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The Daily Mantras That Changed My Life

This year has been quite a roller coaster with severe ups and downs.  I’ve dealt with severely toxic jobs, a puppy that almost died and medical drama that has been less than fun.  On the positive side, I got engaged to the love of my life, eventually got an amazing job, and have learned to really get out of a funk that plagued me earlier this year.


Being thrown so many curve balls this year has been less than easy on my mood, I’ll be honest I’ve been in a massive funk for most of it! But these daily mantras have really helped me turn around my overall mood and frankly end of my year.  Changing your perspective and the dialogue you have with yourself changes your entire world.

Everyday when I wake up I think of 10 things I’m grateful for (and I cuddle my pugs just a little extra for that extra burst of happiness) and I focus on them while getting ready, this sets the tone of my day on a very positive note.  When you start the day grateful for what you do have you are more open for more good things to come into your life.

After I start my day on the positive note of everything wonderful in my life, I think about what I want in my life.  I decide what it is and take the action to go for it.  You may never understand what the action may be but take the leap.  It’s not enough to decide you want something, you need to take he’ll bent for glory action.  Now I said mantras and they are key in this because boy is this step scary.


Everyday I tell myself that I deserve good things in my life.  I tell myself I deserve true happiness.  I tell myself I deserve good things in life and that good things are supposed to happen to me.  I tell myself I am enough, I am good enough and my life is meant to be amazing. At first it can be hard to believe, at first it can feel stupid, but the more you say it, the more you do it and if you keep at it the more you will believe it.  It’s amazing that when we tell ourselves something enough times it becomes our reality.  Now keep in mind this works for both positive and negative statements.

What you have on repeat in your mind is what you believe the most deeply, the more positive the affirmations the more deeply seeded the positivity.  The more you tell yourself you deserve good things the more you believe it and the more likely you are to go after those wonderful opportunities.  Keep telling yourself you are worth it and you will believe it!

Getting out of even the toughest funk is totally possible with a little shift in perspective.  What are your favorite morning habits to get your day started off on the right foot?

5 Designer Dupes You Will Love

I personally am a baller on a budget and rock all of the designer dupes I can get my hands on frankly because, I’m saving for a wedding and I’m trying to save for my future so sandals that are over $300 really don’t fit into those life plans.  I think most of us can agree the budget friendly version is almost always going to be our friend.

Let’s talk about these flats, they are a dupe for the far more expensive Valentino Garavani Flat which retails for $775 (that’s pretty hard to justify for the average shopper).  My dupe pictured above retails for $45, they are so incredibly comfortable and really durable.  They are such a great twist on a classic flat that I love using them to add a twist to an otherwise classic outfit.

These were one of my hands down favorite finds, these Minolo dupes will not fool a die hard fan but flat but have the same feel.  The original shoe retails for almost a grand and these are around $50, the quality is quite nice and the satin is gorgeous.  They come in a huge number of colors and frankly for a sheer fraction of the price you just can’t beat them!

So this is actually two dupes rolled into one.  The first is a dupe of the Free People 100 degree dress however this one is under $30 instead of $110 and this one is of equal quality and I’m simply in love with every last detail of this dress.  The polka dot trim is simply adorable and fantastic.  This dress is seriously well constructed and overall a great alternative to the far more expensive dress.

The second dupe in this look is the fabulous sandals in this look. They are a great dupe for the Valentino Rockstud Jelly Thong which retails for $425, the dupe retails for under $20 and they look almost the same.  They are an absolute staple in my summer wardrobe and I love wearing them and get tons of use out of them.  I ended up ordering them in several colors because the bow is just too adorable.

These leggings are a dupe for the popular Spanx faux leather leggings but for right around $20 with the same slimming properties and ability to make your butt look out of this world they are a MUST HAVE!  With the lining inside you will not have horrible sweating and just overall they are simply flattering and a great neutral pant.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look amazing!  I hope these dupes help, which one is your favorite go to?

2 Fabulous Winter Outfits You Need NOW!

When the weather turns and the air gets that chill it’s time to crack out all of our favorite wi Tre looks and I get to bring out my favorite pieces for the cold.  My latest obsession is my over the knee boots, they are under $40, behind comfortable and too adorable.  They are already my staple winter shoe and go with everything.  This pink pleated SKORT, you read that right it’s not a skirt but a skort is a great imitation suede and by pairing it with the boots it gives it a really great older twist instead of looking as young as it could have.  The coat is just incredible.  It’s under $100, warm and cozy and the tie waist gives the ultimate cinched waist.  It comes in 3 colors but the white is just so chic that I had to have it.  Top it off with the trendiest hat of the season and you have a winning outfit that makes me feel amazing, fashion forward and just too cute every time I wear it.


This dress is one of the most flattering sweater dresses I’ve seen yet.  The tie at the waist is a true tie so it really chinches in the waist so it creates an incredible hourglass shape.  It’s a great lightweight but warm fabric.  It will be on regular rotation till spring hits. These riding boots have been my staple for so many years and they simply go with almost everything.  They are so incredibly comfortable and a great staple piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe hands down.

Pearl barrettes are a huge trend this season and I used not just one but two to pull back the side of my hair and give it a little extra flair.  I always love to do a little something extra with my hair when it gets colder especially.  The thing I love about these is they come in a set with three fabulous headbands that are also about to become staples for my hair wardrobe.

These two outfits are going to be on rotation for the rest of the season and I hope you are inspired for your winter wardrobe and can add a few fabulous staples.  Which are your must have go tos for the winter?

7 Staple Bags Under $100

One of the greatest struggles as a woman is finding great bags that don’t cost us an arm and a leg ($1,400+ for a bag!?!) especially staple worthy bags that are fabulous and wallet friendly.  I have scoured some of my favorite site and found 7 gorgeous bags all under $100 that you will be beyond proud to carry.  Click on the bag image to shop any of the bags in this article.

This bag is from one of my favorite stores for awesome bargain bags.  For under $70 this bag has great unique style and really creative detailing.  The studs on this bag make it a very trend forward bag and if you decide it’s out of fashion next season you have zero guilt donating or selling it.  It comes in two colors but I personally am in love with a cognac because it’s an unexpected neutral that can really make any outfit a bit more interesting.

This bag is so upscale looking.  The colors, especially blush are so classic as is the entire line of this bag.  The cross hatch detailing just adds an extra level of class, like you are ready to go shopping for something super expensive or off to a super upscale event.  I genuinely just love the look and simplicity of this bag with the super subtle details.

Thebraiding on the bag is AMAZING! It’s so unique and has such an equestrian feel in my opinion.  It’s a very sophisticated twist on a preppy satchel, everyone needs a look like this in their wardrobe, and can’t you imagine someone in a polo outfit carrying this bag?  I love also having the option of two handles, both a cross body option and a small handle is great for whatever your feeling is on how you want to carry with your outfit and situation.

This is such a great funky every day bag.  I’m absolutely obsessed with the look and feel of this bag.  This is a bag big enough to throw what you need for the day in it (for me that includes an iPad and notebook).  This is the everyday basic bag that every woman needs for the errands, work and running around.  For under $90 it’s a bag that will look good beyond one season,it really is a very classic looking bag that you can use for a very long time

This bag reminds me of the bag in The Devil Wears Prada so I had to include it!  We all fell in love with that bag and wanted it for ourselves and this budget friendly version is a great reminiscent version. The shape of the bag was different from the other selections on the list and the pockets are really helpful for holding things you frequently reach for like your phone and keys with a great fall fabric like suede which to me is the ultimate fall fabric.  This is a great bag to tuck under you arm and go with plenty of room for everything you could need to go with you.

I had to of course add a fun and colorful bag to the list and this one is well under $50.  I love a great stripe and this one comes in 28 different patterns and colors.  Picking up a bright colored bag can really brighten my day and for well under $50 you can afford to really brighten your day so many days of the week.  I love having bags bug enough to carry all of my things with out struggling to fit it all.

Last but not least is a great and chic quilted bag.  For well under $40 it’s a very polished and put together bag that can make any outfit put together with no effort.  It’s a little smaller and simple in shape but that is it’s appeal to me.  It’s just a great simple and classic look.


I hope the 7 bags I shared with you help you to up your fall style without breaking the bank.  Everyone should look and feel,fabulous no matter what their budget.

The Engagement 5 Years in the Making

This past May I got engaged in Kauai, Hawaii and it was nothing short of magical.  I’ll be honest after a year of giving him a hard time (I feel like after 4 years it was more than ok) I was shocked that it actually came.

One day I was just surprised with a vacation to Hawaii… for 7 days.  Needless to say I was super suspicious, springing a trip with zero notice with everything super upgraded is going to raise eyebrows.

The hotel was nothing short or gorgeous and every detail was not left forgotten. There was a waterfall in the pool, the grounds were immaculate and the staff was just so kind. Our first day was simple and fabulous.

Our second day is when the story truly happens.  We decide to go to one of my favorite restaurants.  The food is divine and the view is even better.  The tables overlook Hanalei bay at sunset.

Needless to say this restaurant is beyond a treat.  I don’t think a view like it exists on the island (the food is amazing and that doesn’t hurt anything either).  The sunsets are nothing short of breathtaking.

How insane is this view!?!? This is the reason he proposed here.  The stunning sunset just cannot be beat, so taking me half way around the world to ask me to spend my life with him was a giant win! I’m not gonna lie, I had a sneaking suspicion that he was going to propose this night so I wanted to make sure thatI looked the best I possibly could, I’m glad that I chose to wear that dress.  As the sun began to set he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.  He told me the story of his Grandfather proposing to his Grandmother in Hawaii 70 years ago.  I wish I could say I cried but I was in such shock.  No matter how many times I suspected it was going to happen I was still so shocked by how romantic it all was and that it was actually happening.

You might notice that this ring looks different than the one you see me wearing today.  The ring that Jeff proposed with is the one his Grandmother wore for fifty years and his mother gave him.  It was also the last thing she gave him before she passed.  This ring has so much meaning, and yea we got it sized to fit but we decided on a ring that’s ours.  This ring is now safely tucked away in a nice box and kept safe.

Later in the trip we went on a boat trip snorkeling and it was incredible.  The most fun of all was when the captain blessed our relationship under a small waterfall.  It was so fun, so wonderful and the people of Hawaii were so kind and warm.  We had an amazing vacation and it was truly memories that will last a lifetime.

Ummm but really where else can you celebrate like this?  What a magical way to get engaged and I hope you enjoyed the story of how I got engaged!

One flattering body con dress 3 ways

This wrapped body con dress is one of the most popular dresses on the internet right now and with great reason. The gathers and wrap style is so flattering on so many body types and hides a multitude of things that we may not love about our bodies.  It works for all kids of occasions and locations (I’m wearing it at Star Wars Land in the above photo and living my best life) and it works great even at a theme park.

I think you should get as many uses out of your clothes as possible and this dress is so versatile that it’s no exception! I styled this dress three uniquely different ways for three unique different occasions.  These pieces are so mix and match and you can create such fun options with all of them.

This first look is super fun, cute and casual.  It’s my go to for things like a theme park day, running errands or chasing the dogs.  The sneakers make this super casual and the jacket works great in a casual way to keep you warm on a brisk day (if it’s even chillier toss a hoodie under and you would be good to go).  This is just a simple and great on the go look.

This has a touch of a retro feel with the hair scarf and boyfriend sweater.  I love a great boot, you could even add a patterned tight to keep your legs extra warm.  I love the classy and classic feel that the sweater gives to the dress.  This absolutely could be worn to a more casual office with the riding boots.

This last look is perfect for anytime you have a fun indoor fall party. This outfit is all about the accessories, a cute blanket scarf and a fedora hat.  These fall fedoras are one of my favorite trends this year.  I love the extra something they add to every outfit and think the accessories are key to really making simple pieces sing.

This dress is a great simple staple piece that you can dress in so many ways.  It’s a great piece to invest in to add to your wardrobe because it can be worn year round and in so many ways.