7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet

7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet 1

7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet 2

7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet 3

There are two times of year that I clean out my closet, spring and fall.  These are the two times when closets do the biggest transition,  I find that when it’s time to shift my closet it’s easier to look at what I’m actually wearing and what’s just taking up space in my closet.  Here are the critical questions to ask yourself

Does This Fit?

There’s no point in keeping a bunch of clothes that don’t fit you anymore.  Clothes that don’t fit just take up room and taunt you as unwearable items.  You should never wear things that are ill fitting to begin with and this removes that temptation.  Let’s also be real, you are also worth more than a bunch of ill fitting clothes, you should walk into your closet and be able to just grab things that just fit and make you feel fabulous.

Have I Worn This In The Past Year?

Lets be very straight here, if you haven’t worn it in a year, you aren’t going to wear it (special occasion items bring the exception, I’m not wearing that formal gown very often let’s be honest but I’m not buying a new one the rare time I have to wear one).  This means it’s taking up space that could be taken up by something that you might actually wear and love.  Eliminate the waste of space in your closet that makes getting ready in the morning more difficult than necessary.


Will I Wear This Again?

Why on earth are you keeping clothing that you don’t like? I’m genuinely asking you this.  If you have a clothing item that you will never wear again it’s time to LET IT GO! Don’t hang on to clothing due to guilt or some feeling of obligation to cling onto anything, if you don’t wear it let it go! ( Noticing a patten yet?) So many of us cling to things that are just weighing us down, the freedom of just being able to actually grab things you love and will wear is amazing! It’s also going to make getting dressed in the morning so much quicker and easier.


Is This My Style Any More?

Over the years our style changes, heaven knows mine has gotten MUCH better and changed a lot since I started this blog and it’s evolved! We can’t hang onto things from 3, 5 or even 10 years ago that just don’t fit into the style of what we wear now or who we’ve become or even the fact that styles that change from year to year.  Get rid of the things that no longer suit who you are anymore! Let your personality as it is shine.


Is This Still In Good Shape?

Ok why are any of us wearing clothing that isn’t in good shape? You are worth clothes that aren’t falling apart.  Please read that again! You deserve a wardrobe full of clothes that have all of their buttons (fixing them on that sweater you love is totally acceptable but if you can’t find it then it needs to go), doesn’t have weird stains, holes, covered in pills or is stretched out.  The way those items look reflects on how you feel about yourself and frankly YOU DESERVE BETTER! If it needs a repair you won’t do or can’t do or it’s seen better days, chuck it out!

Would I Buy This Again?

If you were to walk into a store and see that item again on the rack would you buy it again? (don’t count price regret cause I think we have all decided we’ve paid too much but love an item)  Really decide if this is an item you would ever buy again in your life, if the answer is no then it’s not worth keeping.  Treat the space in your closet like money, if you wouldn’t spend your money on it, don’t waste your closet space on it!

Does This Make You Feel And Look Amazing?

Look at the clothing and really ask yourself “Does this make me feel powerful, beautiful and amazing?” If the answer is no then, why. Why are you wearing it, why are you keeping it and why is it taking up space in your closet and life when things that make you feel amazing could take their place.  Let those amazing things take their place!

Alright friends now it’s your turn to clean out your closet and make getting dressed more fun and so much easier.  Let me know how much you cleaned out of your closet!

7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet 4

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