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A Little Sparkle When She Went

This quote which perfectly describes the demographic of the Kate Spade empire (as they lovingly call her the “mad cap heroine”) hangs above many cash registers in outlet stores around the country. Former fashion editor Kate Bennett said. “(The brand) became one of those accessible but quirky fun, timeless labels that everyone had to have, and her rise was synonymous with her name.”

I still remember my first Kate Spade bag, I almost cried when the box arrived, I opened it and the beautiful blue coated leather was so incredibly crisp.  Its still perfect and I finally felt like I made it as an adult.  I remember buying my friend her first real all leather purse, because I couldn’t think of anything more fitting for the person who picked me up at my lowest low and pushed me to keep going.  The look on her face when she pulled it out of the bag was priceless, the pride every time she opens the wallet to this day.

The death of the designer Kate Spade is so incredibly sad, its the second suicide this year of someone influential in my life.  It seems so silly after learning about such an amazing person and company to say fashion can’t change the world. They were champions of quirky women with classic sensibilities, being who you are, believing in ethical practices and building up women around the world.  They are progressive, groundbreaking and pioneers and I really hope she was proud of what she created and started!

This may sound silly but I never felt a brand “got me” like Kate Spade has (and yes I’m aware she sold the company in 2007 but the brand identity was created long before then) with their mad cap heroine, their polka dots and quirky stores full of bright colors that shouldn’t go but somehow do.  Bags with pugs and cars just the right vintage throwback.  I was having a discussion the other week with someone and the discussion turned to Kate Spade and how you just felt the right amount of polished with out feeling stuffy or boring, just the right amount of girly and whimsy.

Love and Light and a lot of heart break


P.S. Do you have a Kate Spade story? When did you get your first bag?

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