Gorgeous Date Night Look Under $20

Frilled Neck Solid DressSteve Madden Women’s Stecy Dress Sandal | Flat Fold Over Clutch

So this dress in theory shouldn’t work for anyone!  Its a giant tent of a dress, however by adding the (frankly insanely long) tie it instantly nips in the waist giving it shape and making it actually work.  I was super skeptical when I ordered this dress, especially being as cheap as it was.  For under $20 I wasn’t hoping for much but I was incredibly and pleasantly surprised to find that the fabric was really nice.  The high neck keeps it modest, but I would lean more toward this for a medium to smaller chested woman.  This would absolutely create uniboob on a large chested woman.  The way the skirt floats away would be fantastic for anyone trying to hide a tummy or a fuller thigh area and did I mention IT HAS POCKETS!!!!  Great date night outfit or night out look!


6 Chic Amazon Finds Under $40

Amazon makes some really incredibly priced chic fashion that can be at your door in two days with Prime shipping.  These are super flattering cuts and styles that will make you feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank!  I’m sharing my 6 favorite pieces and why they are so flattering.

Off The Shoulder Long Pants Jumpsuit with Belt

I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit, the gorgeous wide leg pant is so flattering on every leg, this is so universally flattering.  Put this with a gorgeous heel like this one or a great wedge like this one.  The great fitted top with the touching will hug your curves perfectly creating a great shape, the gathering will hide anything that you find less than desirable.  Everyone has things especially about their stomach that they don’t love and the gathers will trick the eye into thinking that its the fabric and not you (one of my favorite tricks) The tie right at the waist will nip you in at the smallest point possible perfectly and create the perfect hourglass shape.  Pair this with a cute bag with a great pop of color and you are ready to go!

Womens Scalloped V-Neck Vintage Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

Now this dress hands down is my favorite dress!  Everything about the cut is so incredibly flattering.  The nice v-neck is great for opening up the face and the nice wide strap is perfect for a great bra.  The waist is clearly defined, which is going to make yours look as tiny as possible.  This skirt is so incredible!!!  Its so full and floats perfectly away from the body, that is so flattering, fun and just pretty.  Is a dress that you just can’t go wrong with for any occasion and I’m just in love with!

Summer Striped One Shoulder Fit and Flare Dress

So lets start with number 1 it has pockets, that has to be number one for any dress.  The great fitted top with the voluminous skirt is a great balance (one or the other should have volume ideally).  Can we tell I like I like a tie waist?  Well its cause its super flattering to every single body type, period hands down.  The skirt and its pleating floats away from the body beautifully and the vertical stripes are slimming and will make you look taller which will also make you look leaner!  Ooooo and it has pockets, cause that deserves mention again!

Bamboo Handbag

So this has been the hot bag for the summer as its incredibly similar to a $400 bag (and for under $40 you really can’t beat).  You instantly look like a fashionista ready to go anywhere!  Its very sturdy and has a great magnetic closure.  This bag just instantly says I am ready for warm fabulous weather!

Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Metal Frame Sunglasses

I am all about a big fabulous pair of sunglasses and these are too fabulous to pass up, they will instantly make you feel like a STAR!!!  The other wonderful thing about big sunglasses is they protect the skin around your eyes from sun damage.  This skin is so incredibly fragile and really needs the ultimate protection.  Feel like a rockstar/ socialite/ VIP and rock these sunglasses!


Block Shawl Wrap Open Front Poncho Cape

There is nothing quite as fabulous as a wrap cape.  Throwing it over your shoulder at the slightest sign of a chill makes me feel so fabulous (pair that with the sunglasses and its over I’m more fabulous than anyone in the room lets be real!).  Its an instant style upgrade!  This with skinny jeans and a pair of boots is such a chic look.

Babes I hope I found 6 items you are as obsessed with as I am!

Trying Not to Feed the Demons

In the past few months I have had to face two of my biggest demons.  My chronic migraines, which leads to a whole slew of mentally dark places, as you can imagine being in constant literal blinding pain that never stops, and the medication with horrible side effects including insane weight loss (nearing 20 pounds and nearing what I weighed when I starved myself).  I’ve gotten really good at hiding how much weight it really is.

The thing is I’m afraid of the judgement still, I’m afraid of the comments and the still body shaming that comes with sudden and unexplained weight loss.  At the end of the day the demons will always exist, and that level of weight loss will always be a trigger (lets be real how can it not be one?).  The “You look amazing” comments are always a trigger, I mean did I look disgusting before?

The dreaded scale…. Its such a double ended sword.  I have to monitor the level of weight loss medically for my physical well being but I also have to avoid feeding my demons.  This balance has been an insane struggle I can’t begin to explain to all of you.

So until I feel a little more comfortable in my new skin you may not see a ton more looks… they will be coming but new content on how to shop is still on its way incredibly regularly! <3

FLATTERING Capris for Transition and Fall

Mid-Rise Capri Jeans w Stretch | Bamboo Handbag | Flip Flop SandalPolka Dot Shell Top

So capris can be such a great, fun and FLATTERING transitional piece into fall (especially if you live in a warmer climate), but they can be so unflattering if they aren’t the RIGHT pair!  Well my friends I have found the right pair.

Mid-Rise Capri Jeans w StretchBamboo HandbagWomen’s Reese Quilted SneakersCrisscross Front Striped Ribbed Bodysuit | Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace

These mid-rise capris cut across your midsection in just the right location to not create muffin top like the dreaded low rise and not create too much real estate like a high rise, which flattens the butt and can create or accentuate a lower belly pooch.

This is a brand that prides itself on making a body flattering pant no matter the cut (They make my favorite shorts too! Read about them here) these lift and enhance the booty.  The place they hit on the calf is incredibly flattering that minimizes the shortening of the leg, and the cuffing is just a cute detail.

These pants really as you can see hug your curves in all the right places without making you feel larger than you really are.. These are MAGIC pants!

I hope my favorite capris make you feel as amazing as they make me feel.