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Stripes for Fall, Y’All

Women’s Striped Long Sleeve Fitted Crew T-Shirt

Lets talk about how amazing stripes are for fall! I mean they are amazing any time of the year but especially in fall!  I love an adorable fitted long sleeve tee, pair it with some cute jeans and a boat shoe for a classic nautical look or a cute simple flat shoe for a simple Kate Middleton inspired look.  She really loves a striped tee.

Don’t be afraid that the horizontal stripe will make you look wider.  A nice simple narrow stripe like this one is incredibly flattering.  Its all about the fit with this pattern.  Fit is so key with so many items but with a pattern like these thin stripes (thin stripes are the key as well to them being flattering) 

Remember these two key points when picking out your stripes for fall,

#1 FIT!!! Keep the fit close to the body and fitted like this one,but not skin tight. Baggy never does anyone any favors, it only makes you look bigger than you really are!  Fight that urge!

#2 Keep those stripes small and further apart.  By keeping the pattern a little simpler its going to keep you from looking wider than stripes other wise would.

Ladies rock those stripes for fall!  I would love to see photos of how you are rocking those stripes!  Tag me on instagram or twitter @jessdinius I can’t wait to see your looks!!!

What its Like to be a Rockstar

So living in Orlando I live in a really unique bubble, throw a dart and theres a girl who was “friends with” at least one princess at a theme park if not dozens but I went to a conference in New York City a few weeks ago and when I told people I was a retired princess they literally looked at me the same way I looked at the girls who work for Chanel (for the record we have mutual feelings)

This was a very bizarre phenomenon I really still can’t wrap my brain around, I mean at the end of the day I put on a costume and played a cartoon and got realistically paid pennies to do it.  People saw the fantasy, people saw the idea of being a princess in the Kate Middleton/ Meghan Markle way not the sweating in 102 Florida summers, eating disorders and management that doesn’t care about you.  They didn’t see the mega company that sees its performers as a number, they were suddenly 5 again with that cartoon standing in front of them again.

At this conference I met so many amazing women who even worked for the UN in amazing capacities. How do we make THEM the rockstars that turn us into bumbling 5 year olds that make us feel the way Chanel made me feel?  How do we make the Malias of our world the real rockstars of our future generations?

I genuinely have no clue but that is my challenge to you my readers and to myself to figure out!  How do we shift from something so superficial to something so incredible?

Never Good Enough

Social media is so great at giving us this ability to show the world what we want them to see, we rarely see what the actual reality is.  I think its so quickly forgotten that social media isn’t what it seems from the surface!  Very few people put their real dirty laundry out there for everyone to see. (I mean unless they are one of THOSE Facebookers)

Most people don’t put the castings that didn’t happen, the auditions they bombed, the fight they had with their significant other or the day they just wanted to quit it all.

I remember so many days running my company, working in the park and performing full time that I made it seem like my life was so perfect on social media.  No one knew I was financially struggling, I was emotionally in and out of depression and my weight was all over the place.  I was really good at making everyone think I was living a perfect fairytale when I was living in my own lonely nightmare.

Lets be real I’m typing this drinking a glass of spiked sparking water in an oversized t, no bra and sweat pants, hair in a messy bun with ZERO makeup, surrounded by gassy snoring pugs (ok the pug part is everything you see on social media lets be honest)

My Serious Love of Polka Dots

So I have a real life obsession with polka dots and they are so incredibly popular this season!  Luckily there are tons of budget friendly options that won’t break the bank to keep you looking flirty, fun and in my favorite pattern.  I offer up three adorable polka dot

Women’s Polka Dot Sleeveless Cotton Shift Dress

I’m seriously obsessed with this polka dot dress which can be easily be dressed up or down, with sneakers or sandals this is just such a versatile and wearable option even into fall.   The tie waist is super flattering and when it gets chilly a cute sweater or jean jacket and you are good to go!

Off Shoulder Ruffle Trim Polka Dot Romper

This is just an amazing price for under $15 for this adorable romper that so easily styled in so many amazing ways.   A cute pair of sandals, an amazing hat and you have a fabulous outfit that can transition into the fall with the gorgeous sleeves on this!  The ruffle neckline is simply stunning and is a great balance to the ruffle sleeve. Just overall such a fun piece.


Self Belted Polka Dot Shell Top

My obsession with yellow continues, but this belted yellow top is just such an amazing top thats perfect for both work and running errands!  Its just so cute and the color and pattern are just so darn happy you can’t help but smile when you look at them.


Love and Light



What is your favorite pattern for summer?