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A Real Day In the Life of a Party Princess

So lets be real there have been piles of fluff pieces about “a day in the life” and they are complete and total lies.  They don’t talk about changing in your backseat.  Cramming some kind of food in your face (if you even have time), not drinking too much cause then you have to pee and the complete exhaustion and starvation at the end of the day.

Every morning started with coffee, ALWAYS coffee long before getting dressed (anyone drinking and eating in costume is asking for an accident lets be real here).  I always have traditionally used cut mesh wig caps so they started as a head band to start the makeup process, I always started here.

The Makeup (if you don’t look crazy its not being done right) was a 45 minute process.  And there was lots of it.  I chose what was the first character of my day and tried to adapt the makeup from there as I switched (more on that as we get to that process).

Now from here I loaded my costumes and wigs in my car that I will need in addition to the costume I will start my day out in (because its never the same character all day, that would be too easy lol). They are strategically placed by how I will need them and how quickly I will need to change through out the day.

Then it was get dressed time, normally completely by myself (typically my boyfriend was still asleep so this was a process) the gowns were almost all lace up, so the joys of corseting yourself up in a dress and the length that takes, frankly its a workout. Then secure the wig and head out.

Theres always a stack of papers with all of the party details, the name of the birthday child, the party structure and most importantly location. Now its off we go.

Once you arrive you park somewhere where the child and family won’t see your car (princesses don’t drive cars and that simply will kill the “magic”) and pray they are inside and have the a/c on, because I live in Central Florida and anything else is plain torture for 9 months out of the year while jumping around and dancing with a gaggle of 3-6 year olds.  Now arrive, read a story, sing some songs, do a dance, sing happy birthday take photos and run to your car to head to the next party.  Now wether or not to change there depended on the size of the gown, if it was a small gown and the next was a large one, wait!  If this was big and the next was small change asap!  If they were about the same I waited and changed on site for a number of reasons.  Mainly knowing how much time I had for the transformation, I wouldn’t want to take 30 minutes if I was going to hit traffic and only really had 10.

Next is to rinse and repeat as a whole other person.  Now this is a 6-7 hour day with driving between parties and doing the actual parties (which vary between 60-90 minutes) and driving between them.  Most days I didn’t eat that entire day but man was that basket of tacos and giant Diet Coke epic when I was done!  Its a long grueling day that takes a ton of patience, energy and dedication.

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  1. Being a princess is hard work but I know how much joy you are bringing to all those little girls and it is so inspiring.

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