This article surfaced within the last few days and I couldn’t help but chat about it

Ex-Disney performer sues, saying pregnancy cost her job at Animal Kingdom


This story outrages me on a level, this poor woman did what any woman should be able to do with out consequence, have a child.  In the end it cost her a job she loved.  So many end up staying silent because they are afraid they won’t get cast or worse will get black listed!  Where does it end?

From my understanding she went out early in her pregnancy due being high risk and was terminated within days of giving birth (You and I both know thats not legal and is really crappy lets be honest).  Instead of following standard protocol and doing a refit and rehearsal they made her reaudition for her job which is against every rule standing.

Its really heartbreaking that as Women we are still fighting to be treated reasonably in our workplaces and not be punished for basic things like having babies.  I’m really proud of her for standing up for herself and women everywhere!

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