7 Staple Bags Under $100

One of the greatest struggles as a woman is finding great bags that don’t cost us an arm and a leg ($1,400+ for a bag!?!) especially staple worthy bags that are fabulous and wallet friendly.  I have scoured some of my favorite site and found 7 gorgeous bags all under $100 that you will be beyond proud to carry.  Click on the bag image to shop any of the bags in this article.

This bag is from one of my favorite stores for awesome bargain bags.  For under $70 this bag has great unique style and really creative detailing.  The studs on this bag make it a very trend forward bag and if you decide it’s out of fashion next season you have zero guilt donating or selling it.  It comes in two colors but I personally am in love with a cognac because it’s an unexpected neutral that can really make any outfit a bit more interesting.

This bag is so upscale looking.  The colors, especially blush are so classic as is the entire line of this bag.  The cross hatch detailing just adds an extra level of class, like you are ready to go shopping for something super expensive or off to a super upscale event.  I genuinely just love the look and simplicity of this bag with the super subtle details.

Thebraiding on the bag is AMAZING! It’s so unique and has such an equestrian feel in my opinion.  It’s a very sophisticated twist on a preppy satchel, everyone needs a look like this in their wardrobe, and can’t you imagine someone in a polo outfit carrying this bag?  I love also having the option of two handles, both a cross body option and a small handle is great for whatever your feeling is on how you want to carry with your outfit and situation.

This is such a great funky every day bag.  I’m absolutely obsessed with the look and feel of this bag.  This is a bag big enough to throw what you need for the day in it (for me that includes an iPad and notebook).  This is the everyday basic bag that every woman needs for the errands, work and running around.  For under $90 it’s a bag that will look good beyond one season,it really is a very classic looking bag that you can use for a very long time

This bag reminds me of the bag in The Devil Wears Prada so I had to include it!  We all fell in love with that bag and wanted it for ourselves and this budget friendly version is a great reminiscent version. The shape of the bag was different from the other selections on the list and the pockets are really helpful for holding things you frequently reach for like your phone and keys with a great fall fabric like suede which to me is the ultimate fall fabric.  This is a great bag to tuck under you arm and go with plenty of room for everything you could need to go with you.

I had to of course add a fun and colorful bag to the list and this one is well under $50.  I love a great stripe and this one comes in 28 different patterns and colors.  Picking up a bright colored bag can really brighten my day and for well under $50 you can afford to really brighten your day so many days of the week.  I love having bags bug enough to carry all of my things with out struggling to fit it all.

Last but not least is a great and chic quilted bag.  For well under $40 it’s a very polished and put together bag that can make any outfit put together with no effort.  It’s a little smaller and simple in shape but that is it’s appeal to me.  It’s just a great simple and classic look.


I hope the 7 bags I shared with you help you to up your fall style without breaking the bank.  Everyone should look and feel,fabulous no matter what their budget.

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