3 Ways to Style a Body Con Dress

Simple chic dresses are really hot this winter a carry over from fall.  Now these dresses can be styled so many ways to make them super versatile.  That is the biggest struggle is making these super basic dresses sing.  I styled this dress 3 completely separate ways with 3 separate occasions.

Form Fitting Marled Knit DressWide Brim Ribbon Band Fedora Floppy Hat |  Women’s Knee High Combat Boots  | Flat Fold Over Clutch | Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses | Plaid Blanket Winter ScarfBangle Bracelet

This is just a classic cold weather look, you can never go wrong with riding boots and a fun dress.  Keeping it simple makes it very flattering and chic.  This is super must have as a classic.  The fitted nature of the dress with the scarf balances what could otherwise look “trashy,” it gives it a very upscale look.

 Form Fitting Marled Knit Dress | Quilted Round Toe Sneakers | Layered with Tassel Necklace | Denim Jacket 

For look two I went super sporty with a jean jacket and sneakers.  This dress lends itself to be both dressed up and down and this is the very fun way to dress it down.  The fitted style of the jacket gives the dress further structure and the long necklace draws the eye in a way that a v-neck cut on a top would.  Over all the fun, sporty and flirty styling gives great and unique feel to the dress.

 Form Fitting Marled Knit Dress | Women’s Fontana Too Flat | Women’s Velvet Heart Buckle Belt | Genice/s Oval Sunglasses | Women’s Cocoon Cardigan

I went for a more “Sunday brunch” look (which is when I wore this actually).  Its so cozy with the cardigan and the belt creates the most fantastic waist line.  The flat shoe keeps it really casual and comfortable but really stylish.


Its amazing how many ways you can use one dress, styling it several different ways.  I love giving a piece as many uses as possible stretching the value as far as possible.

Know Your Worth

One of my biggest hurdles recently has been making choices around the way that I am treated by those around me.  I know this sounds kind of insane, but we choose the way people treat us.  We choose the support we receive and we choose our own value and worth.  Whatever we choose as our value the world meets us at.

Yes you are seeing that right, Tiffany’s makes a $165 paper clip simply because they can and they know they can charge it.  One of my choices has been to eliminate anyone and anything that doesn’t see me as that $165 paper clip.  Every time something happens I ask myself, how would $165 paper clip me react to this situation?

Everyday the way you let the world treat you is a choice.

This past year, and honestly the past few months have been the greatest growth in realizing those that I thought loved and cared for me were either using or frankly cared more about themselves than me.  Learning that it had nothing to do with my worth and everything to do with their own lack of self worth.  I think for all of us the hardest thing to accept is even those closest to us may not always value us or have our best interest at heart.

Make it your time to be a $165 paper clip, choose your value, choose those who value you.  Know your worth.  Know what you want the world to see you as and choose that, the world will meet you there.

Leather Leggings are for Everyone and Every Body

Leather leggings were one of those items that always intimidated me and I never thought could be something I could wear well.  I put this pair on and instantly they made my legs look amazing!  This pair hugs in all of the right places, smooths and creates magic (trust me we all have cellulite and things we need smoothed and hidden).  These are an absolute dupe for the spanx one in their utility!  They are lined so they don’t have that awful sticky feeling on the inside and are super comfortable for cool days!

Now the question with leather leggings always becomes how to style them with out looking “trashy.” I went from the idea of styling a simple pair of skinny jeans.  A great boyfriend sweater takes the edge out of the leather and makes them more of an everyday legging look appropriate for anywhere.  Can we also discuss the fact that these leggings are so epic that my legs look amazing even sitting down? I decided that simplicity was the way to go to keep them as the focal point of this outfit and keep them far more girl next door than clubbing outfit.

Women’s Faux Leather LeggingWide Brim Ribbon Band Fedora Floppy Hat | Tassel Pendant Necklace |  Women’s Fitted Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt |  Round Toe Mary Jane Ballet Flats | Women’s Cocoon Cardigan 

Leather leggings can be a thing for anyone who wants to wear them and this particular pair is such a dream flattering pair. Seriously every Woman needs these to feel amazing about her legs (they do you that many favors, its like the most amazing version of your legs ever!).  The key is styling them simply like they are your favorite pair of skinny jeans, which we will go more into this month!  Lemme know, are you more confident to try leather leggings now? Leave me a comment!  I’m curious!

No Capes… But Really All the Capes

The one thing I love about the weather turning and cooling down is I can break out my poncho shawl and feel beyond fabulous! Its an absolute staple and must have for everyone in my humble opinion.   You can also dramatically flip them over your shoulder, which is always a plus in my book.  This piece is such a great toss over any outfit and go.

I chose to keep it pretty simple with a party of the accessories.  My favorite winter hat came out and of course because it tops any winter outfit perfectly!

Vintage Soft Merino Wool Kimono WrapWide Brim Ribbon Band Fedora Floppy Hat | Buckle Bangle Bracelet | Women’s Knee High Combat Boots | Women’s Fitted Short Sleeve V-Neck T-ShirtBangle BraceletTassel Pendant Necklace
Theres so many cute pieces to this outfit that I am in love with and I hope it inspires you to toss your own wrap/ cape into your own wardrobe for a fabulous alternative to a cardigan (because Edna Mode was wrong… its all about the capes!)