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Amazing gorgeous curls THAT LAST!

Amazing gorgeous curls THAT LAST! 1

Amazing gorgeous curls THAT LAST! 2

One of the toughest things about living in Florida is making curls stay in my hair!  The heat, humidity and despite having naturally wavy hair my hair won’t hold beautiful curls period.  The biggest trick in my opinion is having the right tools!  A really great ceramic curling wand is the only thing that will hold for me at all!


Amazing gorgeous curls THAT LAST! 3

The Remington brand of ceramic curling wands are hands down my favorite brand.  I can curl my hair the night before and the curls will still be perfect the next day with what feels like zero damage to my hair!  Its hands down incredible.


Amazing gorgeous curls THAT LAST! 4

Now while the ceramic iron minimizes the damage to your hair a heat protectant is ALWAYS a great idea! For a great one on a budget the Tresemme Heat Tamer is my go to!  The way is sprays gets a great even coat on your hair and doesn’t weigh it down at all!  For the price it can’t be beat.


Now for one extra trick, try rolling them up and pinning them to your head while they cool, it helps your hair “remember” the curl as the way its supposed to be!


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P.S.  Any other beauty hacks you wanna learn?


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