5 Easy and Simple Holiday Hairstyles

So every time I have another holiday party I’m left totally stumped as to what on earth to do with my hair. I always feel like I have this pile of blonde hair and no clue what to do with it so thanks to some friends on tv I have some ideas for you this holiday season to save you from your  mop of hair dilemma.

Pearl hair accessories are one of the hottest items this fall and winter and I wanted to make the best use of them by stacking them simply.  I will admit I was inspired by a combination of old Hollywood and Kameron Westcott from the Real Housewives of Dallas (This is totally my guilty pleasure since the first season).  So this simple but gorgeous look is created with simple curls with my curling wand.  Pin in place while they cool.  Next tease the front section to give the swoop, and on your opposite side I pulled it half back and used the two clips and bam you have a super glam look (don’t forget your fake lashes, don’t worry I linked my favorite pair linked just for you).  This is such a simple and easy glam look with such little effort!

So to once again keep it simple, take the same curls and just add a fancy headband.  I linked a few options but I’m sticking with my Gossip Girl inspired headband for my Blair Waldorf inspired hairstyle.  There are days I just want to keep it simple and the headband makes a killer, feminine addition.

This next look is a twist on a classic.  I took my curled hair with the headband and rolled it up till it came to the back of my head.  It creates a simple and chic updo that is super easy to do yourself with just a few hair pins and a tiny bit of hairspray and you are ready for even the fanciest of events.  It looks adorable from the front and back and has just the right touch of elegance.

This style always gets me called Elsa without fail.  I took a pearl headband and did a half French braid to wrap the hair around the ends of the headband.  It’s simple and can be easily dressed up or down and tweaked to whichever outfit you are wearing for your event. Keeping the style very sleek and simple is sometimes the right choice depending on situation and outfit and this is a way to take your hair in several directions and either very simple and sleek or with more volume and super glam.

The dressy Ponytail was super inspired by Serina from Gossip Girl, she always made a dressy pony so chic.  I don’t know if I’m as brave as she is to pair it with a formal gown but it certainly is a more chic option for something more casual like an ugly sweater party.  I curled my hair and teased it then wrapped the holder with my hair to cover how ugly they typically are.  It’s a chic and unique twist for any event this holiday season.

I hope I have inspired you to have fabulous hair and gave you options to choose from this holiday season that make you feel beautiful.  So tell me which style are you trying out? Tag me on Instagram at @jessdinius so I can see them!

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