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4 Chic Ways to Style a Plain Tee Shirt

Plain tees are that item we all have in our wardrobes in stacks and no idea how to style them other than just with plain shorts or jeans, nothing special about the outfit. I am here to change that for you and give you some new wardrobe inspiration.

Style Idea 1

Short Sleeve Fitted V-Neck T-ShirtSelf Tie Waist Frill Trim Shorts | Vada Flip Flop Sandal | Tassel Pendant Necklace | Flat Fold Over Clutch

Style idea one uses these adorable (and super trendy striped shorts) in an amazing length that is fantastic for anyone who is looking for a fun and flirty short that isn’t the incredibly short short where your butt cheeks are hanging out, you will never worry about bending over, running errands or even chasing kids in these shorts. (I’m 5’7″ for reference on length).  These shorts are long enough that even when bending over your butt will never be hanging out, there will be no wardrobe malfunctions!  The shoes are really simple, chic and comfortable sandal slides with a twist with the unique shape of the slide itself and, I mean and who isn’t in love with rose gold this season?

The tee shirts I always choose have a v-neck because they are ALWAYS the most universally flattering, throw on a long necklace and you have a really simple and chic look thats perfect for any time you have to go bending and running around.  And did I mention all of these pieces are all under $20 each? (bag included!!!)  

Short Sleeve Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt | Solid Color Knit Blazer | Body Enhancing Denim Shorts | Flat Fold Over Clutch | Ona Round Toe Ballet FlatsMulti Strand Pearl Choker Necklace

So i took the same lilac tee shirt and I dressed it up, sort of… The fittedness (is that a word?) of the blazer is so flattering and paired with the tee shirt and distressed jean shorts (which are a fabulous length, once again not to long not too short.

The shorts are finger tip length on me so there will be no exposing of any goodies and are called “body enhancing” denim shorts because they have great seaming to shape your butt.

Overall its just a fun semi dressy way to wear a plain old tee shirt in a chic way!

Style Idea 2

Short Sleeve Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt | Denim Jacket | High Waist Trumpet Midi Skirt | Vada Flip Flop Sandal | Multi Strand Pearl Choker Necklace

I love the flow of this skirt and it flat out is so flattering on EVERY body type!  It pairs beautifully with the simple fitted tee shirt. the flair and the fit balance each other perfectly, this is the ideal pairing, if you put an oversized shirt with the flared skirt then you just look oversized, this is giving your body great shape and a fun flirty look.  Adding the layer of the jean jacket gives additional depth to the outfit that keeps it from looking too simple and boring, especially transitioning into fall, mornings and evenings are starting to get cool so this will be perfect for that as well!

When looking at jean jackets make sure there is TONS of seaming like the one pictured! This is going to make sure it doesn’t look bulky and gives you really great shape and is FLATTERING!  You want the jacket to fit to the curves of your body!

Short Sleeve Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt | Women’s Cocoon Cardigan | Mid-Rise Capri Jeans | Quilted Round Toe Sneakers | Layered with Tassel Necklace

So I seriously am in love with these capris!  They are the same brand as the shorts so they make your booty look incredible, the fit is super comfortable and overall they are just a great and flattering fit for every body with the magic of this brand (its literally just their mission as a company).  The mid rise avoids that muffin top you get from low rise, and cuts at just the right place to tuck everything you don’t like about your lower stomach in.  Its really a rise that automatically makes you look leaner.

Pairing the simple tee shirt with these capris keeps it classic but adding the fun pink shoe is a great pop of color to add some fun and lightness to a simple outfit (I love a color shoe for this exact reason).  Toss a colored cardigan over the top for color up top and a fun necklace for some polish as well as those up coming cold mornings and evenings.

I hope I inspired you to think of wearing and using the simple items in your wardrobe in a new and unique way.

4 Kate Spade Dupes Without Breaking the Bank

There is no secret that I love Kate Spade (ok lets call it the addiction it really is) and its also no secret that their gorgeous looks can QUICKLY add up!  Who doesn’t remember the feeling of getting their first Kate Spade bag?  But who can keep up every season and with every look, so here are some of my favorite dupes you can find literally on Amazon for a small fraction of the price!

Hynes Victory Womens Classy Satchel Handbag

This bag looks so crazy similar to my blush Kate Spade bag its crazy down to the exterior zipper pockets for less than a quarter of the price.  The shape is the classic look, its cute, girly and oooo so practical.  The side pockets are amazing for things like planners, wallets and sunglasses case and can we touch on this incredible color? Its such a cute girly color thats to die for (it does come in a total of 8 options)

Women’s Button Front Polka Dot Knit Cardigan

So I own a very similar sweater (the only difference I can see is the buttons) from Kate Spade that was well over $300 brand new and of course I got it on clearance but for a fraction of the price you cannot beat the look of this sweater.

Metallic Sequin Sparkle Ballet Flat

This past Christmas season Kate Spade released the most gorgeous pair of pink sparkle flats (which you guessed it I own… yes I really like Kate Spade).  These however are a much friendlier price point at under $30, please order up in sizes as these do run small but they are so adorable and even come in 3 colors and I can’t get over an amazing sparkle shoe… insert Homer drool.

Women’s Color Block High Waist Pleated Skirt

I totally just ordered this skirt for myself to put with a cute hot pink top and some killer heels which you will most likely see in the next set of posts.  Everything about this screams Kate Spade, classic and girly!  The stripe is a classic print of Kate Spade (along with the Polka Dot) and in Black and White its a MUST HAVE! The fit of this skirt is going to be so incredibly flattering for all body types with the way it floats away from the body.

So now that I have saved you buckets of money to look amazing, feminine and in flattering adorable clothing go out and be FABULOUS!!!

Umbrella Stripes and Cut Outs

Lace Trim Open Back Striped Halter RomperLayered with Tassel Necklace | Round Handle Straw Tote Handbag | Steve Madden Womens Kann Sandal

The lace, cut outs and stripes all work together in a really clever and unique way that is such a great look this summer thats is just such a great beach, boat or just kicking it pool side outfit.  Its so comfortable, breathable and frankly I just really loved the way it felt. I just really love this for the extreme Florida heat and recommend it highly for the losing battle with it.

How I Made a Basic Amazon Dress Sing

Casual Swing Loose T-Shirt Dress | Women’s Button Classic Denim Shirt | Handmade Bamboo Purse | Water Drop Rhinestone Necklace | Kerrigan Slide Sandal

I purchased this super simple dress on Amazon during a lightning deal and was looking for a way to make it a bit more interesting because it was very simple and basic.  I was really inspired by the movie “Blended” as silly as that sounds, the idea of tying a denim shirt around the dress was born. This instantly made this dress something really interesting and unique.  A few awesome accessories and this is a really great outfit.  You never know where inspiration will strike you!