The Nasty Reality of WHY You Need to Wash Your Brushes

Serious beauty topic on the roster today…. WASH YOUR BRUSHES!!!

A very good friend of mine recently had to literally throw out ALL of her brushes (some of which I gave her) and start from scratch because she got an infection in her skin that grew in her brushes then on her skin.  ICK!!!

You should be cleaning your brushes every other week, thoroughly deep cleaning them.  Our eyes especially are susceptible to so much bacteria.  Our faces are literally full of millions of holes (pores) that its up to us to protect it from as much bacteria as possible.

Personally I am a huge fan of baby shampoo to clean my brushes with.  It avoids overly drying out the brushes too much and gets them perfectly clean.  I use the following technique to get my brushes squeaky clean.

#1 Dampen your brushes with luke warm water, using hot water is going to strip the brushes and dry them out further than necessary and shorten their life span, it will also loosen the glue on the brushes.

#2 Next add a tiny bit of the shampoo and work it into the fibers of the brushes working the makeup out of them

#3 Rinse the soap and makeup mixture out of the brushes and repeat as many times as necessary till the water runs clean

#4 Shape the brushes into the desired shape then lay flat to dry (if necessary continue to reshape while drying till they become the desired shape)

Its a pretty simple process but make sure that you keep them as clean as possible to avoid skin, eye infections and having to throw out your brushes!

Stripes for Fall, Y’All

Women’s Striped Long Sleeve Fitted Crew T-Shirt

Lets talk about how amazing stripes are for fall! I mean they are amazing any time of the year but especially in fall!  I love an adorable fitted long sleeve tee, pair it with some cute jeans and a boat shoe for a classic nautical look or a cute simple flat shoe for a simple Kate Middleton inspired look.  She really loves a striped tee.

Don’t be afraid that the horizontal stripe will make you look wider.  A nice simple narrow stripe like this one is incredibly flattering.  Its all about the fit with this pattern.  Fit is so key with so many items but with a pattern like these thin stripes (thin stripes are the key as well to them being flattering) 

Remember these two key points when picking out your stripes for fall,

#1 FIT!!! Keep the fit close to the body and fitted like this one,but not skin tight. Baggy never does anyone any favors, it only makes you look bigger than you really are!  Fight that urge!

#2 Keep those stripes small and further apart.  By keeping the pattern a little simpler its going to keep you from looking wider than stripes other wise would.

Ladies rock those stripes for fall!  I would love to see photos of how you are rocking those stripes!  Tag me on instagram or twitter @jessdinius I can’t wait to see your looks!!!

Bodyshaming is Everywhere in Entertainment

So over the years I have worked for multiple entertainment venues and companies… lets be real many.  And the body shaming flat out making fun of people’s bodies is not limited to theme parks only.  Some of the most cruel people are those in small entertainment companies who openly laugh at those who don’t fit their “ideal” body types.

Over the past few weeks I watched and was forced (due to politics) to bite my tongue about some severe body shaming and mocking, even side comments about my body type being inappropriate for a full body suit… at 5’7″ and size 0.  This is disgusting and unhealthy!  We need to accept people of all shapes and sizes and not some disgusting unrealistic ideal.  I’m sick and tired of people like that trying to shove every person into an unreal, unhealthy, unrealistic box that shouldn’t and doesn’t exist!  It wasn’t up to her to determine what person was in which costume, it was her job to put a person in it, make sure it fit and make them look good.  BTW I felt incredibly self conscious because who wants a shiny ass and doesn’t feel fat in that?

In what universe is it alright to say anything to a performer about the body type they were given and the role they were cast in with the body type they have?  All it does is steal the confidence, joy and strength out of anyones performance and feeds body image issues and disordered eating.  People like that are whats wrong with entertainment and should be terminated immediately for even suggesting unrealistic ideals to performers.

Thanks for listening to my rant on feeding unrealistic expectations to performers!

My 3 favorite tips for coping with migraines

So interesting tid bit, I suffer from a disease called chronic daily migraine. If you’ve ever had a migraine you know the insane pain associated with them and I am here to share my tricks to quickly and easily eliminate them!  I’ve made quite a few life style changes including eliminating gluten which is a huge trigger for me (I’m also celiac so this has to happen anyways)

#1 Excedrine Migraine

My hands down favorite trick for migraines.  This seems simple and stupid but this stuff WORKS!!  The combination of the pain killers and caffeine work better than anything else on the market.  When this stuff was pulled off the market for a few months migraine sufferers everywhere were so upset and people on Ebay were selling bottles for hundreds of bottles.

#2 Essential Oils

I Found this bottle on Amazon and its been a life saver when I can’t take any more Excedrine.  This stuff is amazing, I put it on my temples and it melts the migraine away in minutes even the crippling nausea and light sensitivity.

#3 Heat and Cold

Now this one requires a bit of explanation.  So I soak my feet in as hot of water as I can humanly stand and place a cold pack on the back of my neck.  This draws the blood out of your brain (or so they claim) and down, all I know is it WORKS!

I hope I was able to give you some of my favorite tips to help you cope with migraines as they can be crippling and no one should have to deal with them!