its supposed to be!


Love and Light


P.S.  Any other beauty hacks you wanna learn?


My Skin Hasn’t Always Been Perfect

This is a very private and very personal post that I think is super important to write.  I struggled very badly with cystic acne a few years ago.  Nothing I did would cover it and it was so hard to get to go away!  I tried everything and here is what FINALLY made it go away.   My boyfriend was out of town when we decided to sell our house, when we had open houses, a hurricane hit and when the entire thing needed packing!  Needless to say I was under massive stress!

I refused to take any bare faced photos until after my skin had healed quite a bit, this photo is about half way through the healing process.


The first thing I did was eliminate all dairy from my diet, I’ve heard its a major trigger for many people for acne.  That in itself massively helped.  On top of that I started adding in some amazing Korean beauty products into my routine.

The first thing I did was double cleanse, I’m aware this sounds counter productive but, an oil cleanser can really get deep (especially if you gently scrub in circles for a bit on your skin you will get grit out of your pores) and this is my number one FAVORITE cleanser!

Skinfood is hands down one of my favorite lines of skin care!  Its non stripping, refreshing and designed to be kind to your skin.  This one is on prime from Amazon and frankly it doesn’t get any easier than that!  This oil cleanser is refreshing and does a great job cleansing with out being too harsh.

After a nice oil cleansing I then used this phenomenal and highly rated foaming cleanser.  Remember I said double cleanse? I wasn’t kidding.  No my skin wasn’t left feeling stripped, dry or stretched (you know what I mean).

Now that you have gotten all of the junk out of your pores its time to get to serious work, the salicylic acid in these is a known phenomenal acne fighter and was really the final knock out in the fight against the acne on my skin.  These really made the final push for my skin. They are very drying so I do recommend the serum below (that also helps with acne I know shock) to keep your face balanced.

Now this is the stuff that will make your skin GLOW!!! Its packed with more stuff to fight acne, aging, free radicals and keep your skin beautifully hydrated!  Its one of my favorite products still to this day for its ability to keep my skin glowing day in and day out!


I hope I help someone find skin they LOVE!

Love and Light