5 Epic Summer Skirts for Under $25


Every summer at least in Florida is the epic battle of staying cool(ish) in the extreme heat while staying even remotely cute seems to be lost… a lot.  I scoured Amazon to bring you 5 adorable spring and summer ready skirts for a price everyone can afford









Lets start with this AMAZING tulle skirt, not sure what else needs to be said other than its under $25 and comes with that adorable sash.  Pair with a plain white t some gorgeous pearls and we have a winning outfit!


Skirt #2 is this super fun polka dot skirt, IT HAS POCKETS!!! Its a super lightweight material that breathes wonderfully and is just plain fun.  Its dressy enough for the office but can be casual with a tank and flip flops… Seriously LOVE this!  (And I got a ton of compliments)

Now this is a fun flirty and totally lined skirt available in 10 colors.  Its super full as you can see and the wide waist band is so incredibly flattering.  I got this in the pink color and the breezy nature of it is really going to make it a go to summer option and its under $20! SCORE!



Now this is a really fun casual skirt (that I highly recommend shorts under)  Its around $10 and is really fun for everyday, its far from office appropriate but it certainly is fun for running errands or going to a theme park.  Its a very sturdy skirt fabric with a bit of weight to it.  Great skirt that is a great bargain!


This is such a fun work appropriate skirt.  The lace takes this up another notch and makes it a really unique skirt.  Its very flattering and fitted.  The skirt is a great length to make your legs look longer with out sacrificing for our shorter friends ;).  The skirt feels luxurious and the stretch makes it really practical.  Ill be wearing this regularly at the office!


Trying all of the outfits out at the office, well minus the short skirt, was certainly a fun experiment and I got so many compliments.  Have fun saving a few bucks on Amazon with some great skirts.

Love and Light,


P.S. have a need for an outfit? Lemme know!  I’ll hunt you something amazing down!

2 Products to Look 10 Years Younger

So aging is never an easy process, 31 not 30 for some odd reason hit me incredibly hard.  And my face started to show the over a decade at theme parks.

Having been in an industry for so long that requires extreme youth I tried everything to stretch my shelf life for as long as possible and I found two amazing anti aging products that took all that time off my face.  I had managed to extend my shelf life for over a decade, I could do it for longer!

The First amazing product I found literally did this before and after to my face.

Two weeks with this amazing product I discovered with my new love of Korean Beauty was the power of bee venom.

The claim was its supposed to help with

  • aging
  • sagging
  • even severe acne

It does this by causing a histamine reaction in your skin causing it to create collagen and plump up your skin.  Does it work? You tell me!  Thats with two weeks of using this product.

I can honestly say I can really see the difference between the two!

What is this miracle cream? I honestly found it at Marshall’s and Amazon!

So this is the miracle cream!  I’m aware it says mask but you can also layer it on and use it as a moisturizer.  Its not the most moisturizing of creams but its designed as a mask that can be used as a cream so I wasn’t expecting much hydration.  Its certainly an ummm…. intense sensation, ok lets be real it burns like hell but the results are worth it.

After a few days of use it becomes much less intense or you just get used to it.  To this day I am still not sure which.

Amazing Product Number 2

I was introduced to with Influenster (I was given this product to try for free but holy crap is it awesome!), the proof is in the pudding on this one.

I took their 14 day challenge and these were my results


Literally got rid of all of my wrinkles, every single last one!  My skin is clearly much firmer and this is 14 days later… HOLY MOLY!

  It has 2 active ingredients that do all the heavy lifting here

  • Pro-Xylane
  • Hyaluronic Acid

The Hyaluronic Acid in this cream in my opinion is the power house in this product!  It plumps and refines skin in a way unprecedented and is really one of the hot miracle products in beauty circles and now you can get it in the grocery or drug store.

For under $20 you can get this great cream and its even Prime!  You can start reversing your aging in two days… did I mention I LOVE prime?  Yup everything and no store needed!

I hope my two favorite anti aging creams bring you some extra self care, love and an extra boost of confidence for some pep in your step.

Love and light,


P.S. What are your beauty struggles?  A sagging face is always my struggle!

5 Amazon Fashion hacks!

Lets be real what can’t you find on Amazon?  An you can get it in two days?!? Its every fashionista’s dream come true.

Who hasn’t left finding the perfect outfit for a special event till the very last minute, or if you are like me are just too impatient to wait very long for it to come…. Amazon Prime to the rescue!

THESE SHOES!!  My job requires black shoes, and this is what immediately came to mind!  The price is incredibly reasonable, they are clearly adorable and come in a HUGE variety of colors (yes even an amazing rose gold) and are surprisingly comfortable!  Most pairs are $25 and under.  Every girly girls dream sparkle shoe.


A retro inspired dress always wins in my book!  Theres just something so sophisticated about a great throwback, and the silhouette  is oh so flattering especially if you have booty like me!  This has become such an amazing staple.  The solid colors have a decent amount of stretch and the patterns do not so order accordingly!


During even the hottest days in Orlando this is a super comfortable go to option.  The yellow is FAR brighter in person and lovely even on my pale skin. It stays cool, doesn’t cling and keeps me so comfortable.  A cute flat or sandal and you are great to go anytime!


A cute pair of boots, some lace boot cuffs, this amazing, comfy dress and you are ready for a chilly day (it only snows in Orlando once in an incredibly blue moon so this is totally a winter appropriate outfit 🙂 ).  Its soft, breathable, and ooo so comfortable.  SO comfortable that it actually feels like wearing pajamas.



So if you read my little side “About Me” blurb you will see I LOVE Kate Spade, its flattering, girly and high quality.  The classic styling that  Kate Spade is known for is completely where my love comes from, in addition to their amazing social initiatives and higher than average pay for its employees.  If you are a proud Kate Spade girl like I am then these spade earrings are a MUST!  I wear mine regularly and simply love them.

Sending you love and light,


She Made Her Own Fairytale

I had an amazing interview with the fantastic Ali Williams former theme park princess and owner of Los Angeles’ Princess & Me Parties.  We sat down for an hour and a half for an extremely candid discussion about her experience working for the parks.

Ali worked in total for both coasts for a grand total of 3.5 years and she has a great “how I was hired story” After many (7) auditions she got a job as a park photographer, she was able to watch a learn from the girls doing the job day in and day out.  Eventually she made it through to the fittings stage.

Here they put you in the retired dresses and wigs (beat up and past their prime) and have you read.  She started to practice reading and was immediately stopped and went in and read for the casting directors.  At this point she was simply waiting for the call, which never came.

This didn’t stop her, the next call she went in and made it to the end for a brand new character at which the casting director told her she would be perfect for the character she never got the call for.  Within 5 days she received her offer and began her magical journey.

Slowly but surely the magic started to unravel, regularly you were told how special and amazing you are and of course the flip side of there are thousands of girls all waiting to take your job.  The manipulation to be quiet, conform and never be a “problem” is oh so real!  Ali dyed her hair red, a natural red but not her blonde she was hired with and this was taken to mean that she was being defiant.  You read that right, deciding to change her hair color within the rules was being defiant.  And from here they made her life hell.


Cosmetology decided too much of her hair was showing and told her they would either shave 3 inches off the underside of her hair right there in the room with everyone or she could go home and never return.  So in front of the entire room of girls getting ready they shaved her hair off. Management became relentless about how her hair color was her being a “problem”, force extending became a very real issue.


Managers can decide that you must stay beyond your scheduled time and there isn’t much you can do about it.  After a full 10 hour shift she was asked to force extend, she declined, I mean 10 hours is long enough lets be real, and was asked to “rethink her answer” and they would be back to check on her.  Once again she declined and they force extended her, pulling her from her princess shift and sending her to the other end of the park to do a fur set.


After arriving at her location and prepping to go out on set her greeter realized that there was a parade going by at that exact time with that exact character they insisted that she go out as.  They were setting her up to kill the magic with “double exposure.”  

One of the worst pieces of manipulation she ever witnessed was watching girls get disapproved in their characters on the spot, pulled right off set and are forced to greet for their replacement watching someone else play the role they never could again.  The promises never ended, “try again” “next time its yours” and that next time never comes.  The time may come if you are super quiet, and never questioned anything ever and let them abuse you. 

After a less than ideal with a party company after “getting out” Ali opened her own princess party company.  With a ton of sweat equity, guerrilla marketing and tons of research she now owns one of the top 5 companies in the LA area.  Her obsession with character integrity she learned from the parks sets her company high above the competition and has been a huge part of her success.

I asked Ali in one word how it was being a true girl boss her answer? “Liberating”

Life isn’t always the fairytale we think its gonna be.

Love and Light


P.S. Wanna find out more about Ali?