I personally am a baller on a budget and rock all of the designer dupes I can get my hands on frankly because, I’m saving for a wedding and I’m trying to save for my future so sandals that are over $300 really don’t fit into those life plans.  I think most of us can agree the budget friendly version is almost always going to be our friend.

Let’s talk about these flats, they are a dupe for the far more expensive Valentino Garavani Flat which retails for $775 (that’s pretty hard to justify for the average shopper).  My dupe pictured above retails for $45, they are so incredibly comfortable and really durable.  They are such a great twist on a classic flat that I love using them to add a twist to an otherwise classic outfit.

These were one of my hands down favorite finds, these Minolo dupes will not fool a die hard fan but flat but have the same feel.  The original shoe retails for almost a grand and these are around $50, the quality is quite nice and the satin is gorgeous.  They come in a huge number of colors and frankly for a sheer fraction of the price you just can’t beat them!

So this is actually two dupes rolled into one.  The first is a dupe of the Free People 100 degree dress however this one is under $30 instead of $110 and this one is of equal quality and I’m simply in love with every last detail of this dress.  The polka dot trim is simply adorable and fantastic.  This dress is seriously well constructed and overall a great alternative to the far more expensive dress.

The second dupe in this look is the fabulous sandals in this look. They are a great dupe for the Valentino Rockstud Jelly Thong which retails for $425, the dupe retails for under $20 and they look almost the same.  They are an absolute staple in my summer wardrobe and I love wearing them and get tons of use out of them.  I ended up ordering them in several colors because the bow is just too adorable.

These leggings are a dupe for the popular Spanx faux leather leggings but for right around $20 with the same slimming properties and ability to make your butt look out of this world they are a MUST HAVE!  With the lining inside you will not have horrible sweating and just overall they are simply flattering and a great neutral pant.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look amazing!  I hope these dupes help, which one is your favorite go to?

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