Allergy Free Bakery!

For those with piles of food allergies things like donuts can be greatly missed and frankly a bummer that we can’t have them.  If you visit Disney Springs I strongly suggest a visit to Erin McKenna’s Bakery.  Everything in their store is allergen friendly that means gluten, soy, dairy, egg and nut free EVERYTHING!!! They use coconut oil in everything instead of the chemicals or junk oils, the price reflects this but being able to eat anything in the entire store is a dream come true!


Now you will never confuse these with their gluten free counter parts as they are incredibly dense.  The don’t have that similar texture but its a pretty decent replacement.  Above is the “samoas” flavor (did I mention its also allergen free chocolate too?) and the cinnamon sugar flavor.

Now the pineapple upside down flavored cupcake was incredibly dense.  It was delicious don’t get me wrong and full of flavor but dense.  From my understanding the donuts and cupcakes share a batter and are just baked in different shapes and decorated differently.

Its absolutely worth checking out and trying all of their goodies.  This is cookies (the “chocolate chip” ones are amazing) they have desert bread as well so their is really something for everyone!

Love and Light and ALL THE DESERT!!!


P.S. Anywhere at Disney you would like to see covered about gluten free options?  Drop a comment below and Ill see what I can do 😉

3 Products That Keep My Blonde Bright

Having ice blonde hair is a lot of work!  Even my stylist was shocked at the fact that my blonde after 12 weeks (this is the advantage to rooted color) was still icy and not even a touch brassy.  Normally cool icy blondes turn brassy and yellow very quickly and need far more touch up.


The Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo is a MUST, MUST, MUST for any cool toned blonde.  This shampoo actually contains toner in it and so it has to be left on for a few minutes but I only use it once a week.  10 minutes was recommended but I did max of 5 because it is very drying and with curly/wavy hair I need all the moisture I can get and apparently my hair likes to take the purple tones (I mean I’ve always wanted purple hair but its kinda against Disney Look)


This conditioner by blacklight is a new addition to my hair care routine.  This conditioner absolutely has to be left on for only a minute or two!  It started to turn my hair purple at the salon but my hair apparently likes to take color.  This makes my hair so icy I could cry!  Its just so pretty every time I use it.

The last little trick I use is this product from Beyond the Zone called Shock Therapy Bold Blonde. Its a strange powder that I use about every month and it just gives my hair an extra boost. Its used before conditioner and is really easy to use.

All of these things combined kept my ice blonde hair, ice blonde for 12 weeks to the incredible shock of my stylist.  I have been diligent in up keeping my blonde and now you know how to keep your blonde magical!

Love and Light


P.S. Hey! Do you have a beauty secret you want me to spill? Maybe a 5 minute face?  Lemme know!  Comment below

Body Shaming and Objectifying Young Girls

One of the hot buttons right now that I absolutely want to talk about is the dress code debate happening in schools.  Now don’t get me wrong a level of respect and decorum needs to be shown in schools by both male and female students however its officially going too far!  Some of these dress codes are so outdated my work uniform (a polo, track jacket and black “business pants”) would violate it… let that sink in!  You can see part of my collarbone therefore its “too revealing”  “Disney look” would violate these rules because a tank top and sweater is allowed (yes a girl was sent home for a camisole/cardigan set).


The concept that young girls are missing important education because their skirt that is beyond fingertip length is sending the very clear message that you can be asking for it and not doing so is more important than their education.  When looks such as this below are considered too “distracting to young boys and teachers” we need to have a bigger discussion about respect, rape culture and body shaming.

Photo curtesy of Seventeen magazine


Telling a 7th grade girl her arms need covering because to quote the school’s vice principal “her bare arms were “sexual objects” and cannot be shown.”

Instead of teaching girls its their job to “cover up” and not tempt the opposite sex we are teaching them that their dress can cause behaviors of others and that men and boys are not responsible for their actions.  This is how victim blaming begins and the fact that it has started this young is so disturbing!  Its up to us to stand up and make the changes.

Again Im not saying there shouldn’t be a level of decorum but when examples such as above are common, something has to change.  We can’t allow body and victim shaming to start this young!


Love and Light



What I Learned About Dapper Day

Spring 2018 Dapper Day at Magic Kingdom was my very first experience.  It was a ton of fun but I can honestly say I learned a TON but it was a blast and I can’t wait till fall!

My amazing friends over at Kitty Vintage Boutique helped me put together this “dapper Alice” look.  Hat, Dress, Earrings and Purse were all fantastic vintage finds from their store.  And frankly their selection and quality is incredible (and the prices are so incredibly reasonable!).

This adorable dress was a cotton fabric which made the incredibly hot day bearable (Late April in Florida isn’t the best choice) and frankly I just felt adorable!  I added gloves, white tights, vintage inspired black shoes and a parasol.  Real Talk here, the parasol I got was total garbage!  I would never, ever ever suggest anyone order the one I got.  I am linking the one that I saw many other had that I will be getting for this fall! (serious FOMO happening here).


This fall the amazing team at Kitty Vintage Boutique will be putting together looks on their Instagram for dapper day (umm YES minimal work to look fab!).  I am looking forward to seeing their Dapper Day offerings!  Serious question, how can we get them at the expo?  Cause actual vintage gear on site sounds like the best idea ever.

My next tip? Comfortable shoes!!! These shoes were surprisingly comfortable, I would just strongly suggest adding some extra cushion in the ball of your foot cause its just not quite thick enough there so it can become painful for that reason alone if you are walking all over Magic Kingdom (I plan far less walking this fall).

Can’t wait for Fall Dapper Day and I hope to see you there!  And there will absolutely be a Dapper Day 101 post before hand!
Love and Light


P.S. I was thinking of a giveaway at Fall Dapper Day, what would you like to see me give away?