There are those days/ weeks/ months (lets be real it can get rough) when it feels like life throws you everything its got.  You really have two choices, you can let the crap stop you in your tracks OR you can use it as fuel to keep going.

This past week threw everything it had at me.  Did you know this entire blog was deleted for a day? My previous host did it when they scanned it because my other site was over taken by a Russian Gaming site.  Yup!  Tears in the shower absolutely happened!  But I made the choice, I found a new host (with an awesome black Friday special), got everything transferred, saved a ton of money, and to be honest I’m glad it happened now and not 3 years down the line after my other site was fully functional.  So much was getting thrown at me at work, the newest addition to my little family Diana was sick (she’s perfectly fine now so no worries),  and work was throwing garbage at me at the speed of light.  The easiest choice was to throw in the towel and just not deal.

Right then and there I made the choice, I chose to dance in the shit storm that life was throwing at me.  (Points if you get the photo reference) I made the choice to tackle it all head on and keep going, giving up on my dreams and my life isn’t the answer.  There will always be crap days but there will also be fantastic days, learning to choose to make even the bad days good days and tackle even the worst crap head on is the only way to make your dreams happen.  There will always be obstacles, the way you show up for those obstacles is the way you show up for everything in life!

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