Cold Shoulder Transition for Fall

Its that time of year when (were gonna pretend this happens in Florida) where the weather starts to cool, the leaves change, and the cute fall outfits can start to come out, or at least some transitions to fall.

Open Shoulder Floral Print Top Mid-Rise Capri Jeans | Round Toe Mary Jane Ballet Flats | Flat Fold Over Clutch

A cute cold shoulder top is a great start to transitioning to fall.  Tucking the top into my capris with this look made sure that the more flowy nature of the top didn’t mean I lost my body shape in all of it.  Clearly seeing the hip line and top of the pant line gave this definition it really needs.  This is a big key in wearing a flowy top.  Next I paired my favorite capris which are so amazingly flattering on everybody type (and are so incredible for butt shaping and lifting), I cannot sing their praises enough!  

Ummm and did i mention my obsession with pink for fall? Yea you can’t go wrong with pink for fall!   I am so excited for all of the amazing figure flattering looks I am bringing you for fall and I can’t wait to share all of them with them!

How to Rock the Dots this Fall

Polka dots are hands down my favorite fall trend, I love the yellow too!  But this fall polka dots have taken over the racks everywhere and I want to give you some pointers of how to rock the dot this fall!

Outfit detailsSelf Belted Polka Dot Shell TopBamboo Handbag | Mid-Rise Capri JeansFlip Flop Sandal

Always always always you will hear from me is fit is key! FIT!!  Always find a piece that is going to nip in at the waist like this tank top with the tie for the waist. It instantly creates a fantastic waistline and great shape for the body.  I know I continue to preach about defining a waist but it seriously makes such a difference in creating a shape that makes most women feel so much more confident.  DEFINE THAT WAIST

The other key piece when wearing ANY print to be honest is keeping the size of the print proportional to the size of you.  If you are a petite tiny woman a giant print is going to overwhelm you for instance.  Keeping them proportional to you is going to keep them from swallowing you visually.

Third, when I am wearing a pattern I prefer to keep everything else in the outfit simpler.  I let the pattern speak for itself (especially if its my favorite polka dots!) I include subtle details like bows or sparkle but I never try to compete with a bolder pattern otherwise it ends up once again overwhelming the person wearing it and they see pattern instead of the wearer.  We wanna see you!!

So I hope this helps you to feel super confident in rocking my favorite pattern this fall.

What fall trend has you perplexed as to how to wear it? Leave me a comment below and lets get it tackled together!

Modern Princess Makeup Look

I get asked so often about a great day to day makeup look, this has a beautiful modern day princess feel to it. I love great warm tones and they are just so pretty and romantic and create a great look.  I used almost completely drug store products and I am so excited to share it with you.

PERIPERA Inklasting Cushion Foundation

So I’m a huge fan for day to day of Korean cushion foundations, they give great coverage that looks like your skin perfected.  This particular cushion looks like the most amazing skin ever.  Your skin glows, it brightens your tone and it stays really well.  (I grabbed the wrong color when I started this but hey were just gonna roll with it)

PONY EFFECT Pebble Blender

So the ultimate trick in my opinion to getting the best blended coverage that looks like you just have fabulous skin is THIS very particular sponge.  I love it far more than the beauty blender, it has way more edges and the density is perfect. You can use this one wet or dry (I prefer wet but it can be used either way) wetting it makes it a bit less dense and due to the thin nature of the product I would strongly suggest wet.

Press the foundation into your skin just like you would with any beauty sponge, another reason I love this sponge is all of the angles to get into every crevice of your face.  It does a great job of getting in everywhere.  I really love the job it does, it just hands down does a great job!

L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro Glow Concealer

So unlike the princess makeup tutorials I don’t apply as much concealer as I do for that look.  I do apply all the way along the side of my nose on the inside because its still dark and all the way out however I don’t go all the way down were going far more natural with this look. Now blend, blend, blend (and blend some more).

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder | e.l.f. Mineral Powder Brush

Next we powder, Im on the oilier side and I live in Florida so I absolutely have to powder my face and set it (and lets be real I love the effect this powder has on my skin) I use a fluffy brush and pat, then I buff over my cheeks and forehead.  This gives an amazing finish to the skin.  

Maybelline Fit Me BlushNYX Professional Makeup Powder Blush

So next is blush, I love a great pink blush.  It makes everyone look flushed, healthy and just pretty.  Now the key with blush is PLACEMENT!!  Wayne Goss on youtube has an amazing video on where to place blush so it looks natural and how your cheeks naturally flush.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow

So I didn’t see the eyeshadow on the end of my nose, oops!  But this color scheme is gorgeous!  Seriously 80% of my eyeshadow collection is in this color scheme.  They make such a great romantic eye look.

So take that white highlight color and put it all over the brow bone as well as the tear duct area and inside of the lid. This really opens up your eye and creates such a bright open look.  (Ughh isn’t it such a pretty highlight?!?!)

My face when I saw the makeup on the end of my nose… Needless to say I was super annoyed.  It was too funny not to share!

I then added the lid shade which is a gorgeous rose gold shade, I know how basic of me, which is so just pretty. I really pack it on with a flat eyeshadow brush like this one e.l.f. Eyeshadow Brush.

Next I used the darkest color in the crease and along the top lash line making a “V” shape.

I then take a brush like this one e.l.f. Smudge Brush and smudge the dark brown along the bottom lash line, this connects the colors together and ties the look very nicely on the top and bottom.  Its a small detail that I think adds something for more modern looks.  I would never use this for a princess look but I almost always use it for my day to day looks with eyeshadow.

e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit

Next I fill in my brows, this is such a critical step for everyone!  If you are light haired go two shades darker than your hair and if you have dark hair go two shades lighter than your hair.  Follow the natural shape of your brows and fill them in.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Brightening Eye Liner

Next is the eyeliner on the bottom I personally go 3/4 of the way across but I also have larger eyes.  If you have smaller eyes go 1/2 of the way across MAX. I just like to have this finish on my eyes.  I feel very incomplete without bottom eyeliner.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

This liquid liner is my JAM!!! It goes on super easily and stays like a dream.  Now don’t forget my favorite part, the little wing on the end. This really opens up the eye and gives that giant doe eyed look.  Yes I use that trick in real life too!

Last but not least is mascara, now my new favorite obsession is the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara its totally a dupe for the Better Than Sex mascara for a fraction of the price.  Now I start at the base of the lashes and wiggle to the root.  Apply two coats.  I then add a quick coat of lip color I recommend E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick

This is my favorite every day look that is such a pretty modern day princess look that I hope you fall as in love with as I did.

My Must Haves for Every Body Type for Fall


Ok now that I got all of that basicness out of my system lets move forward!  We are in a great season of transitional pieces that are amazing for everyone that you absolutely need in your wardrobe! Each of these items will make you feel fab while helping you transition from summer to fall.

Women’s Faux Leather Front Legging

Leather leggings are huge this fall and its not a shock as to why.  They add a twist to any outfit giving an extra unexpected twist.  Now these particular leggings are made by SPANX so they are going to make you feel incredible.  These lift your butt, hide any cellulite (lets be real we all have it) and these will nip you in like a dream!

Plaid Wool Effect Blanket Wrap

Blanket wraps are one of my favorite pieces for fall and winter.  They are such a cozy, warm and functional piece.   Its a quick easy grab and go (thats perfect with the leggings above).  To create a great shape with an item like this just add a great wide belt and instantly you have a great hourglass shape for any body type.

Women’s Wide Brim Wool Ribbon Band Floppy Hat

No real body friendly reason to love this hat, I just do.  I love a great hat, period end of story.

Long Sleeve Sheath Dress

A great little t shirt dress with some extra interest like the a-symetrical hem and the ruching on the sides is going to be very flattering in creating a nipped in waistline.  This dress is amazing for putting under a great blanket wrap, scarf or adorable cardigan.  Its perfect for pairing with an adorable pair of riding boots.

Open Front Cable Knit Warm Sweater with Pockets

A great chunky cable knit sweater like this is the most amazing practical piece in my wardrobe. I use mine year after year to toss over a cute t shirt dress like above, with leggings or with jeans.  I love to belt it with a great wide belt to create an awesome waist line and avoid the bulk that could come with this style of sweater.

Women’s Riding Boots

Last but not least is my absolute favorite winter and fall wardrobe item is a great pair of riding boots.  The height of these don’t cut off the line of the leg like booties often can.  They are a great item to pair with dresses and skinny jeans.  They are just my go to footwear for fall and winter any chance I get.

I hope this round up helps you get a jumpstart on your transitional shopping for every wardrobe and every body type!