The Last Romper of Summer

Palm Leaf Print Layered Knot Front Open Back PlaysuitTree Detail Hoop Earrings | Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace | Round Straw Tote Bag | Women’s Kerrigan Slide Sandal

The “chill” is starting to arrive in Florida, lets be real its still shorts weather (though there are still some heat waves rolling across the country) but this so reminds me of my time in Hawaii aka my favorite place.

This romper is amazing for its great length, which is unlike most rompers you find on the market.  It covers *ahem* all of your sensitive areas very well.  Its long enough that it can be worn out appropriately to brunch or the grocery store and you can reach the bottom shelf without worrying about what will show when you reach down.  

Off the shoulder tops are one of my favorite styles as I’m sure you have come to know and the tie waist really does a great job nipping in the waist and gives an amazing shape for anyone.  This is truly the perfect final romper for summer or that vacation to escape from he cold of winter.

Listen to Your Children

I’ve typed and retyped this post dozens of times.  Somehow the words are never just right to explain the real impact on my life.

My entire life I’ve been super weird about people touching me, the obnoxious and frankly condescending pat on the back from strangers sends me into a near panic attack.   I’m very much a loner, when things get hard I turn inside, I always had a hard time connecting with people.

Predators attack the same kind of victim, those who attack family members will continue to do so, and that is my story.  The women in my life failed to protect me from the man who hurt them, in fact they deliberately left me in his care repeatedly for years and never did anything to stop any abuse because a church elder wouldn’t do anything to a child despite his pattern that started with them…  Listen to your children when things make them uncomfortable, watch for grooming behaviors and for heavens sake if someone hurt you don’t leave your child alone with them.  This is why you never force your children to hug family members!

Hermes Inspiration on a Budget

Colorful Buckle Bracelet Bangle

So can we discuss this incredible Hermes inspired GORGEOUS bangle?  Most of us in our lives will never be able to justify the $600 price tag of the bracelet this one was inspired by.  I think everyone should have accessories that make them feel fabulous with out completely and totally breaking the bank!


Its a great piece for a stack and comes in two sizes (12″ and 18″ depending on preference) I chose the 12″ because I have tiny wrists and wanted to use it in a stack, however as just a statement piece and more of a cuff the 18″ is literally perfect!   I will be ordering this in pink for myself and for Christmas presents for a few friends.

Its really sturdy and well made, I was really impressed with the weight of the bracelet the quality of the packaging and over all the quality of the product.  Overall this was a fun and great Hermes inspired purchase, especially because I cannot justify paying the price for the original but love having something fun and a little special.

Romper for Every Body Type

Tie Front Ruffle Trim Polka Dot RomperRound Straw Tote BagVintage Pattern Statement NecklaceSteve Madden Womens Kann

I’m in complete love with this romper!  Its color is so unique and a great color thats huge this fall so its a fun one for transitioning to fall (can we say add a cute over the knee bootie?)  Now one thing I really love is the ruffle leg on this romper.  It does a great job hiding and concealing any thing about the upper leg that you really don’t love.  Its a great distraction to the eye that makes you think anything is ruffle and not anything you don’t love. 

As you can see the ruffles and detailing really make a huge difference in making this a very flattering romper for so many body types.