My 5 Favorite Beauty Products From Target

So who doesn’t have a serious love for Target? They have stylish home stuff, great prices on groceries, cute fashion and a fantastic selection of makeup and skincare at incredible prices.  Here are 5 of my must haves from Target that you will find in my bathroom.

The E.L.F. Expert liquid liner is hands down my go to liquid liner.  Charcoal is the perfect color for my fair skin, it’s still bold but not harsh.  For under $5 and it lasting FOREVER with super staying power.  The brush on this liquid liner is wonderful for precise application and giving the perfect wing.  This stuff is AMAZING! And if charcoal isn’t your color it does come in 2 other options.

Not just any false lashes but the Ardell Demi Wispies are my holy grail false lashes!  These are the absolute perfect level of doe eye.  They make me always feel so glamorous, awake and pretty!   I simply can’t say enough things about how much I love them and the price point is amazing!

Pixie is an incredible brand at a fantastic price point!  Their skin care is so amazing and they have a product for every skin concern.  This glow tonic is my go to toner.  I had a patch of discoloring show up on my forehead and this has been a huge help along with another secret I’ll be sharing in a few weeks.  This toner is my go to after my double cleanse.  It brightens my skin tone, is great for keeping things even and overall just makes your skin glow!

So I’ve gone back and fourth about mascara several times and I’m currently obsessed with L’Oréal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara.  I can’t get enough of this stuff!! It does a great job thickening and lengthening my blonde thin lashes so they have real oomph.

So there’s no secret amongst my friends that this is my holy grail foundation. The Loreal Infalible Pro Matte in my opinion actually is a total dupe for makeup forever but covers way better! It’s light feeling, it comes in a great variety of shades and I will tell you it stayed after a 4 party day! This stuff is no joke, it’s just amazing.

I hope that my 5 favorite things from Target helps you next time you are on a Target run and getting it done and end up with way more than what you went in for like what often happens to me… oops!

The Ultimate Belt Guide For Women

One of my favorite and easiest ways to pull together any look is to add a waist cinching belt.  They can take a dress from frumpy to fabulous in an instant!  But not all belts are created equal.

Solid blue Velvet dressFlat Fold Over Clutch | Dress Pump

Belts to me come in 3 thicknesses: thin, medium and thick and each serve a purpose.


Thick belts, like this one pictured, are the one you will most commonly see me use to cinch in a shapeless outfit or really emphasize and give oomph to a waist line in any outfit.  They very clearly define the waist and give great style to any outfit (and really help give those oversized sweaters some shape instead of swallowing you whole)

Women’s Stretch Belt

Medium belts are my favorite for breaking up an outfit.  When a color or print can be too much of a good thing I use a simple medium belt like above to break it up and keep from looking too much like a walking pattern or piece of fruit 😂.

Knot Waist Sleeveless Striped DressVintage Pattern Statement Necklace | Vintage Straw Woven Handbags |  Round Toe Mary Jane Ballet Flats 

This also tends to be the size of belt included when a shirt or dress comes with one.  This is what size manufacturers make fabric belts that tie and match your clothing.  They do a great job typically but if you want to mix it up this is something to keep in mind.

Surplice Neck Flounce Trim Shell TopMid-Rise Skinny Jegging Jeans w Distressing | Round Top Handle Handbag | Water Drop Rhinestone Pendant Necklace | Kerrigan Slide Sandal 

Now last but not least is the skinny belt. This belt can make one of the biggest statements.  Now personally I love a pure sparkle skinny belt to make a serious statement.  They create a more delicate line across the body so the style and nature of the fabric and cut is something to really keep in mind or the belt can look out of place.

Ok ladies I hope that belts are a little less scary and that you are ready to play and make them your new best friend.  They are my favorite way to make an outfit different and work in ways it might not have otherwise.

Ive done a quick round up of belts (click the image to view more information on the belt)

Kate Spade Skirt on a Budget

So I have a serious addiction to Kate Spade, literal addiction.  Half of my office and slowly but surely my whole house is becoming Kate Spade thanks to HomeGoods (I even managed to find some champagne glasses for a steal when our old ones broke) but when I saw this gorgeous skirt it called to my Kate Spade loving soul!   The stripes were just too classic of a pattern for the brand (it’s even in the handbook not kidding) and it had to go with something amazing, pink and girly.

The stripes in themselves are a bold enough pattern that I wanted to let them be the statement for the outfit and let everything else frame it.  By leaving open the denim shirt and then tucking it in it both open sup the face by creating a giant v shape and also drawing the eye to the waist creating the smallest look of the waist possible.

 The a line shape of this skirt is going to float away from any hip shape creating a wonderful hourglass shape for any body type.  The best part is this skirt is under $15!   The price point is so fantastic on this skirt I want it in every pattern and it’s got a great weight to it.

We can’t forget the fabulous pink sparkly shoes.  These are a staple in my wardrobe and are so amazingly comfortable.  For a designer pair of shoes the price point is wonderful and I get lots of wear out of them.  I linked a similar pair from the same brand for under $50 which is an insane steal as mine were over $150!

This is such a fun and fabulous going out look that hasn’t made several appearances and this skirt has made several work appearances for sure (it’s a great office appropriate skirt).

Women’s Color Block High Waist Pleated Skirt | Women’s Button Classic Denim ShirtWomen’s Any Day Tank | Jewel Hayden Embellished Peep-Toe | Flat Fold Over Clutch

Word of 2019 is Action

One of the greatest lessons I learned in 2018 is there has to be a balance in our lives, we have to believe in ourselves, trust that when we leap the net will appear and have the hustle for that net and leap.  All of the pieces have to come together.

Things wont happen sitting in a floaty drinking drinks in your backyard pool.  (Don’t we all wish it would 😉 ) The magic happens when we truly believe in the action we are taking not just trusting that that will happen!

I don’t believe in “New Year’s Resolutions” I think they set us up for failure. We should always be striving to change, grow and be working our hardest.  So I prefer a theme or word for the year, mine is “action” hell bent for glory action.  Leap and the net shall appear action.

In have been working on my mindset a lot these last few months and it’s incredible what truly deep down believing in the action you are taking makes.  We are the only thing that truly stands in the way of accomplishing anything we truly want. It’s 100% in our minds.

So this is a year about deliberate action, believing in that action.  Believing in yourself, taking action and moving forward.  We have to love ourselves enough to let ourselves accomplish it.  Are you going to let yourself accomplish your goals this year.