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Letting Out Your Inner Gossip Girl

Keyhole Front Leopard Print DressWomen’s Satin Closed Toe Pumps | Flat Fold Over Clutch | Bangle Bracelet

So leopard is back in a serious way this year but I didn’t want to do it in a traditional way, AT ALL!  I wanted something chic and unique and this has such a fabulous Serena vibe from Gossip Girl (think Season one when they stole Elenor’s dresses and had their own shoot in the park).

The low back with the really fun pom pom edged detailing is such a fun twist to this already wonderful dress! (Seeing more Gossip Girl inspiration?)

Now lets really break down the shape of this dress.  The fuller sleeve and more fitted skirt are going to create more volume up top to balance out a fuller bottom half of the bottom, making this amazing and perfect for anyone with a pear shaped body.  The tie waist is also going to pull in any waist and the cut on the leg is going to make them look lean and a million miles long.  This is just such a great party dress for winter.  Make a statement for those holiday parties and let out your inner Gossip Girl (XOXO) Oh and one more photo for good measure cause you can see the adorable key hole in the front and my photographer nailed it! 

Valentino Inspired Flats

One of the hottest designer shoes on the market is the studded Valentino shoes both flat and heeled.  The gorgeous flat option is a must for everyones wardrobe. At almost $700 a pair its just not reasonable for most people’s budget (umm thats more than my car payment lets be real!) however this pair is under $50!!! There are multiple heel options your 3.5″ can be found here, a simple pump can be found here, and the nice kitten heel at 2.5 can be found here.

The most amazing part is how incredibly comfortable these shoes actually are. They were constructed incredibly well for the price and even came with extra rivets.  I was honestly skeptical after all its a knock off product and honestly they were padded, flexible and had pretty great traction on the floor.  The pointed toe is amazing for elongating the line of the leg and overall are just a great basic for any woman’s shoe wardrobe with a really fun twist.

These are absolutely going to be a staple to go item for my wardrobe, especially with jeans this fall and winter.  They are a great fun twist to any outfit and will leave your friends wondering just how much you actually spent on your shoes ;).


Recreating Viral Outfits

Long Sleeve Crew T-Shirt | Midi Pencil Skirt | Flat Fold Over Clutch | Dress Pump | Colorful Buckle Bracelet Bangle | Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses

So there is a highly viral pin going around featuring a woman in a floral pencil skirt, white tee and an adorable bag and the full source is a site in China where the actual skirt appears to have no shape and be incredibly low quality.  (Amazon link to the one I’m talking about) So I decided to find something in my favorite pattern of all time and my favorite color and recreate the look in items that will actually show up looking the way they are pictured.

I think this look has gone very viral because its super simple but super flattering.  Pencil skirts are so incredibly universally flattering for so many body types.  They are just an amazing classic piece everyone should own in 200 colors and patterns. Gorgeous fitted pencil skirts will make you feel like a million bucks!  Keeping it simple with a fitted long sleeve tee really makes this skirt shine.

I love all the fun details in the skirt and this bracelet is a great dupe for the far more expensive Clic bracelet (You can read more about my review of this bracelet over here).

Some of these viral photos are purely smoke and mirrors so I hope I created a look that you still find inspiring.

Kate Spade Tweed Dress Dupe

This was one of my very favorite purchases last year from Kate Spade and I continue to get so many compliments on it.  I have found an amazing dupe for this adorable dress.  The original retailed for over $400 the dupe is under $30!!  Despite the price difference the fit is still amazing and the look is still feminine and wonderful.  Tweed this year is so hot and these two dresses check off every box ever!

Bow Tie Neck Frayed Trim Tweed Dress

The way this dress cinches in the waist and flares away from the hip is going to be so incredibly flattering on most body types.  The length is fun and flirty.  Overall this is a great flattering alternative to a much more expensive dress.