So I’m not gonna lie, I’m a huge fan of vintage inspired looks.  There’s just something so chic and classy about styles of days gone by.  The styles are so flattering and beautiful.  

This look in particular hits on 4 of my serious loves, polka dots, bows, belts and flowy skirts.  There’s something so incredibly playful and incredibly flattering about this look I just love.  Belts and A-line skirts are just always such a great look for every body type. Such a bold belt really emphasizes the waist creating a great hourglass shape.  My dog might even have a matching dress but that’s for another day.

Now this top is so adorable and perfect not just for this outfit but for so many with the great neckline and bow to keep cleavage from being a bit “too much.”  The nice wide neck is great for opening up the face and chest area. 

This is a top I would wear with a pencil skirt or jeans it honestly is so versatile.  The scallop hem makes it easy to dress up or down and the bow makes it so feminine I’m just in love.

V-Neck Off Shoulder T-ShirtA Line Pleated Midi Skirt with Pockets | Wide Stretchy Elastic Waist Belt | Women’s Satin Full Sole High HeelFlat Fold Over Clutch

Now let’s talk about these shoes.  I’ve featured these shoes several times before.  These are my favorite Minolo inspired shoes.  They are incredibly similar to the pair featured in the Sex in the City movie (even the same color) and are insanely comfortable.  For under $60 they are an impressive inspired shoe.  

Overall this vintage inspired look is classic and so flattering, it’s a look that can be so easily mixed and matched with so many pieces to create really unique outfits ooo yea and did I mention everything is on prime?  

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