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3 Products That Keep My Blonde Bright

Having ice blonde hair is a lot of work!  Even my stylist was shocked at the fact that my blonde after 12 weeks (this is the advantage to rooted color) was still icy and not even a touch brassy.  Normally cool icy blondes turn brassy and yellow very quickly and need far more touch up.


The Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo is a MUST, MUST, MUST for any cool toned blonde.  This shampoo actually contains toner in it and so it has to be left on for a few minutes but I only use it once a week.  10 minutes was recommended but I did max of 5 because it is very drying and with curly/wavy hair I need all the moisture I can get and apparently my hair likes to take the purple tones (I mean I’ve always wanted purple hair but its kinda against Disney Look)


This conditioner by blacklight is a new addition to my hair care routine.  This conditioner absolutely has to be left on for only a minute or two!  It started to turn my hair purple at the salon but my hair apparently likes to take color.  This makes my hair so icy I could cry!  Its just so pretty every time I use it.

The last little trick I use is this product from Beyond the Zone called Shock Therapy Bold Blonde. Its a strange powder that I use about every month and it just gives my hair an extra boost. Its used before conditioner and is really easy to use.

All of these things combined kept my ice blonde hair, ice blonde for 12 weeks to the incredible shock of my stylist.  I have been diligent in up keeping my blonde and now you know how to keep your blonde magical!

Love and Light


P.S. Hey! Do you have a beauty secret you want me to spill? Maybe a 5 minute face?  Lemme know!  Comment below

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  1. Nicole says:

    Can you use the shock therapy on just your roots to remove that orange tone after bleaching? Not sure I want to fully bleach my roots again, so looking for alternatives, thanks!

    1. Jess says:

      Shock Therapy isn’t going to change the tone however the shampoo is amazing and would be worth a shot!

  2. KyyraWalker says:

    What does shock therapy do for your hair?

    1. It’s a “freshener” it’s doesnt tone like the purple shampoo does but it just freshens your color

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