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3 Sheet Masks that Changed my Skin

I am sitting here in bed writing this of course with an amazing sheet mask on… which one you ask? Its almost always one of these 4.  Each one has its own amazing benefits.

My number one favorite (and the one I am currently wearing is the Tosowoong Pure Propolis Mask.  Its for sure my go to when I just need a nice pick me up.  It soothes anytime I can see or feel a breakout happening it even helps with that.  Propolis is my favorite ingredient for soothing angry skin hands down.  They claim an entire bottle of essence is in every mask.  Im not sure I believe that claim but I will say it has the most amazing effects:

  • Very hydrating
  • Firming
  • Calming/Soothing (Great for acne and inflammation)
  • Serious brightening power

SKINFOOD is one of my favorite brands to this day.  Their philosophy is that their products are food for your skin and should be as natural as possible.  They make some of my favorite products (ill cover them another day) that are cult level and I tend to agree with them.  The fantastic effects in my opinion are:

  • Brightening effects
  • Firming
  • Super moisturizing

Leaders make a fantastic line of sheet masks easily available all over including Ulta (WHAT?!?!) They have a mask for any and every occasion.  They do exactly as they recommend and this one is no exception. It really combats some of the biggest struggles of aging:

  • Evens skin tone
  • Brightens tired skin
  • Firming

Sheet masks are like a mini vacation, it forces you to stop and calm down for a while and kist take some “you time” while being so refreshing and kind to your skin… Did I mention all of these make my wrinkles vanish? YUP!  I am all about the anti aging!

Love and Light


P.S. What are your favorite products to have a little “you time?”  I wanna hear all about them!

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