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Why I Set Intentions for the New Year over Resolutions

When New Years rolls around everyone decides that this is the moment to change their lives.  Make giant life changes overnight with the snap of a finger.  I hate to break it to you but it doesn’t work that way!  Resolutions don’t work because it’s often too much change.  I …
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Setting Goals and Sticking to Them

2020 is really a great chance to set a new intention for your life.  I like to say that each day is a clean slate but this is the ultimate clean slate.   This is your chance to really make a choice to transform your life into exactly what you …
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How to Cope with the Winter Blues

The winter blues are seriously no joke!  Its dark when you go to work, its dark when you come home, and so often its just plain gloomy, grey and cold.  There absolutely comes a time in winter when this wears even the cheeriest of us down and the blues start …
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Your Period Isn’t Just Heavy or Normal

I tell my story in hopes that it will help someone else who is suffering, to let who ever you are know that you are not alone and you don’t have to fight alone.  Warning, this is very honest, brutal and a bit graphic but the very real truth of …
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4 Types of Bullies and How to Deal with Them

Like let’s be real, mean people suck.  Some girls (yes I used girls on purpose and that can mean adults with children) never grow out of the nasty behaviors they learned as small children.  There are people who are just plain jerks and don’t seem to either care or notice! There …
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Its Amazing What A Little Magic Can Do

I spoke on my friends podcast a few weeks back and I came to an insane realization about the things the company did to save money. Now most people don’t realize that pre a certain wizard Universal was on the verge of going under, raises for front facing employees were …