Allergy Free Bakery!

For those with piles of food allergies things like donuts can be greatly missed and frankly a bummer that we can’t have them.  If you visit Disney Springs I strongly suggest a visit to Erin McKenna’s Bakery.  Everything in their store is allergen friendly that means gluten, soy, dairy, egg and nut free EVERYTHING!!! They use coconut oil in everything instead of the chemicals or junk oils, the price reflects this but being able to eat anything in the entire store is a dream come true!


Now you will never confuse these with their gluten free counter parts as they are incredibly dense.  The don’t have that similar texture but its a pretty decent replacement.  Above is the “samoas” flavor (did I mention its also allergen free chocolate too?) and the cinnamon sugar flavor.

Now the pineapple upside down flavored cupcake was incredibly dense.  It was delicious don’t get me wrong and full of flavor but dense.  From my understanding the donuts and cupcakes share a batter and are just baked in different shapes and decorated differently.

Its absolutely worth checking out and trying all of their goodies.  This is cookies (the “chocolate chip” ones are amazing) they have desert bread as well so their is really something for everyone!

Love and Light and ALL THE DESERT!!!


P.S. Anywhere at Disney you would like to see covered about gluten free options?  Drop a comment below and Ill see what I can do 😉

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