5 Amazon Fashion hacks!

Lets be real what can’t you find on Amazon?  An you can get it in two days?!? Its every fashionista’s dream come true.

Who hasn’t left finding the perfect outfit for a special event till the very last minute, or if you are like me are just too impatient to wait very long for it to come…. Amazon Prime to the rescue!

THESE SHOES!!  My job requires black shoes, and this is what immediately came to mind!  The price is incredibly reasonable, they are clearly adorable and come in a HUGE variety of colors (yes even an amazing rose gold) and are surprisingly comfortable!  Most pairs are $25 and under.  Every girly girls dream sparkle shoe.


A retro inspired dress always wins in my book!  Theres just something so sophisticated about a great throwback, and the silhouette  is oh so flattering especially if you have booty like me!  This has become such an amazing staple.  The solid colors have a decent amount of stretch and the patterns do not so order accordingly!


During even the hottest days in Orlando this is a super comfortable go to option.  The yellow is FAR brighter in person and lovely even on my pale skin. It stays cool, doesn’t cling and keeps me so comfortable.  A cute flat or sandal and you are great to go anytime!


A cute pair of boots, some lace boot cuffs, this amazing, comfy dress and you are ready for a chilly day (it only snows in Orlando once in an incredibly blue moon so this is totally a winter appropriate outfit 🙂 ).  Its soft, breathable, and ooo so comfortable.  SO comfortable that it actually feels like wearing pajamas.



So if you read my little side “About Me” blurb you will see I LOVE Kate Spade, its flattering, girly and high quality.  The classic styling that  Kate Spade is known for is completely where my love comes from, in addition to their amazing social initiatives and higher than average pay for its employees.  If you are a proud Kate Spade girl like I am then these spade earrings are a MUST!  I wear mine regularly and simply love them.

Sending you love and light,


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