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Its Just A Job

Over the years I have found a direct correlation between intelligence, or maybe its common sense or maybe street smarts, and level of obsession with being a princess.  Its as if there is nothing else that they can imagine themselves (or apparently feel capable of) than just simply being a princess.  They have zero ambition beyond their obsessions with princesses and playing them, many performers who did or do play them act as if its the worlds greatest achievement. Everything about their identity is wrapped into the idea of BEING a princess.  Were talking about the idea that somehow holding this job wether its in a park or for any level of party company (party city to high end designer gowns) validates them as a human being, that some how they are more valuable of a human being because of this JOB.  I have often wondered if they realize there is a point when you can no longer do that job anymore or the idea that its just that a JOB!  It doesn’t define you as a person 

The idea that this is a job and not some giant honor seems to be lost on the vast majority of these girls as well. When costumes cripple performers the literal discussion is that they should be honored to even have the job and should just suck it up.  People should suck up poor pay, poor treatment and depending on the job, life long pain.  

The thing is that its a JOB and I know this is something I keep saying but some how dressing up for a job, that literally pays less than Home Depot, keeps getting glamorized as if its something greater than it is.  Its still about corporate profits, selling photos, numbers, manipulations and being highly replaceable (trust me I see the girls constantly in their wigs and sneakers in the cafeteria on training day).  Don’t lose who you are trying to be someone that doesn’t exist and an impossible standard to fit!

Love and Light


P.S. I’m gonna be having some guest posters in the near future about their experiences in cosplay and face characters, if you are interested in guest posting lemme know!

Why That Woman Was A Bitch To You

I’ve seen this floating around quite a bit recently and it hit me HARD!  I remember being trapped in a booth with a friend and a guy threaten me because I wouldn’t take his advances and somehow he was entitled to sleep with me.  This guy threatened to smash my face in, make me sorry for wronging him and then take what he wanted…. he went from hitting on me to that.  REALLY LET THAT SINK IN! I was in a bar where I know the owners and bar staff and it still happened.


Women and their bodies are still something that Men of our country feel so entitled over. No Woman is ever required to take a drink, go out on a date with or sleep with anyone she doesn’t want to PERIOD END OF STORY!  Its 2018 and I’m in shock that threatening girls into “linking or dating you” is ok or common anymore!

The pressure to be a “nice girl” supersedes any to feel comfortable, respected or frankly safe.

Body Shaming and Objectifying Young Girls

One of the hot buttons right now that I absolutely want to talk about is the dress code debate happening in schools.  Now don’t get me wrong a level of respect and decorum needs to be shown in schools by both male and female students however its officially going too far!  Some of these dress codes are so outdated my work uniform (a polo, track jacket and black “business pants”) would violate it… let that sink in!  You can see part of my collarbone therefore its “too revealing”  “Disney look” would violate these rules because a tank top and sweater is allowed (yes a girl was sent home for a camisole/cardigan set).


The concept that young girls are missing important education because their skirt that is beyond fingertip length is sending the very clear message that you can be asking for it and not doing so is more important than their education.  When looks such as this below are considered too “distracting to young boys and teachers” we need to have a bigger discussion about respect, rape culture and body shaming.

Photo curtesy of Seventeen magazine


Telling a 7th grade girl her arms need covering because to quote the school’s vice principal “her bare arms were “sexual objects” and cannot be shown.”

Instead of teaching girls its their job to “cover up” and not tempt the opposite sex we are teaching them that their dress can cause behaviors of others and that men and boys are not responsible for their actions.  This is how victim blaming begins and the fact that it has started this young is so disturbing!  Its up to us to stand up and make the changes.

Again Im not saying there shouldn’t be a level of decorum but when examples such as above are common, something has to change.  We can’t allow body and victim shaming to start this young!


Love and Light



No One Should Be Pimped Out At Work

Photo thanks to The New York Times

I was sent this article from the New York Times from a reader on Instagram and to say it infuriated me is a gross understatement.

To quickly catch up those of you who may have missed it, several cheerleaders have come forward from the Washington Redskins about some very disturbing behavior from team management.  The cheerleading squad was taken on a trip to Costa Rica, passports taken away upon arrival for “safety” and during a required topless for the calendar (no nudity would be shown in the actual calendar) A contingent of sponsors and FedExField suite holders — all men — were granted up-close access to the photo shoots.  You read that right, these girls are posing topless and the team gave them access to these shoots with zero say from the women in these photos!  After this 9 of the women were informed that some of the male sponsors had picked them to be personal escorts at a nightclub, they felt as if the arrangement amounted to “pimping us out.”

“What happened in Costa Rica, they said, made them feel worthless and unprotected.”  

No woman should ever feel “pimped out” for her job (if thats not her actual job) and objectified to make a quick buck for a business.  Telling them to quit is not ok!  No one should ever have to choose between their job and being treated like garbage.  There should be no point in our society where this is acceptable!  Blaming them for not leaving is simply victim shaming and that has to end too!

We have to stand up for all people, especially women not being objectified anymore! Lets fight for better for the girls of this world!

Love and Light


I wrote an article earlier this year about my experience with sexual harassment check it out here