3 perfect tan products for fair girls

Now that the summer is fading away so will my tan but I dont wish to be glow in the dark so sunless tanners start becoming so important this time of year.  Also who wants the damaging effects any time of year from the sun or tanning beds?  Now being very fair many products can quickly turn me Oompa Loompa orange which is not what any of us want.


I found 3 magical tanning products that are hands down my favorite for keeping me glowing year round.  These are the ones that don’t turn me orange, look natural and just keep me looking just plain glowing and tan.


The  Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze Towelettes are a hands down game changer!  These little towels keep the color even, golden and gorgeously natural.  I discovered these when I had to be more and more evenly tan and frankly they worked.  Not gonna lie, I was totally skeptical of how these would turn out and it was impressive it looked like a real and natural tan.


My second favorite self tanning option is the Ocean Potion Lotion Ever Glow Self Tanning Lotion.  Now what I love about this lotion is the fact that this is a lotion with self tanner in it so it’s a very buildable product, it takes 7 days (so they claim) to get a wonderful glow.  I find that due to the slow nature it’s so much easier to avoid streaks, patchy color and just uneven color.  This has been my go to since college and I just love it.


Last but certainly not least is a temporary tanning solution, The Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs is more of a skin makeup but it’s amazing for hiding all of those things that you don’t love about your legs and arms (thin skinned girls like me I’m sure can appreciate hiding the veins!). For one day your skin can look tan and flawless and yes it’s even fairly waterproof, so there’s no worry about rubbing, streaking or running.

Have no fear with fall and winter coming, you don’t have to lose your glow there are several options that won’t make you look like an Oompa Loompa.  Happy glowing fall friends may you look fabulous all fall and winter

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