My Skin Hasn’t Always Been Perfect

This is a very private and very personal post that I think is super important to write.  I struggled very badly with cystic acne a few years ago.  Nothing I did would cover it and it was so hard to get to go away!  I tried everything and here is what FINALLY made it go away.   My boyfriend was out of town when we decided to sell our house, when we had open houses, a hurricane hit and when the entire thing needed packing!  Needless to say I was under massive stress!

I refused to take any bare faced photos until after my skin had healed quite a bit, this photo is about half way through the healing process.


The first thing I did was eliminate all dairy from my diet, I’ve heard its a major trigger for many people for acne.  That in itself massively helped.  On top of that I started adding in some amazing Korean beauty products into my routine.

The first thing I did was double cleanse, I’m aware this sounds counter productive but, an oil cleanser can really get deep (especially if you gently scrub in circles for a bit on your skin you will get grit out of your pores) and this is my number one FAVORITE cleanser!

Skinfood is hands down one of my favorite lines of skin care!  Its non stripping, refreshing and designed to be kind to your skin.  This one is on prime from Amazon and frankly it doesn’t get any easier than that!  This oil cleanser is refreshing and does a great job cleansing with out being too harsh.

After a nice oil cleansing I then used this phenomenal and highly rated foaming cleanser.  Remember I said double cleanse? I wasn’t kidding.  No my skin wasn’t left feeling stripped, dry or stretched (you know what I mean).

Now that you have gotten all of the junk out of your pores its time to get to serious work, the salicylic acid in these is a known phenomenal acne fighter and was really the final knock out in the fight against the acne on my skin.  These really made the final push for my skin. They are very drying so I do recommend the serum below (that also helps with acne I know shock) to keep your face balanced.

Now this is the stuff that will make your skin GLOW!!! Its packed with more stuff to fight acne, aging, free radicals and keep your skin beautifully hydrated!  Its one of my favorite products still to this day for its ability to keep my skin glowing day in and day out!


I hope I help someone find skin they LOVE!

Love and Light


Its Just A Job

Over the years I have found a direct correlation between intelligence, or maybe its common sense or maybe street smarts, and level of obsession with being a princess.  Its as if there is nothing else that they can imagine themselves (or apparently feel capable of) than just simply being a princess.  They have zero ambition beyond their obsessions with princesses and playing them, many performers who did or do play them act as if its the worlds greatest achievement. Everything about their identity is wrapped into the idea of BEING a princess.  Were talking about the idea that somehow holding this job wether its in a park or for any level of party company (party city to high end designer gowns) validates them as a human being, that some how they are more valuable of a human being because of this JOB.  I have often wondered if they realize there is a point when you can no longer do that job anymore or the idea that its just that a JOB!  It doesn’t define you as a person 

The idea that this is a job and not some giant honor seems to be lost on the vast majority of these girls as well. When costumes cripple performers the literal discussion is that they should be honored to even have the job and should just suck it up.  People should suck up poor pay, poor treatment and depending on the job, life long pain.  

The thing is that its a JOB and I know this is something I keep saying but some how dressing up for a job, that literally pays less than Home Depot, keeps getting glamorized as if its something greater than it is.  Its still about corporate profits, selling photos, numbers, manipulations and being highly replaceable (trust me I see the girls constantly in their wigs and sneakers in the cafeteria on training day).  Don’t lose who you are trying to be someone that doesn’t exist and an impossible standard to fit!

Love and Light


P.S. I’m gonna be having some guest posters in the near future about their experiences in cosplay and face characters, if you are interested in guest posting lemme know!

Target Fabulous!

Today’s amazing outfit is completely head to toe from TARGET!  This is in no way sponsored, no way paid, they just really stepped up their clothing and accessory departments and I’m OBSESSED!

Target has remodeled a ton of their stores (mine included) to have a very boutique feel.  Their pieces are on trend, of decent quality and super cute!!!

Their new fashion lines are PHENOMINAL with clothes that don’t look like they cost typically under $30!  The print on this dress is so unique and adorable, the fabric is buttery soft (down worry you won’t get holes in your butt like certain leggings) and it can be worn for several different occasions!  Im really excited to wear it this summer!  The woven purse is so on trend for this summer (as I posted in this post here) and Target hit the nail on the head with this bag which is so perfect for summer.  Add one pair of rose gold sandals, because who doesn’t love rose gold, a quick jean jacket and I’m ready to go for the day!

Shop the look here:
Dress   Jacket    Shoes   Bag

In addition to this styling I have styled this outfit two additional ways.

The first is a perfect date night outfit, I tossed a sweater over the adorable dress and added a cute necklace and a simple flat (all of course from Target!)

Shop the Look Here:

Sweater   Necklace    Shoes

The second way that I chose to style this look was a perfect day time errand running look with a fabulous hat, cute belt and sparkly pink sandals that are technically kids but XL fit my 8.5 foot so I’m thrilled and I think its just really fun.

Shop this look here:

Belt  Necklace   Hat   Shoes

Gluten Free Boathouse at Disney Springs


A friend suggested we try the Boathouse at Disney Springs for lunch one day, I had heard wonderful things and frankly the theming struck my fancy.  Needless to say I was not disappointed in the least.  They have a HUGE variety of gluten free options and all of it was fantastic.

So can we just take a moment to appreciate this tuna? It tasted as amazing as it looked! The Coriander Seared Ahi Tuna is simply incredible, its in a soy emulsion and holy moly its incredible.  Meals like this aren’t often available to the gluten free community and the chef is very committed to quality options for gluten free customers.

Yes, yes this is a gluten free brownie! Yes, yes this is amazing as well, and yes I ate it all.  As I said their chef is so committed to a great menu for their gluten free customers that does not leave them feeling left out.  The clear and fantastic effort cannot go unnoticed with the huge amount of options (even the burgers are an option).  Its an absolute must try when you are at Disney Springs.


Love and Light



Which is the location you are the most curious about their options and if its gluten free friendly? Lemme know!! Drop a comment below!!!