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The Best 5 Lip Colors for Fair Skin Tones

As a fair skinned girl (read pale af) finding awesome lip colors are seriously still one of the biggest challenges I feel like I have in makeup.  Colors just often don’t look right, they wash me out or are just plain wrong for us pale girls so I’m here to show you my favorites that will make your lipstick shopping life a whole lot easier.

My first holy grail is the ultimate nude shade.  It’s from the colourpop Disney Princess collection which you wouldn’t think contained the holy grail but my friends it indeed does!  It adds just enough color to not  wash you out but is still an amazing brown pink shade that is the perfect nude shade.  It’s my go to color when I don’t know which color to wear and is always in my purse.  I think I would literally cry if they ever discontinue it (hint hint) because it’s just that go to lip color.

My next favorite shade is from Marc Jacobs, it’s a great basic medium pink shade perfect for everyday wear.  It’s not too bright and it’s not too dark it’s just the right shade for everyday.  It’s the kind of shade you can wear into a job interview, a simple dinner out or just everyday wear.  The formula is nice and creamy that’s easy to wear without being drying.

My last natural shade is a NYX lip cream, I find it a bit on the drying side but it has serious staying power and this color is another great pink every day color.  It’s for sure a contender for my bridal lip color because of its literal perfection as a neutral lip color.  Thor the pug actually ate my first tube (made a huge mess, it was totally not his color) and I went out and repurchased it!  Yes this color is that amazing and perfect!!!

Ok so let’s talk about some bolder color options.  I became a believer of Mac lipsticks and their insane staying power from my time in theme parks.  It’s remarkable, you sweat all day in the blazing Florida sun and 8 hours later that lipstick is still there… it’s practically bulletproof.  So this perfect rose berry shade gives a great classic pop that is bold without being over the top.  It’s a great special event color or for going out, I’ll,be honest it has great Elsa vibe to it that is a great extreme just bitten that I reach for when I want that extra amount of color and I often wear in my photos.

My last favorite color is a gorgeous coral color. I’m normally not a fan of  such bold colors, I am a huge fan if more natural looks but when Pixi Beauty sent me this color I fell in love when I tried it. It’s like it was designed with my exact skin tone in mind.  It’s a serious pop of color (genuinely it scared me)  it it just compliments so well that I couldn’t help but fall in love right away! Run don’t walk to try this great pop of color!

Go out there my fair skinned friends and tackle your lip colors with more confidence (I know the struggle is seriously real).  I gave you my favorites at every price point that you will always find in my purse and I hope it’s a game changer for your makeup game.  I love the variety that I have been able to find in colors and finally break out of my neutral love and I hope you love them all as much as I do!

The 3 Boots You Need for Winter

Every year winter rolls around one of my favorite winter accessories comes out, BOOTS!  They are a shoe that can totally change our outfit giving it a totally different feel depending on the look of the shoe.  So I’m sharing my favorite outfit (and let’s be real life changing) 3 boots of winter here for you.

These over the knee boots are my literal favorite shoe right now (and I’ll be honest I’m obsessed with flip flops cause I live in Florida so why not?) but the fabric is so breathable and comfortable, the foot has great support and above all the style is just a great classic boot.  I love wearing them with shots, dresses and skirts of all kinds (yes I even wear them with shorts, the key to keeping them looking classy is keeping the top more modest and less form fitting).  The price on these also cant be beat, they are so incredibly affordable and a great bang for your buck!

Riding boots, especially a classic brown pair of riding boots are an absolute wardrobe staple.  They are the perfect casual boot that works with jeans or a simple dress and are the perfect way to cap off a look in a fun and casual way without cutting off the line of the leg.  When you are building a great classic wardrobe these hands down are a must have for every woman.  The versatility of these boots are worth the cost of investment, you will get so much use out of them.

Bootie rockin’ everywhere, I know bad joke but I had to.  These awesome Chloe dupe booties are too cute too pass up.  Full leather, under $100 and ooo so cute.  The flower detailing is too adorable too pass up and even come in 13 fabulous colors.  I have been impressed by the quality so far and you know me I love a great dupe.  Grab these babies and pair them with jeans, a great sweater dress or even a cute pair of shorts (don’t hate I live in Florida and perfect for spring too!).

These are hands down my three favorite pairs of boots that you absolutely need this winter to change your wardrobe!

5 Easy and Simple Holiday Hairstyles

So every time I have another holiday party I’m left totally stumped as to what on earth to do with my hair. I always feel like I have this pile of blonde hair and no clue what to do with it so thanks to some friends on tv I have some ideas for you this holiday season to save you from your  mop of hair dilemma.

Pearl hair accessories are one of the hottest items this fall and winter and I wanted to make the best use of them by stacking them simply.  I will admit I was inspired by a combination of old Hollywood and Kameron Westcott from the Real Housewives of Dallas (This is totally my guilty pleasure since the first season).  So this simple but gorgeous look is created with simple curls with my curling wand.  Pin in place while they cool.  Next tease the front section to give the swoop, and on your opposite side I pulled it half back and used the two clips and bam you have a super glam look (don’t forget your fake lashes, don’t worry I linked my favorite pair linked just for you).  This is such a simple and easy glam look with such little effort!

So to once again keep it simple, take the same curls and just add a fancy headband.  I linked a few options but I’m sticking with my Gossip Girl inspired headband for my Blair Waldorf inspired hairstyle.  There are days I just want to keep it simple and the headband makes a killer, feminine addition.

This next look is a twist on a classic.  I took my curled hair with the headband and rolled it up till it came to the back of my head.  It creates a simple and chic updo that is super easy to do yourself with just a few hair pins and a tiny bit of hairspray and you are ready for even the fanciest of events.  It looks adorable from the front and back and has just the right touch of elegance.

This style always gets me called Elsa without fail.  I took a pearl headband and did a half French braid to wrap the hair around the ends of the headband.  It’s simple and can be easily dressed up or down and tweaked to whichever outfit you are wearing for your event. Keeping the style very sleek and simple is sometimes the right choice depending on situation and outfit and this is a way to take your hair in several directions and either very simple and sleek or with more volume and super glam.

The dressy Ponytail was super inspired by Serina from Gossip Girl, she always made a dressy pony so chic.  I don’t know if I’m as brave as she is to pair it with a formal gown but it certainly is a more chic option for something more casual like an ugly sweater party.  I curled my hair and teased it then wrapped the holder with my hair to cover how ugly they typically are.  It’s a chic and unique twist for any event this holiday season.

I hope I have inspired you to have fabulous hair and gave you options to choose from this holiday season that make you feel beautiful.  So tell me which style are you trying out? Tag me on Instagram at @jessdinius so I can see them!

The 5 gifts Mom Really Wants!

Moms are seriously one of the hardest groups to ever buy for especially as we get older.  They can buy everything they want and it’s time to get super creative.  Heads up no one wants candles, bath sets or crappy perfume from CVS (no offense to CVS) but there are tons of amazing other options that can be even shipped to your door via Amazon Prime.

One of my favorite gifts and something every household needs is a gorgeous wine decanter.  This specific set is amazing, the shape of the decanter is the best for aeration with the unique bottom and filter.  To make it an even better gift it comes with the cleaning beads and stand for cleaning as well.  The set is beautiful and practical, the perfect gift for our favorite wine drinkers.

Now who is not in love with sparkling water? I know I have a serious obsession with it and the variety of companies and flavors show the extreme trend this is.  There are so many carbonation options out there but I’m loving this infusion option.  This is an easy way to avoid the chemicals, flavors and sodium which so many are looking to avoid.    This awesome machine will carbonate your infused water creating an even more special treat.

Who here is terrible at remembering to drink water (raises hand)?  Well this awesome water bottle lights up and reminds you to drink water so maybe a matching set for you and Mom!  Oh yea it’s also a Bluetooth speaker that has dancing lights, so not only is it’s incredibly practical it’s a ton of fun.  All you do is turn this bottle on and hourly it reminds you to drink your water a reminder I feel like so many of us need and you can send a bottle to nag Mom to return the favor from the years of her nagging you.

One of the biggest trends right now are weighted blankets.  They help with falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer by simulating being hugged or held.  The unique design of this blanket uses glass beads to keep the blanket hypoallergenic, non toxic and odorless.  The design keeps the weight evenly distributed and even better keeps it from getting unreasonably hot (which seriously can get to be a problem).  I think it makes an amazing present and is one of those oddly life changing items.  The better sleep is so amazing so give that gift to your Mom.

Last but not least give the gift of a sanitary phone!  Our phones are NASTY, literally public toilet seats are cleaner so let’s give Mom a quick and easy way to clean and sanitize her phone that’s also cute and stylish.  It comes in ten colors and will even charge her phone while finally not making her sick.  Your Mom deserves a clean phone!

I hope I have given you some inspiration on some unique, and non traditional gifts for Mom that don’t mean another lame sweater or picture.  You’ve got this and it will be the best gift giving year EVER.

My 5 Perfect Nail Colors for Winter

For me a painted nail is always the finishing touch on any look. It just makes me always feel so polished and finished as a person.  Between seasons I try to keep my nail colors pretty classic with just s few twists added in for fun.  I think nails should always be classy, classic and simple.  I’ll also add the nail polish keeps my typically brittle nails from breaking and splitting.  My nails grow longer and stronger and I feel more confident in general.

I have a terrible habit of chewing my nails so painting them has really done a wonderful job of preventing me from chewing on them moving forward.  It’s better for my teeth (which now have tons of micro cracks) nails which are so much stronger now and my overall health because I get sick less now that my hands are in my mouth less.

Spending a fortune every week on a professional manicure does not align with planning a wedding, paying down debts and saving for the future so doing your own nails is a great solution to looking and feeling fabulous on a budget.

On to the colors!!

Cooler weather in my mind calls for bolder colors, especially gorgeous jewel tones.  My current fall obsession is burgundy, it’s bold, festive and totally ready for the holidays.  The color is the perfect contrast against any of your favorite holiday decorations, it’s the perfect holiday red.  It’s “Red Red Wine” from Pacifica and it’s a 7 free nail polish as well as vegan and cruelty free so you can feel extra good knowing no furry friends were hurt and it’s super safe to use.

Greyge is a color trend that has not and I hope doesn’t go away.  It’s such a great neutral that it’s shown up in both home decor and in nails.  It’s a awesome alternative to plain pink and gives a great professional feel with a fun brown twist.  I have seen this color popping up more and more this winter and it’s just pain chic!  My two favorite shades are both from Essie both “On the Mauve” and  “Lady Like” are my go to shades they are amazing for most skin types and are my reach for greyge shades.

Now of course you need a really simple, basic and amazing pink shade.  This is most likely going to be my bridal shade because it’s the perfect nude pink shade.  I’m obsessed with how pretty and classic this color is.  The pretty soft shade is very close to my skin tone making it so subtle.  I personally use CND vinylux in “Pink Pursuit” the long wear polish really does stay better than any other brand I’ve ever worn.  The investment is totally worth it!

Now my ride or die go to is my white nail polish, this flat out is a color I will wear year round.  It’s just so clean looking and is a great classic that I’m glad has made a serious come back. It’s so neutral that there isn’t an outfit or occasion it doesn’t go with and it comes from my favorite long wearing brand CND Vinylux in “Creampuff” and even on my nails lasts close to a week.

This is the year to get more daring with your nails and paint them so many amazing colors that make you feel fabulous and flirty.  Live your best life this winter and get colorful with your life.  I can’t wait to see what you choose to do with your nails!

The Service That Got us Out of Our Food Rut

Let’s talk about my new favorite way to cook at home.  This post is in no way sponsored, I paid for this completely myself and it’s my totally honest obsession.  On a whim I decided to order Home Chef from Groupon because we had been eating the same 5 meals on repeat and I think we can all agree that getting stuck in a dinner rut is common and tough to get out of.

I have literally been impressed with every single meal that we have been sent so far.  So this gorgeous steak (if that wasn’t reason enough) is covered in mushrooms with white wine and bur blanc paired with potatoes au gratin that included blue cheese.

This is very far from the meal boxes of the past, the food is inspired, elevated and the portions are perfect.  Over the 5 weeks of cooking with them I have truly found it to be an amazing way to plan our meals and break us out of our food rut!

There is a huge variety of meals, everything from fish (pictured Mahi Mahi with risotto and pineapple salsa), to steak, to shrimp to chicken and every week you can choose your own meals even based on dietary needs.

Even my fiancé Jeff likes them which I feel like is a giant accomplishment because this man only eats Mac and cheese, pizza and plain old junk food.  The pure ability to get him to eat something home made and not processed garbage is a huge step and frankly he’s as obsessed as I am.

I think the one question of course is price because no matter how good the food is if the price is insane then it just doesn’t matter.  We are all in luck, the price on these meals is so insanely reasonable, ranging from $6ish to $12 per person it’s fairly close to what we were paying for meals as it was these are just so much better than anything I could have thought up.

We are so happy to have found an easy and delicious way to get us  out of our food rut.  And I have a $40 off coupon for you here Click here to order Homechef for yourself and see why were so addicted to it!