How I Got Hired

Since this is post 100 for me I thought what better to write about than my “how I was hired story.”

I’m super unique and lucky (it’s luck let’s be honest) that I was hired from my very first audition.  But I can honestly say it was an incredibly odd experience.  When I got in the room and started my comedic monologue, and within 10 seconds the casting director literally stopped paying attention at all to me and started shuffling papers. I finished my monologue and I was handed and was asked to read a side from a certain movie.  Once again within 10 seconds the casting director stopped paying attention. I felt incredibly defeated, and then I was asked to come to a fitting.  Their team would be in contact with me within two weeks to set up the date.

Two weeks on the nose I got a call for my time and date to come in for a fitting.  I was put in a white van a long with 6 others who were all there for fittings.  Two for each character.

We were brought to a fairly run down trailer with racks upon racks of costumes, costumes of ALL KINDS!  We were then put in a randomly pulled wig and costume.  We got dressed in a bathroom supervised by a manager, the wig was quickly plopped on our heads and the costumes weren’t required by any stretch to fit.  The casting director was not present and they took multiple polaroids  (this was before digital cameras), front and sides.

Then it was the don’t call us we will call you speech, if you don’t hear in two weeks you didn’t get it… It was the longest two weeks ever!  Then two weeks to the day at 5pm I got and missed a call from entertainment.

Needless to say its a very unique story that changed my life in so many good and bad ways.

Curve Friendly Pinstripe Dress

Knot Waist Sleeveless Striped DressVintage Pattern Statement Necklace | Vintage Straw Woven Handbags |  Round Toe Mary Jane Ballet Flats 

There is something just so fabulous and classic about this look that is so classically preppy (which I seriously am in love with lets be real). The blue and white striping is a color that is fantastic for everyones skin tones and the direction of the stripes are great for nipping in your waist and making you look narrow in the middle.  The vertical stripes on the skirt combined with the way the skirt floats away from the body makes this dress oh so flattering to such a great variety of body types (especially those less than thrilled with their bottom halves, pears and hourglasses will especially LOVE this cut). The slightly shorter cut is super flirty and fun with out being too sexy and unflattering.  It stays fun and flirty without being overt.  It just such an easy and cute dress at such a great price thats so incredibly flattering that you simply can’t go wrong!

I hope this gives an amazing option for all of my curvy girls for the remaining backyard BBQ’s for whats left of our outdoor events.   I know its getting a ton of use by me!

How to Apply False Lashes Like a Pro

One of my favorite makeup secrets to really make your eyes pop is false eyelashes, however everyone seems to struggle with putting them on.  Princess skills to the rescue!

The very first part is lets look at the size of lashes! I wear two sizes/ styles of lashes, theres a few variations within this but two basic looks and styles.  One is natural plus and the other is a more glam “natural” look.  These are the two basic shapes that are going to give you that amazing doe eye and making your eyes pop without dragging down your eyes or looking too over the top.

The ones you see me using in this tutorial are my more glam pair and they are these right here they are incredible and so pretty and perfect. Ok so lets get started!  I start with my makeup totally done, mascara and liner, some people layer mascara and liner over their lashes I’m just not one of them.

Piece one is most people have to trim their lashes, its not a ton but because I love to be a little extra I trim from the inside so I can keep more of the length from the outside of the lashes.  Knowing how much to cut I hate to say is purely trial and error for each person.  Start with a tiny bit and work your way up and eventually you will get it right.  This is about what I trim for reference its really not a ton. 

The next part is glue, I am a huge fan of the brush on glue that comes in a tube like this one here (yes it looks super rough its really well loved and used).

I take the little brush and just brush it right on the line where the lashes are tied together.  A nice thin strip is all thats needed, a little goes a really long way.

Heres an idea of how much glue I approximately use on each lash.  

Next you just have to let it dry for about 20-30 seconds till it gets tacky.

Next I line my lashes right up to the bottom of my eyeliner.  Its the easiest point to start to practice lining up to, trust me catching your lashes SUCKS!!! Get as close as possible to the lash line with out touching the lashes. Next press them in especially the inside corner and outside corner.  These tend to be the points that are the first to lift during the day so they are the most important to make stick.

The very last step is I press the lashes up so they don’t hang down they are pressed up like when you curl your lashes.  This final step really makes your eyes POP!!!!

Boom finished eye!!!  Its like having the worlds most amazing naturalish lashes.  Now you know how to apply lashes like a PRO!!!

For comparison one eye done and one eye without.

I hope this helped you feel more confident in practicing and applying false lashes!  

Gorgeous Date Night Look Under $20

Frilled Neck Solid DressSteve Madden Women’s Stecy Dress Sandal | Flat Fold Over Clutch

So this dress in theory shouldn’t work for anyone!  Its a giant tent of a dress, however by adding the (frankly insanely long) tie it instantly nips in the waist giving it shape and making it actually work.  I was super skeptical when I ordered this dress, especially being as cheap as it was.  For under $20 I wasn’t hoping for much but I was incredibly and pleasantly surprised to find that the fabric was really nice.  The high neck keeps it modest, but I would lean more toward this for a medium to smaller chested woman.  This would absolutely create uniboob on a large chested woman.  The way the skirt floats away would be fantastic for anyone trying to hide a tummy or a fuller thigh area and did I mention IT HAS POCKETS!!!!  Great date night outfit or night out look!