3 Summer Cocktails to Keep You Cool

With the heat of summer comes pool parties, late night games and barbques where we are looking for great refreshing drinks, these three will hit the spot perfectly!  They are all fun twists on traditional drinks that make them that much better in my opinion.

Let’s start with my favorite, The Apple Mule.  It’s a great and refreshing take on the Moscow Mule.  Instead of traditional vodka I swap it out for Crown Royal Apple giving it a refreshing sweetness.  The fresh lime is the key to this drink really being balanced.

The Apple Mule

Pack your copper mug with ice (ice is your friend it keeps your drink fresh tasting and cold!)

Next squeeze half a fresh lime into the mug and place on top of the ice

Pour 1.25oz of Crown Royal Apple over the lime and top with Ginger Beer (this is different than ginger ale and tastes totally different).

Boom you have my favorite drink of the summer

Cake By the Ocean

If you love the sprinkle rim on this glass then I would start there, dip the glass in frosting and get a good even coat on the rim.  Then dip the frosting covered glass into a pan or a dish of sprinkles.  Fill with ice and set aside.

Pour 1oz of Pinnacle cake flavored vodka (or which ever cake flavored vodka of your choice this just happens to be my favorite)

Next add 1oz of Malibu coconut rum (or any coconut rum of your choice once again just my preference)

Fill with Pineapple and Orange juice to fill and boom a great sweet treat for lounging by the pool.

Spiked Mint Lemonade

Rip apart 6 sprigs of mint and place in the bottom of the jar.

Pack the mason jar with ice.

Pour 1.25oz of your choice of vodka

Top off with the lemonade of your choosing.

Now return the mason jar lid and shake vigorously.  This will infuse the mint flavor into the lemonade giving it a crisp flavor.  Wanna add a flavor to your lemonade? Add with the mint and muddle it together

Nothing better than spiked lemonade on a hot summer day, it’s the ultimate refreshing drink!

I hope I gave you a little inspiration for your summer activities that helps make them more memorable.


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