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Bodyshaming is Everywhere in Entertainment

So over the years I have worked for multiple entertainment venues and companies… lets be real many.  And the body shaming flat out making fun of people’s bodies is not limited to theme parks only.  Some of the most cruel people are those in small entertainment companies who openly laugh at those who don’t fit their “ideal” body types.

Over the past few weeks I watched and was forced (due to politics) to bite my tongue about some severe body shaming and mocking, even side comments about my body type being inappropriate for a full body suit… at 5’7″ and size 0.  This is disgusting and unhealthy!  We need to accept people of all shapes and sizes and not some disgusting unrealistic ideal.  I’m sick and tired of people like that trying to shove every person into an unreal, unhealthy, unrealistic box that shouldn’t and doesn’t exist!  It wasn’t up to her to determine what person was in which costume, it was her job to put a person in it, make sure it fit and make them look good.  BTW I felt incredibly self conscious because who wants a shiny ass and doesn’t feel fat in that?

In what universe is it alright to say anything to a performer about the body type they were given and the role they were cast in with the body type they have?  All it does is steal the confidence, joy and strength out of anyones performance and feeds body image issues and disordered eating.  People like that are whats wrong with entertainment and should be terminated immediately for even suggesting unrealistic ideals to performers.

Thanks for listening to my rant on feeding unrealistic expectations to performers!

My 3 favorite tips for coping with migraines

So interesting tid bit, I suffer from a disease called chronic daily migraine. If you’ve ever had a migraine you know the insane pain associated with them and I am here to share my tricks to quickly and easily eliminate them!  I’ve made quite a few life style changes including eliminating gluten which is a huge trigger for me (I’m also celiac so this has to happen anyways)

#1 Excedrine Migraine

My hands down favorite trick for migraines.  This seems simple and stupid but this stuff WORKS!!  The combination of the pain killers and caffeine work better than anything else on the market.  When this stuff was pulled off the market for a few months migraine sufferers everywhere were so upset and people on Ebay were selling bottles for hundreds of bottles.

#2 Essential Oils

I Found this bottle on Amazon and its been a life saver when I can’t take any more Excedrine.  This stuff is amazing, I put it on my temples and it melts the migraine away in minutes even the crippling nausea and light sensitivity.

#3 Heat and Cold

Now this one requires a bit of explanation.  So I soak my feet in as hot of water as I can humanly stand and place a cold pack on the back of my neck.  This draws the blood out of your brain (or so they claim) and down, all I know is it WORKS!

I hope I was able to give you some of my favorite tips to help you cope with migraines as they can be crippling and no one should have to deal with them!

Its Ok To Be Not OK

Loss is one of the hardest parts of being an adult.  Coping with it might even be tougher.

Theres nothing wrong with admitting that we aren’t strong everyday and we aren’t perfect.  This past year has been one of loss, great loss, a lot of loss.  This past Sunday one of my beloved fur babies Chicken went over the Rainbow bridge.  This was on top of losing my grandma two weeks prior, my good friend earlier this year and my boyfriend’s mom right before that.

Its ok to not be ok, I certainly am not ok.  I am willing to admit I am not!  The panic attacks, the reminders that are beyond overwhelming.  I couldn’t go through the bank drive through yesterday cause thats what Chicken and I used to do together and it was too much and I might have burst into tears both writing this and when they asked why I came in instead.  

As you can see he loved car rides (this is still my favorite picture from my old car), and was a happy little fluff muffin… ugh the tears and panic attacks keep rushing in while writing this post!  Chicken told us it was time, he enjoyed one last sunset, said goodbye to his brothers and then we said goodbye.

This year has been incredibly difficult.  There have been meltdowns, panic attacks and feelings of extreme overwhelm.  I had several meltdowns while writing this very post.  This has genuinely been one of the hardest years of my life and one of the years of the greatest loss.  It feels like I’m losing everything.

Its ok to have bad days, its ok to have tough days, its ok to have days were you do absolutely nothing.

Its ok to be not ok!

Listen to Your Children

I’ve typed and retyped this post dozens of times.  Somehow the words are never just right to explain the real impact on my life.

My entire life I’ve been super weird about people touching me, the obnoxious and frankly condescending pat on the back from strangers sends me into a near panic attack.   I’m very much a loner, when things get hard I turn inside, I always had a hard time connecting with people.

Predators attack the same kind of victim, those who attack family members will continue to do so, and that is my story.  The women in my life failed to protect me from the man who hurt them, in fact they deliberately left me in his care repeatedly for years and never did anything to stop any abuse because a church elder wouldn’t do anything to a child despite his pattern that started with them…  Listen to your children when things make them uncomfortable, watch for grooming behaviors and for heavens sake if someone hurt you don’t leave your child alone with them.  This is why you never force your children to hug family members!