Plaid Isn’t Just for Flannel

So plaid is one of the biggest trends I feel like every fall and of course this year is no exception.  Instead of just the flannel its on everything and this adorable dress called to me!  It flares out a bit at the bottom but the belt cinches it in nicely at the waist (Can you tell I love a great belted anything) giving that itty bitty waist that is so flattering on everyone and really makes everyone look as curvy and small as possible.

Throw a bright boyfriend sweater over this dress and its perfect for a date night or a casual night out with the girls.  I love these giant hats during winter and it added the perfect touch of sass.  To add a pop of color I added my favorite heels in hot pink.  The zippers are just my favorite fun touch to this dress, the give it a little extra edge to keep it from being too plain and for under $20 you just can’t go wrong!

Adjustable Strap And Belted Zip Up Wrap DressJewel Hayden Embellished Peep-Toe | Buckle Bangle Bracelet | Wide Brim Ribbon Band Fedora Floppy Hat


The Demons That Lurk

So Dapper Day weekend was an insanely fun weekend, I really was able to escape hang out and not think about anything but having fun and dressing up.  I ate whatever I wanted and really didn’t think too much about it, something we all SHOULD be doing daily.  Monday morning came and I hopped on that scale and I had gained weight.  Every alarm bell went off in my brain and I started FREAKING OUT!  Every you are fat demon came running back at an insane pace.  I immediately started running with the incredibly unhealthy ways to quickly drop the weight back off.

I realized quickly what was happening, took a giant deep breath and reexamined with fresh eyes what was really going on.  Taking that quick breath stopped me from spiraling down an incredibly scary and dangerous path.  The battle never really ends with our demons.  The little voice that says “You aren’t skinny enough, you aren’t pretty enough, you aren’t good enough, you aren’t enough” always will exist.  Its up to us wether or not we choose to listen to it.  Its a serious battle every day, its a battle of wether or not I want to win or give in.  But every day I choose me!  I choose living and I choose happiness.  Its been a long tough road to get to a place where its a choice for me and where it doesn’t control my life any more and every day I am grateful for that because I know for so many its not that easy and it hasn’t always been.

For the longest time that little thing controlled my worth, value and self esteem.  Those demons still lurk so many years later, despite being “recovered,” we all have our good days and bad and its ok.  Everything is about what you choose to do with them.  Don’t let the demons that lurk control your life!

The One Piece for the Holidays at Home

This romper is coming out for Thanksgiving this week and all of the family gatherings!  The best part is its on Prime!  The color is literally perfect for the holidays and so flattering for so many skin tones.  I love the one shoulder cut of the top it gives it a really unique feeling while still being very friendly for even the most conservative of families.  

Wide Leg Sleeveless One Shoulder JumpsuitCat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses | Envelope Clutch | Layered with Tassel Necklace | Ona Round Toe Ballet Flats

What makes this jumpsuit so amazingly flattering is the great pant shape. The great wide and straight leg floats away from even the parts of your legs you like the very least!  It hides any body flaws you might not be the most fond of.  The tie waist cinches in to create the perfect hour glass shape.  This jumpsuit creates the perfect long and lean shape that is incredibly flattering on so many body types. This is going to be amazing for every body shape but especially our pear shaped readers (wide and straight legged pants are always going to be your friend and overall flattering on everyone).  Its super chic and a great addition for the winter and holidays.

This is going to be a great go to for pants for the winter for special occasions and date nights!

The Perfect Holiday Dress

The second I saw this incredible amazing GORGEOUS coat dress I knew I had to have it and frankly for under $50 and being velvet it was a heck of a steal.  The 40s and 50s inspired feel to the styling is so classic that this is a piece to wear for holiday parties for years to come!

The belting on this dress is incredible for defining a waist and the way the skirt portion of this dress floats away from the body is flattering for every single body type!  This is such an amazingly flattering dress.  The wrap style of the coat dress emphasizes and cinches any waist. A contrasting belt further emphasizes the waist so this is just a dream for anyone who wants that real hourglass shape.

Solid blue Velvet dressFlat Fold Over Clutch | Dress Pump

I have already worn this dress to holiday concerts and plan on wearing it to parties and frankly any excuse I can find!  Its incredibly well made which was my biggest concern with ordering overseas.  But overall I love this dress its going to be a staple in my wardrobe!