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This Summers Hottest Sandal

I’m sure you have seen these sandals EVERYWHERE, bloggers, Instagram and all over Pinterest (heck I clearly own multiple pairs).  But they can be spendy at over $80 a pair.  But I have found a great knock off for under $20 and the real deal for under $40!!

Steve Madden Womens KannUtout Open Toe Slide Sandals

Now clearly the Steve Madden shoes are made of actual leather and the knock offs are PVC, but if its a look you are planning on ricking for only one season they are a phenomenal option.  Some items (like an amazing leather handbag) are worth an investment if you are gonna wear them regularly, but if its a one season type of item then totally go for the cheaper alternative and these are a great choice.  They were pretty comfy, fit great and for the price I really can’t complain.

My Must Haves For a Tropical Get Away

I am a huge lover of tropical getaways even living in Florida and I am a pro at packing for them!  (My favorite location is hands down Hawaii despite living the furthest I could away from it lol).  But in my travels for both work and play I have created a list of MUST haves for any tropical trip!

Hardside Trunk Expandable Suitcase Blush 19″ | Hardside Trunk Expandable Suitcase Blush 26″

One of my recent purchases is a big girl set of matching luggage and I LOVE my hard sided luggage from SWISSGEAR.  Its super durable, expandable and frankly adorable.  The hard sided luggage is amazing for avoiding your stuff from getting crushed by the luggage handlers who are less than delicate with your stuff lets be real.  Its available in both the checked and carry on options and therefore makes for the best “grown up” luggage set around in my book.

Contrast Bow Straw Hat | Self Tie Floral Print Kimono Romper

A nice sized hat that shades your face from the sun is a MUST, so many places the sun is so incredibly brutal that I prefer to keep as much of those rays off my eyes and face as possible to avoid sun damage (I know grandma talking here) and to avoid burning that super sensitive skin on your face. This is one of my favorites thats super easy to pack and won’t get destroyed if it gets crushed in your bag (one more reason to see the hard sided suitcases above however).

Pixi skintreats Sun Mist

Lets be real, I am a seriously pale girl and the sunburn issues are no joke!  I love Pixi Beauty and this mist is incredible!  It doesn’t leave a white cast, you can mist it over your makeup, and my skin isn’t left feeling greasy or oily!  It keeps my face from getting burnt to a crisp which is so key to enjoying any vacation!


Polka Dot Self Tie Bikini Set

You absolutely have to have an adorable swimsuit for any warm vacation wether its the beach or bumming it by the pool drink in hand!  I can’t get enough of these polka dots (or any as I’m sure you have learned from previous posts) .  The style of this is so cute and I would wear it all the time!  Its an absolute must have.

Stripe Ruffle Cami RomperWomen’s Stretch Belt | Women’s Mad Love Vada Flip Flop Sandal

An adorable, comfortable, breathable romper is a MUST!! When the temperatures rise and you are all salty, sandy and just want to make a quick run for lunch this its 110% the way to go (and did I mention its under $15?).  Its so effortlessly stylish and comfortable its a must have for any warm weather vacation!


Leaf Print Pleated Cami Dress | Contrast Bow Straw Hat | Bow Detail Ankle Strap Sandals | Round Handle Straw Tote Handbag

Last but certainly not least is a fabulous adorable tropical print dress!  I love this one because it emits a classic chicness while still being breezy, effortless and such an easy wear!  Combine with a cute hat and this amazing woven bag and its ready for any occasion on vacation.

My Serious Love of Polka Dots

So I have a real life obsession with polka dots and they are so incredibly popular this season!  Luckily there are tons of budget friendly options that won’t break the bank to keep you looking flirty, fun and in my favorite pattern.  I offer up three adorable polka dot

Women’s Polka Dot Sleeveless Cotton Shift Dress

I’m seriously obsessed with this polka dot dress which can be easily be dressed up or down, with sneakers or sandals this is just such a versatile and wearable option even into fall.   The tie waist is super flattering and when it gets chilly a cute sweater or jean jacket and you are good to go!

Off Shoulder Ruffle Trim Polka Dot Romper

This is just an amazing price for under $15 for this adorable romper that so easily styled in so many amazing ways.   A cute pair of sandals, an amazing hat and you have a fabulous outfit that can transition into the fall with the gorgeous sleeves on this!  The ruffle neckline is simply stunning and is a great balance to the ruffle sleeve. Just overall such a fun piece.


Self Belted Polka Dot Shell Top

My obsession with yellow continues, but this belted yellow top is just such an amazing top thats perfect for both work and running errands!  Its just so cute and the color and pattern are just so darn happy you can’t help but smile when you look at them.


Love and Light



What is your favorite pattern for summer?

5 Cute Tropical Prints for Summer

Tropical prints and not in the Tommy Bahama threw up on you kind of way are super hot this summer there is no denying it!! Its a chic throw back to the vintage style of gorgeous tropical days of glamour that I am so in love with! It has a very 40s vibe about it that I simply can’t resist!  I have included my favorite 5 tropical looks that have me super excited about this trend this summer!

Leaf Print Pleated Cami Dress | Contrast Bow Straw Hat | Bow Detail Ankle Strap Sandals | Round Handle Straw Tote Handbag

This look and dress is nothing short of amazing, I feel like I’m ready to hop on a plane to an amazing tropical get away! The hat is nothing short of amazing and fabulous, the purse is to DIE FOR and the sandals are simple and adorable!  Over all I felt ready to go on a vacation and look super chic!


Pineapple Print Halter DressReef Women’s Cushion Breeze Sandal

Now this amazing number (ummm how cute are those pineapples?!?!?!) is well under $15 and an amazing going around town dress thats breezy and comfy for even the hottest days!  Feeling chilly? It would look amazing with a simple jean jacket for those summer evenings.

Allover Pineapple Print Button Up Cami Dress | Nubuck Single Band Slide Sandal

This look is crossing off 3 major trends this summer, tropical, button down dresses and simple slides.  It checks off so many adorable boxes in my book right now, all it needs is a cute hat!  For under $20 you can’t beat this dress.


Tropic Print Knot Halter Romper

I love the cute tie detail on this romper and all I would add is a cute pair of white sandals like these, a chic waist cinching and defining belt like this, to complete the look.

Button Up Knot Front Tropical Flounce Bardot Top

I love the semi crop of this top, its flirty and still conservative, all you need are my favorite white jeans (you can purchase them here) or my favorite butt flattering shorts (purchase here).  For under $10 I love the ruffle and just chic feeling of this top and you simply can’t go wrong!  HUGE WIN for me!


Fabulous Tropical Prints for ALL!

Love and Light