One of my biggest hurdles recently has been making choices around the way that I am treated by those around me.  I know this sounds kind of insane, but we choose the way people treat us.  We choose the support we receive and we choose our own value and worth.  Whatever we choose as our value the world meets us at.

Yes you are seeing that right, Tiffany’s makes a $165 paper clip simply because they can and they know they can charge it.  One of my choices has been to eliminate anyone and anything that doesn’t see me as that $165 paper clip.  Every time something happens I ask myself, how would $165 paper clip me react to this situation?

Everyday the way you let the world treat you is a choice.

This past year, and honestly the past few months have been the greatest growth in realizing those that I thought loved and cared for me were either using or frankly cared more about themselves than me.  Learning that it had nothing to do with my worth and everything to do with their own lack of self worth.  I think for all of us the hardest thing to accept is even those closest to us may not always value us or have our best interest at heart.

Make it your time to be a $165 paper clip, choose your value, choose those who value you.  Know your worth.  Know what you want the world to see you as and choose that, the world will meet you there.

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