Let’s talk about my new favorite way to cook at home.  This post is in no way sponsored, I paid for this completely myself and it’s my totally honest obsession.  On a whim I decided to order Home Chef from Groupon because we had been eating the same 5 meals on repeat and I think we can all agree that getting stuck in a dinner rut is common and tough to get out of.

I have literally been impressed with every single meal that we have been sent so far.  So this gorgeous steak (if that wasn’t reason enough) is covered in mushrooms with white wine and bur blanc paired with potatoes au gratin that included blue cheese.

This is very far from the meal boxes of the past, the food is inspired, elevated and the portions are perfect.  Over the 5 weeks of cooking with them I have truly found it to be an amazing way to plan our meals and break us out of our food rut!

There is a huge variety of meals, everything from fish (pictured Mahi Mahi with risotto and pineapple salsa), to steak, to shrimp to chicken and every week you can choose your own meals even based on dietary needs.

Even my fiancé Jeff likes them which I feel like is a giant accomplishment because this man only eats Mac and cheese, pizza and plain old junk food.  The pure ability to get him to eat something home made and not processed garbage is a huge step and frankly he’s as obsessed as I am.

I think the one question of course is price because no matter how good the food is if the price is insane then it just doesn’t matter.  We are all in luck, the price on these meals is so insanely reasonable, ranging from $6ish to $12 per person it’s fairly close to what we were paying for meals as it was these are just so much better than anything I could have thought up.

We are so happy to have found an easy and delicious way to get us  out of our food rut.  And I have a $40 off coupon for you here Click here to order Homechef for yourself and see why were so addicted to it!

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