Flawless Looking Skin

One of the most common questions I get asked is about my foundation and what I use for “flawless looking skin.”  To be fair its a two part process to get that finish.

Part one is a fantastic full coverage foundation that really covers. I mean COVERS! Your face should seem void of really much of anything for this effect (you add features back in as you do the rest of your face).  The idea is to blank out your whole face which will give that smooth flawless canvas.

This is my go to foundation currently (their lighter coverage foundations from this line are amazing as well, the cover up is meh at best) it goes on super smooth and creamy.  It stays really well and well it does just as it says “total cover” and the amazon price is actually really great! (Buy it here). I use shade 101 Ivory cause well I’m pasty despite living in Florida.


Part two is really the key to an amazing finish.  This powder was shown to me by drag friends and well its incredible.  Everyone of my friends who have tried this powder (and all my princess cast) are obsessed with it and can never live without it!   Some find the smell off putting but the finish can’t be beat.  Its a setting powder and powder foundation all mixed into one giving that incredible finish and hold to your makeup (yes this is my secret to flawless princess skin). Buy it here!


Ill be working on a series of makeup secrets of mine.  What are the tips and tricks you are most looking for and Ill see what I can do about showing you what I know.

Love and Light


P.S. The lighter coverage options from Loreal are also amazing, that powder takes any foundation to the next level.

Happy Derby Day (and Yoda’s Birthday)

Happy Derby Day! (And of course Yoda’s birthday yes he was born on “Revenge of the Fifth”)

Now what would Derby Day be without a FABULOUS hat.  This hat is perfect for any fabulous outing with a giant black bow on the side, and did I mention its prime?  I felt like going vintage for this very last minute shoot with my friend Sarah to celebrate derby day.

This fantastic dress is from the Barbie line with Unique Vintage and its TO DIE FOR!!! For the record I’m straight up obsessed with this line!  It looks genuinely vintage in person, fits fairly nicely (minus the weird pooch I got from it) but still a fun dress that hugs you in all the right places.  As someone with an hourglass shape (read thick thighs and boobs) I felt this hugged me in every right place without accentuating the things I’m less than in love with about my body.

Now on to this epic hat, giant brim, lovely bow, classy yet very much a statement!  This checks off all the boxes for me for Derby Day for me.  Now for some mint juleps!!!  Happy races everyone and on to the Triple Crown!

Shop this look!
Dress: Lunch on the Terrace Pencil Dress
Hat: Big Bow Know Straw Hat
Shoes: Chase & Chloe Kimmy Booty Boots
Gloves: Thin Short Lace Driving Gloves

Link to the entire Barbie by Unique Vintage line

How to Make Easy Money

Ok so this blog title is INSANELY misleading.  So many young girls and women get into the party princess business because they think a few cheap dresses (and were talking party city level quality here), a Facebook page and some crappy photos equal a quick and easy “business.”

In my hunt for a job I stumbled upon the party princess world and this was my introduction to this entire world.  Basically a knock off of the real ones in the park that you can hire to come to your child’s birthday party.  So I answered an ad on Craigslist (ya know back when you could find legit jobs) Now back in 2008 when i started this was such a rare thing.  She was the only one doing it.  I styled my hair and made in a one hour party what I did in an entire shift at the park.

Many years down the road I worked for a second company who literally had dresses from the party store, cheap neon colored wigs and eventually decided its performers needed to provide their own costumes which lead to (i know hard to believe) even cheaper and worse wigs and costumes… $15 red Amazon wig doesn’t make you “Ariel” not even close.  Theres a point where you feel embarrassed and like you are ripping off parents.  But I mean at this point aren’t you?

A few years later inspired by a series of events I ended up with two certain snow pair.  I figured, “how hard can it be?” Wow was I in for a surprise. The sheer amount of money, marketing and pounding the pavement it took to get the company off the ground is beyond what anyone could ever imagine.  Repeat business comes once a year.

The next problem is that TOO MANY people have decided this is the get rich quick ticket and now in some areas there are literally HUNDREDS of crappy pop up, fly by night companies sprinkled in with some amazing ones and parents to this day still don’t understand why the company with gowns that cost thousands charges more than the one all with party store costumes.   Most of those companies aren’t legally companies, registered, insured, pay taxes or frankly run legally.

Its just like any other business, it takes grit, hard work, cleverness and a whole lot of luck to make any business truly take off.  And no pricing yourself cheaper only cheapens yourself and the industry and are doing a disservice to everyone world wide.

Love and Light

FYI that photo of all of those princesses…. that was tens of thousands of dollars right on the floor… ughhhh. Was the photo worth it?


Summer temperatures are in FULL SWING here in Orlando and this cute little romper is getting a lot of love from me right now!  Its light airy and if you can tell by the title IT HAS POCKETS!  Lets be real any cute outfit gets an upgrade when pockets show up! As we were shooting I said “I know this sounds so stupid but…” and my amazing photographer chimed in “but it has pockets, but isn’t that the best part?” Yea so its really all about the pockets.


I styled this super comfy and lightweight romper with some amazing things including adorable glitter flip flops from Kate Spade which are on sale NOW! (Ughh I love these things!)


And this fantastic vintage 60s inspired pink bag.  Fun fact, when I was buying it in the store the cashier decided to tell me how she felt it was just TOO Malibu Barbie for anyone to purchase it.  The other employee brought it out at that exact moment and I responded with “well that works then because I AM Malibu Barbie so clearly its meant for me”  Its also on sale and do I love this bag!

The final and lets be honest, most important part of this outfit is this amazing GIANT hat from Target of all places!  And especially in this brutal Florida I believe in blocking ALL THE SUN ever!


So Shop the look here!

Romper: https://amzn.to/2KgP4dD
Hat, Shoes, Purse: https://www.shopstyle.com/collective/Jessdinius/43076277