6 Woven Bags That Are Perfect For Summer

Woven bags are THE trend this summer!  And who can fight that? They evoke everything that screams summer vacation and tropical get away!  I picked 6 awesome bags for you all woven, all fabulous, all budget friendly.

First of course is the adorable bag in my photo above and its from Target of all places!  The pom poms are my favorite touch and it just screams ready for drinks with umbrellas in them.  I am currently obsessed with this as my weekend bag.  Its sturdy, well made and lined with a great cotton with side pockets.  It looks like it was far more expensive than it actually was!


This next bag is adorably vintage inspired from Unique Vintage comes in at a fantastic price.  The vintage styling gives it such a unique, chic and classic look.  You could go to any beach club and fit right in all you need is a fabulous sundress.

This Amazon find is a similar style to a Cult Gaia Ark bag you see all over Pinterest.  You see a ton of Fashionistas carrying it and for a fraction of the price you really can’t beat it!  Its made of bamboo and is still sturdy, well constructed and perfect to be paired with any great summer outfit.Romwe is always on the cutting edge with adorable affordable, inexpensive, trendy clothes and accessories.  This adorable woven bag is no exception.  The metal detailing makes it really special and modern and the price is phenomenal (under $20!!).  Its a different and great twist on this summer trend.

Ahhhh the round woven bag, one of the other huge trends in woven bags this summer (the tote and the woven bamboo above being the other two giant ones) and this one is even on prime!  It has that great high end look without the high end price tag.  Its a great size and can be both cross body or hand held.  Its a great versatile summer bag.

Unique Vintage wins again with another beautiful and fun woven bag.  This is a great bag that can be worn two ways, it can be a full bag or can be folded in half as a clutch giving extra use for a fun night beachy bag.  I just really love the versatility of this bag and that you can get two looks from one bag, to me thats a giant win!!!


Love and Light



What do you think of trends on a budget? I have tons that I am so excited to share with you!


My 3 Favorite Adorable Korean Beauty Products

Korean skin care is the new honest trend on the market right now, and why not? They have adorable effective skin care that blows away what we have on the market today and western brands end up trying to emulate, never quite as well.


Adorable but awesome product number one is the Tony Moly Dream White Sleeping Pack it comes in this adorable little panda container and the sleeping pack (to be used very last in skin care to seal in everything and washed off in the morning) it makes my skin insanely bright, takes away my dark circles and just makes it super even.  Did I mention its under $20 for this miracle cream?

This hand lotion (Yes you read that right) is adorable, smells like the grape smelly markers from elementary school and does a great job moisturizing without being greasy.  Its from Skinfood which is one of my favorite brands hands down.  Their philosophy is that your skin care should be food for your skin so its very clean line.

Last but not least is my favorite Pug Sheet Mask from Holika Holika because lets be real I’m a crazy pug lady!  This is a great anti wrinkle mask that actually has a pug face on the physical mask which takes the cute factor up to the very top!  My skin felt hydrated, firmed and fresh at the end.  The mask was very full of serum and just a great fit.  Over all wonderful mask.

Why That Woman Was A Bitch To You

I’ve seen this floating around quite a bit recently and it hit me HARD!  I remember being trapped in a booth with a friend and a guy threaten me because I wouldn’t take his advances and somehow he was entitled to sleep with me.  This guy threatened to smash my face in, make me sorry for wronging him and then take what he wanted…. he went from hitting on me to that.  REALLY LET THAT SINK IN! I was in a bar where I know the owners and bar staff and it still happened.


Women and their bodies are still something that Men of our country feel so entitled over. No Woman is ever required to take a drink, go out on a date with or sleep with anyone she doesn’t want to PERIOD END OF STORY!  Its 2018 and I’m in shock that threatening girls into “linking or dating you” is ok or common anymore!

The pressure to be a “nice girl” supersedes any to feel comfortable, respected or frankly safe.

Little White Dress

Forget the little black dress!  I am all about this amazing little white dress.  I know white for summer, how cliche? But really, white is incredibly hot right now!  Its simplicity honestly is the winning feel about it.  I’m gonna need a great event to wear this to… I’m gonna have to let Jeff know ;).

The fit is phenomenal and flattering, the fabrics are comfortable and frankly who wouldn’t feel confident in this dress.  Its gonna be a stable for any work functions (I don’t have to work) and frankly any excuse I can find minus the fact I’m clumsy and most likely couldn’t keep this clean lol.

This particular one sold out online very quickly but I have similar ones with similar cuts that will all be amazing and flattering!

Calvin Klein V Neck (Similar shaping different neck): http://shopstyle.it/l/KGmL

French Connection with my favorite detail scalloped neckline: http://shopstyle.it/l/KGou

Shop the full look here: https://www.shopstyle.com/collective/Jessdinius/43092326


Love and Light


P.S. Next week I can share with you a whole new set of looks that my amazing photographer and I shot! I’m so excited everything is amazing and most items are under $20!!!