Leather leggings were one of those items that always intimidated me and I never thought could be something I could wear well.  I put this pair on and instantly they made my legs look amazing!  This pair hugs in all of the right places, smooths and creates magic (trust me we all have cellulite and things we need smoothed and hidden).  These are an absolute dupe for the spanx one in their utility!  They are lined so they don’t have that awful sticky feeling on the inside and are super comfortable for cool days!

Now the question with leather leggings always becomes how to style them with out looking “trashy.” I went from the idea of styling a simple pair of skinny jeans.  A great boyfriend sweater takes the edge out of the leather and makes them more of an everyday legging look appropriate for anywhere.  Can we also discuss the fact that these leggings are so epic that my legs look amazing even sitting down? I decided that simplicity was the way to go to keep them as the focal point of this outfit and keep them far more girl next door than clubbing outfit.

Women’s Faux Leather LeggingWide Brim Ribbon Band Fedora Floppy Hat | Tassel Pendant Necklace |  Women’s Fitted Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt |  Round Toe Mary Jane Ballet Flats | Women’s Cocoon Cardigan 

Leather leggings can be a thing for anyone who wants to wear them and this particular pair is such a dream flattering pair. Seriously every Woman needs these to feel amazing about her legs (they do you that many favors, its like the most amazing version of your legs ever!).  The key is styling them simply like they are your favorite pair of skinny jeans, which we will go more into this month!  Lemme know, are you more confident to try leather leggings now? Leave me a comment!  I’m curious!

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