Kate Spade Tweed Dress Dupe

This was one of my very favorite purchases last year from Kate Spade and I continue to get so many compliments on it.  I have found an amazing dupe for this adorable dress.  The original retailed for over $400 the dupe is under $30!!  Despite the price difference the fit is still amazing and the look is still feminine and wonderful.  Tweed this year is so hot and these two dresses check off every box ever!

Bow Tie Neck Frayed Trim Tweed Dress

The way this dress cinches in the waist and flares away from the hip is going to be so incredibly flattering on most body types.  The length is fun and flirty.  Overall this is a great flattering alternative to a much more expensive dress.

Its Ok to Be a Work In Progress

I saw someone recently post that they felt so lost at 22. She has friends getting married and having kids, others still partying and drinking.  Somehow she is caught in the middle with no idea where to be.  The sentiment is clearly shared among many by the comment section.

The idea that this feeling ever really ends was possibly the most laughable part of all.  Society gives us this idea that by some made up age we should have it all “figured out” is beyond laughable.  Life happens!  I was on one path and the rug was pulled out from under me.  I was a super big health nut and I was not just injured but devastatingly injured with pain I still deal with even as I write this blog that ended my career at the theme park I worked for (FYI when they injure you they pretty much abandon you at the park I worked for) so it was back to square one for me.  It was reinvention time, so I started my company, that didn’t align with me so here I am again.  32 reinventing myself again, granted with a ton less pain so I may dabble back prior to my injury but at the end of the day ITS OK.

We are all a work in progress and we don’t have to have the answers ever, we are different people when we go to bed than when we woke up.  You aren’t stuck with what you wanted when you woke up and its ok!

We are all always a work in progress, we are always changing so what we want will always change.  New opportunities will pop up, new circumstances will happen and things in life will always shift.  You are not stuck with anything in life.  Keep chasing what makes you happy!


Dapper Day is Around the Corner

I am beyond excited for this Fall Dapper Day, I am really looking forward to attending both days this time.  Dapper day Spring was HOT!!! Not even kidding, it was seriously brutal.  But I am so thrilled about the amazing vintage dress for day 1 from the amazing Kitty Vintage Boutique (Use code Jess10 for 10% off her store) they have amazing finds for everything from gloves to hats and bags to dresses (like the amazing Alice dress above).

I am putting together my final touches on my two looks and I don’t want to forget some REALLY key pieces!  Remember the Florida sun is BRUTAL!  Sun umbrellas are important, hats are important, Sunscreen is KEY!  Huge shout out to the awesome Kitty Vintage Boutique (Use code Jess10 for 10% off her store) for this gorgeous dress again this year.  Its not to late to check her out for some amazing looks and finishing touches.

You all spoke in a poll on Instagram and it was a really close about who I should be for day two of Dapper day and I can’t wait to share the results with you all! You will have to check on Instagram stories on 11/18 to see who won, but its going to be amazing and you will all LOVE it!! Its so unique, fun!

Are you going to Dapper Day?  I will be posting where I will be and I would love to meet you!  Let me know in the comments who you will be going as.


Know Your Worth

“You are enough, you are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are” -Sierra Boggess

This past few weeks have been ones of tons of contemplation.  There has been a lot of falling on my face and feeling “not good enough” and doing tons of comparing my life to what it “should be.”  There is still the what comes next question, it still lingers in the back on my mind.

At the end of the day we don’t have to have all of the answers, and our worth isn’t determined by them.  Your worth isn’t determined by the dollars in your bank account, the car you drive or the job you have.  You are enough as you are.

Don’t let the world tell you that you need to be something, you should be doing something or that your life should be something.

Never let someone tell you that you need to be something, you should be doing something or that your life should be something.  Life never works out the way we plan it to.  IT’S OK!  There are days its really hard to feel like you are “making it” as an adult, but you are!  Are you going to work and paying bills and somehow making it happen day to day? Then yes!  You are successfully aduting.  Never let anyone give you crap if you are happy!