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5 Ways to Stop Caring What People Think

One of the hardest and most freeing lessons I learned in life was others opinions of me are none of my business and truly accept that.  Once I learned to stop caring what people think I was free from so much anxiety, people pleasing and worry.

Stop Caring What People Think

5 Ways to Stop Caring What People Think 1

Its None of Your Business What Other People Think Of You

This was the hardest idea for me to wrap my head totally around.  People will always have their opinions about all kinds of things and frankly it’s not our job to control that, doing it will literally drive us INSANE!

People will always have their own lens that they see the world through and you cannot control that lens.  Once you truly accept that due to things you may never understand or see their view of the world around them may be skewed.  It’s none of your business what their world view paints you as.

Stop People Pleasing and You Stop Caring What People Think Of You

People pleasing is lying to them, let that sink in for you.  You compromise what you really want to do, or believe just to make someone else happy, stop that right now.  You aren’t doing anyone any favors with that kind of behavior! Don’t compromise who you are  because at the end of the day it’s disingenuous, when you stop caring what people think you aren’t ignoring their feelings, you just aren’t letting them control you!

Stop Trying to Be Perfect

When you try to be perfect you flat out are setting yourself up for failure and I’ll be honest, I’ve grown so much as a person from failing fantastically, it’s all about how we frame it in our minds.  It was so tough to fail like I did but I learned, grew and the thicker skin I got made me care less about what people thought.  On top of everything you are just creating anxiety and stress that is unnecessary.  Once you let go of trying to be perfect, then it’s much easier to stop caring what people think.  Set realistic goals and standards for yourself, you will be glad you did!

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Stop Caring What People Think

5 Ways to Stop Caring What People Think 1

It’s Not You, It’s Them

The way someone sees you is completely colored by their own life experience and the lens they see the world through.  It rarely has anything to do with you, maybe you remind them of an ex or someone who truly did them wrong.  When someone is nasty to you, think to yourself are they acting this way because of their own insecurity.  If you really think about it most of the time it rarely has nothing to do with you.

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People Think About You Way Less Than You Think

The easiest way to stop caring what people think is to realize that people are way more concerned about what you think that to be concerned to think about you! We are all so consumed overall as a society with looking good in general that we are so focused on ourselves that we fail to notice everyone else.  Once you really truly grasp this it’s very easy to stop caring what people think.


In the end it is so freeing to stop caring what people think.  Once you step out of the cycle of caring but not being a dick to the people around you and truly being your true unapologetic authentic self you will find your true happiness.  I can’t wait for you to experience living your life to the fullest and finding that true bliss.  So stop caring what people think about you and do what makes you truly happy!

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5 Ways to Stop Caring What People Think 3

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