Hug Your Loved Ones Tight

Lets have a serious discussion here about depression.  Were not talking the blues, we are talking soul crushing, bottom of a dark pit depression. The kind that drives wonderful people to kill themselves.

This week I lost a friend, and not just any friend.  One of those people that believes in you (and calls you our on your shit beyond what anyone else will) and loves you beyond your own understanding.  Orlando lost an incredibly bright light and that loss was such an incredibly hard one.  This photo says anything that ever needs to be said about the wonderful type of person he was.  Was, wow thats still days later so hard to try to wrap my head around.


This is mental ILLNESS is the key here.  This isn’t something that you can just snap out of, you can’t just decide to just “be happy” my friend always put on that front.  That everything was ok and that the world was always amazing, I mean his literal last status was “Life is awesome!”  The saddest part is that the shame of illness (cause thats what it is) stops people from getting help, real help!


I beat myself up for not answering his text instantaneously but we can’t forget that when you are in the greatest, darkest, blackest part of that pit of despair the light isn’t going to be found that easily.  Always tell people you love them!  No matter what, they will know how you feel… Never ever take them for granted!


Love and Light

Jess <3


Seriously hug your loved ones and tell them you love them!

The 2 Most Fun Korean Beauty Inspired Masks

So i took on the task of looking like a cloud just for you all! And I’m not gonna lie, it was super fun.  The Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask and the Elf Hydrating Bubble Masks were on my list.  Each with a different purpose but both I was sure would be fun to try out and use.

The Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is designed to deep clean your pores and be a very fun experience.  The photos of women looking literally like clouds was too much to deny!  It comes with a cute tiny spatula and just spoon a nice layer all over your face (careful under your nose cause it does expand and it does tickle)

Yup! Thats the insanity that ensued! And ill be honest, it did a great job of cleansing my skin, it did feel a bit “squeaky clean” which is a bit harsh to me but it did a great job deep cleaning my skin and pores.  If you are on the oilier side and not at all dry this might help balance out your skin, but for any level of dry this is too harsh and drying.  My other issue with this mask is how difficult to remove it is, the shower and a washcloth are my recommendation!

Now the owner of E.L.F. has flat out said how much she loves Korean skin care, the quality of the ingredients and unique ideas.  Theres no denying the influence with their cleansing products that they have been rolling out.  They even have a magnetic mask at a great price point.  Now this is a hydrating mask not a cleansing mask but BUBBLES! So its worth a shot for comparison.

Now the packaging is very different, its not a pot you scoop from but instead you press down and the product squeezes out the top which I find more sanitary not dipping into a larger container, I know this seems silly but think about all the germs on our hands and phones and surfaces around our homes and the effect that growing in a mask may have on especially acne.  We change our pillow once  week for germs, oil and skin cells, we need to think the same way about our products.

This starts out clear unlike the expected mud look and texture and has white bubbles.  It does not get nearly as insane as the other BUT i must say I felt like my skin was very clean in the end and not nearly as harsh as the other mask.  My skin was smooth, plump and fresh.  I might not have been a fluffy cloud but I must say I did prefer this mask’s end result far more.


Happy Masking
Love and Light


P.S. Is there a beauty routine you want to know about? I’ve been getting a ton of eye makeup requests!  Drop a line below and let me know!!!

Spring Dress Under $10

Spring is is full swing and yellow is coming up as the hot color this year and who can resist an adorable scalloped dress.  Being super fair I am a huge fan of anything that keeps my face from getting too much sun and if I can look fabulous while doing it. Did I mention the Kentucky Derby is the day after my birthday?? This can’t be a coincidence! Girl loves a statement!

The best part about this adorable look is its under $15 from both links I chose!  It is time for brunch or a wedding and this will be towards the top of my picks.  The stretch fabric makes it fitted and I would suggest going up a size for the most flattering fit.

Shop this look here:


Did you get this dress or just love a serious statement?  Let me know!

Love and Light


P.S. Did I mention its under $15?  Looking for an adorable skirt under $25?  I can help you out here! 

Why I Totally Retired From Being a Princess

The moment I realized I had enough of all of this princess obsession was after my first company tea party.  I had been feeling really over the whole thing but this was the final straw.  No matter what I did it was never enough for the over entitled parents and their bratty children.  Not all parents or kids are this way BUT THESE WERE!

This was the picture of entitled privilege.  They were raising kids to literally believe they were little princesses.  Not in the be kind and giving to others, no the bratty mean version where the world is to revolve around them and if it doesn’t go their way, start calling people names and demanding it does.  Did I have clients who weren’t soul sucking ass holes? Sure but they were the exception instead of the rule.  In that room filed with parents who refused to believe the rules applied to them ever I saw the destruction flash before my eyes.  What on earth are we teaching our young girls?  That they are to be on pedestals and if they weren’t the center of the universe then just throw a tantrum and ignore them.  

What i realized in this moment was that we are shoving our little girls into teeny tiny boxes that aren’t realistic or frankly healthy.  Yes, the princesses that are worshiped are kind and caring but rarely are they truly independent, caring ambitious women.  Most of them ended up with a man completing their life no matter how smart and independent they started out as they found that their life didn’t matter till they had a man.  There can be arguments about a couple of princesses that are strong and independent but lets be real, its not the rule of princess stories.  Happily ever after was defined by finding a prince and getting married.  

During this moment I had flashes to things that bothered me from my time in the park and saw I was part of the problem not how to build up our girls and young women.  I remembered the little girl who was maybe 6 at the oldest and her parents were shouting out for her to give sexy poses.  She had a full face of makeup and I remember thinking it was off when I saw it and now I can see how wrong it is! 

The princess obsession is purely to keep women in their places, the women’s rights movement was purely to give us the choice to be anything we wanted and here we are going backwards shoving this ideal down their throats that this is what they are expected to be.  What happened to choice?

I could no longer be part of the problem.  I didn’t know what was next but I knew there had to be a better solution than continuing to shove this outdated ideal down their throat, hell even Barbie was a doctor and marine biologist.  She taught girls they could be anything they put their minds to, she even got herself the dream house and convertible without a man, sure she had Ken but she dumped him when it no longer worked for her.