Never Good Enough

Social media is so great at giving us this ability to show the world what we want them to see, we rarely see what the actual reality is.  I think its so quickly forgotten that social media isn’t what it seems from the surface!  Very few people put their real dirty laundry out there for everyone to see. (I mean unless they are one of THOSE Facebookers)

Most people don’t put the castings that didn’t happen, the auditions they bombed, the fight they had with their significant other or the day they just wanted to quit it all.

I remember so many days running my company, working in the park and performing full time that I made it seem like my life was so perfect on social media.  No one knew I was financially struggling, I was emotionally in and out of depression and my weight was all over the place.  I was really good at making everyone think I was living a perfect fairytale when I was living in my own lonely nightmare.

Lets be real I’m typing this drinking a glass of spiked sparking water in an oversized t, no bra and sweat pants, hair in a messy bun with ZERO makeup, surrounded by gassy snoring pugs (ok the pug part is everything you see on social media lets be honest)

4 Chic Ways to Style a Plain Tee Shirt

Plain tees are that item we all have in our wardrobes in stacks and no idea how to style them other than just with plain shorts or jeans, nothing special about the outfit. I am here to change that for you and give you some new wardrobe inspiration.

Style Idea 1

Short Sleeve Fitted V-Neck T-ShirtSelf Tie Waist Frill Trim Shorts | Vada Flip Flop Sandal | Tassel Pendant Necklace | Flat Fold Over Clutch

Style idea one uses these adorable (and super trendy striped shorts) in an amazing length that is fantastic for anyone who is looking for a fun and flirty short that isn’t the incredibly short short where your butt cheeks are hanging out, you will never worry about bending over, running errands or even chasing kids in these shorts. (I’m 5’7″ for reference on length).  These shorts are long enough that even when bending over your butt will never be hanging out, there will be no wardrobe malfunctions!  The shoes are really simple, chic and comfortable sandal slides with a twist with the unique shape of the slide itself and, I mean and who isn’t in love with rose gold this season?

The tee shirts I always choose have a v-neck because they are ALWAYS the most universally flattering, throw on a long necklace and you have a really simple and chic look thats perfect for any time you have to go bending and running around.  And did I mention all of these pieces are all under $20 each? (bag included!!!)  

Short Sleeve Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt | Solid Color Knit Blazer | Body Enhancing Denim Shorts | Flat Fold Over Clutch | Ona Round Toe Ballet FlatsMulti Strand Pearl Choker Necklace

So i took the same lilac tee shirt and I dressed it up, sort of… The fittedness (is that a word?) of the blazer is so flattering and paired with the tee shirt and distressed jean shorts (which are a fabulous length, once again not to long not too short.

The shorts are finger tip length on me so there will be no exposing of any goodies and are called “body enhancing” denim shorts because they have great seaming to shape your butt.

Overall its just a fun semi dressy way to wear a plain old tee shirt in a chic way!

Style Idea 2

Short Sleeve Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt | Denim Jacket | High Waist Trumpet Midi Skirt | Vada Flip Flop Sandal | Multi Strand Pearl Choker Necklace

I love the flow of this skirt and it flat out is so flattering on EVERY body type!  It pairs beautifully with the simple fitted tee shirt. the flair and the fit balance each other perfectly, this is the ideal pairing, if you put an oversized shirt with the flared skirt then you just look oversized, this is giving your body great shape and a fun flirty look.  Adding the layer of the jean jacket gives additional depth to the outfit that keeps it from looking too simple and boring, especially transitioning into fall, mornings and evenings are starting to get cool so this will be perfect for that as well!

When looking at jean jackets make sure there is TONS of seaming like the one pictured! This is going to make sure it doesn’t look bulky and gives you really great shape and is FLATTERING!  You want the jacket to fit to the curves of your body!

Short Sleeve Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt | Women’s Cocoon Cardigan | Mid-Rise Capri Jeans | Quilted Round Toe Sneakers | Layered with Tassel Necklace

So I seriously am in love with these capris!  They are the same brand as the shorts so they make your booty look incredible, the fit is super comfortable and overall they are just a great and flattering fit for every body with the magic of this brand (its literally just their mission as a company).  The mid rise avoids that muffin top you get from low rise, and cuts at just the right place to tuck everything you don’t like about your lower stomach in.  Its really a rise that automatically makes you look leaner.

Pairing the simple tee shirt with these capris keeps it classic but adding the fun pink shoe is a great pop of color to add some fun and lightness to a simple outfit (I love a color shoe for this exact reason).  Toss a colored cardigan over the top for color up top and a fun necklace for some polish as well as those up coming cold mornings and evenings.

I hope I inspired you to think of wearing and using the simple items in your wardrobe in a new and unique way.

Cinderella Makeup Tutorial

I really wanted this to be a video but thanks to an awesome power outage all of the audio vanished so we are going to have some fun with odd facial expressions.  Ready? Lets teach you how to do Cinderella Makeup!

Big thing I want to start with is forget Fleaky, forget FIERCE and forget trends!  These characters are timeless and so is the makeup look, if you want to represent these characters the way the parks represent them then trends have no place here!  No one should be able to look at a photo and see fleaky brows, piles of highlighter and shiny noses.  They have no time period and therefore their makeup should reflect that (and if you are at a party it just doesn’t look great in photos in my opinion)

Step 1

Of course a nice heavy foundation goes a long way, lets be real this is a cartoon not a real person and they look better than real life.  They have no imperfections, unevenness or dewiness to their skin.  Its total matte perfection.  So I’m in total love with this from Loreal (I’m using either shade 101 or 102 depending on the time of year), its matte, heavy courage with out being caked feeling and looks almost like you have “too perfect” skin.  Slap it on and blend it in.  I’m a big fan of using my fingers, clearly after you’ve washed your hands, it warms up the product so it blends into your skin really well a tip I picked up from Wayne Goss on Youtube he’s brilliant and great at natural timeless makeup!

Step 2

Concealer is really key here! This is a step I really can’t skip, being super fair I have so much darkness under my eyes and around.  THIS IS KEY! I’m dark up to the sides of my eyes on both sides so I do this step now unlike so much that you see on Youtube from beauty gurus.  I PILE on concealer to brighten that area cause frankly I need it so desperately!

You can see I go up very far on both eyes and boy do I need it BADLY!  I then blend for my life.  I use a Korean blending sponge thats got so many sides that you can blend into any space on your face.

Step 3

Powder for your life!!! The parks LOVE Ben Nye for everything and powder is no exception and this is what they use  it does a great job keeping your face in place, however I much prefer using my beloved Airspun powder, this stuff makes your face look like airbrushed perfection at a killer price point.  I first set it pressing the powder into my skin with the provided puff (making it into a taco shape) then I take a second round and buff my skin with a brush.  This second step, takes the flawless finish to a whole new level.  The key to keeping your face from looking dry or caked from this step is to be very moisturized from the get go!

Step 4

Blush is what makes you look alive with all that hair.  Pink is the key with Cinderella Makeup, very pink blush I’m linking a few options but it gives a beautiful youthful glow!  This is an amazing dupe its almost identical in color to what they use in the parks.  Now with blush the way its applied is as key as the color applied.  

Now this is the location where I start and have the heaviest application of the blush, your cheeks don’t flush right at the apples they start there, so thats where you start your blush.  It creates a fabulous natural flushed look, now remember we aren’t going for a natural look, we are aiming for magical which I trained as natural plus about 15%.  Keep in mind this is what keeps you from looking lifeless and dead against the enormity of the wigs and gowns.

Wayne Goss on youtube has an amazing video on the way to apply blush to make it look natural and less clown-like.  He is a great resource in general on natural makeup techniques (and has a mutual hatred of trendy “instagram makeup looks”)

Step 4

The biggest trick with Cinderella Makeup is getting that BRIGHT BLUE eye makeup right, and it can go from pretty to 80s hooker really quick and I’ve seen both.  So lets keep you away from the street walker look!  The first is in how you apply the highlighter on your eyes (this is the ONLY highlighter you should be wearing PERIOD!).  

So this highlighter is under the eyebrow to the crease and in the tear duct and about 1/3 of the way across my lid, this is going to keep my eye open and not let that blue overwhelm my face and eyes (and keep Cinderella Makeup and not streetwalker makeup).  I recommend this entire palette as a dupe for the Cinderella Makeup colors in the parks  it has all 3 colors that are used in one inexpensive palette!  

Next you pack on the blue to the outer 2/3rd of the lid. ONLY THE LID, do not ever go above the crease.  Going above the crease is when we go into your face getting overwhelmed by the blue, the blue owns you not the other way around.  

The next is the grey blue, in my opinion this really tones down the bright blue and gives it a nice finish.  Now the trick with the contour is to blend it really well into the outer half of the crease and the lash line blending really well.  BLEND BLEND BLEND, did I mention blend?

Step 5

Eyebrows!  Eyebrows matter!  Fill them in!  I don’t care who you are but everyone needs to fill them in.  Now we really want to match the brows to the wig that we are wearing so since this is a blonde wig the ideal brow color is 2 shades darker.  So if you are blonde you need to slightly darken your brows, if you have dark hair you need to lighten your brows (concealer is a great way to do this but look at the comparison! 

See the difference? FILL IN YOUR BROWS!!!

Step 6

Next up is eyeliner, now liquid and black is where its at for all princesses but Cinderella Makeup is no exception!  If you aren’t comfortable with liquid yet I really recommend this gel liner from Tony Moly, its super easy to use and stays really well.  If you are ready to tackle standard liquid liner this one stays all day and heck sometimes stays even when I wash my face its kinda crazy to be honest!

The shape of the liner really matters, as you can see the ends have a tiny flick up, not a cat eye (remember no trends here) just a little flick.  This opens up the eye and gives that doe eye look.

Under the eye is going to depend on eye size if you have large eyes you can get away with going 3/4 across and if you have smaller eyes I would recommend no more than 1/2.  NEVER COLOR YOUR WATER LINE EVER EVER EVER! First off it makes your eyes look smaller, tiny in all reality and in photos it just doesn’t look as good as it could.  If you are wanting to look your most princess like in photos stop coloring your water line! PERIOD END OF STORY!

Step 7

Last but not least is lips, I feel like this is the easiest of all that needs the least explanation.  I tend to put this on after wig and dress so I don’t make a mess on myself, the costume and wig cause theres nothing worse than trying to clean the lipstick messes out of the inside of my dresses!  The lipstick I recommend to complete your Cinderella makeup? Right here 

The Ultimate Guide to Dapper Day Disney World

This Spring was my very first Dapper Day at Disney World Florida and WOW was it a blast!  I had always seen everyone dressed up so amazingly in the parks and never been part of it.. EXCEPT THIS YEAR!  This year I got to join in all of the fun and I am so thrilled to be joining my friends at Royal Enchantments for the fall.

What is “Dapper Day” you ask?  Its a twice a year event where you visit Disney in your “dapper” looks.  Most people choose to go vintage inspired and many even choose Disney inspired looks (for instance I was “dapper Alice”).  But its about honoring when people used to dress up to go to a Disney park.


This is Florida the sun and heat are NO JOKE!  I believe strongly in umbrellas, water and sunscreen.  Once again for the people in the cheep seats umbrellas, water and sunscreen!  FYI they make spray face sunscreen that rocks so you don’t ruin your makeup HERE.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts the Ben Nye Final Seal is your friend in keeping your makeup on and this was no exception!  (The article is here) My face stayed all day an man it was HOT!!!

Now umbrellas are important because simply they help with shade and sunburns which can seriously put a damper on your day (and week following) and because frankly they look adorable.  Now the umbrella I linked as you can see is sturdy and will last more than one use, is super cute, and is very popular for these exact reasons at this event.

Keep applying that sunscreen, once in the morning isn’t gonna cut it here!  You have to apply every couple of hours or YOU WILL BURN TO A CRISP!  Nor is the sunscreen in your makeup gonna cut it!  And keep drinking, they always taught us in the parks, if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated!  Gatorade or Powerade are great to drink but don’t only drink them, they will dehydrate you if you solely drink them there has to be a mixture of both!

Tip 2

Florida is hot, humid and hair doesn’t like to keep styles.  That means if your hair is like mine I choose to wear wigs (mine are from Royal Enchantments who will be thrilled to bring whatever your vision is to life), this past spring she made me the PERFECT Alice hairstyle and it looked perfect 6 hours later (my hair would have been a limp sad mess lets be honest).  If you want to try to style your hair I strongly suggest invisible hairnets, they will be your best friend to keeping that style in place.


Keep your outfit comfortable!  I don’t think I can stress this one enough!  My amazing dress is from Kitty Vintage Boutique (Coupon code Jess10 for 10% off) is made of an amazing lightweight BREATHABLE fabric.  This made so much difference, Dapper Day can be hot so really look at what the fabrics are so you don’t end up with something thats not going to make your life more difficult and make you sweat a lot more!


Accessories are really important for a few reasons, sunglasses in Florida will save you! That sounds dramatic but not having them will give you headaches!  Tights will keep your temperature down as opposite as that sounds, they wick away moisture and stop any sticking or chafing that might happen and they completed my outfit perfectly (its also total habit from under gowns).

Lets talk shoes, like really talk shoes!  These ones I’m wearing above are decently comfortable… decently, granted I got drug all over the park by my friend (I still love you) so about 3 hours before the end of the day my feet got MAD!  They really needed additional padding in the ball of the foot area.  These are what will be added to the ball area of these shoes to make them more comfortable to walk in, I would also strongly suggest a pair of purse flats that fold like these that have a carrying case that can be tossed into your bag and taken with you so your shoes can be taken easily on and off for photos as well! Its ok to throw on the cute shoes for pictures and wear something comfortable for walking around.  You don’t have to murder your feet and back to look cute! ITS TOTALLY OK TO BE COMFORTABLE!

I have spoken about and with both Royal Enchantments and Kitty Vintage Boutique and they are both going to be having some great options for Dapper Day!  Kitty Vintage Boutique is offering 10% off with code Jess10 and will be offering some really amazing Dapper bound options as well as just gorgeous vintage pieces worth drooling over year round!  I hope this guide helped so you can have an amazing Dapper Day!