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Start Your Day With Gratitude

So I started a new personal most days challenge.  Yea I know most days, not a full commitment but I’m being realistic with myself, on the couple of days when I have to leave my house at 5 am it’s just not going to happen at this stage.  But I …
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My 3 Tricks to Coping With Stress

Coping with extreme stress is an important life skill and one that I’ve been honestly failing at recently.  In the past I’ve been really good at rolling with some serious punches but the past 6 months the anxiety and stress has really gotten to both myself and Jeff (literally had …
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Happiness is a Choice

 So this week has been a doozie. My wonderful baby has been really sick, there have been complications and it has been really trying to say the very least. We all have rough patches, the ups and the downs.  We  all make choices about how we handle what life throws …
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The Power of Quiet

I was having a conversation with a friend the other night, he had worked his happiness away for the past 4 years. This has gained him fantastic financial stability but stripped him of his joy.  This really got me thinking.  What are we sacrificing and what is it all really …
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Word of 2019 is Action

One of the greatest lessons I learned in 2018 is there has to be a balance in our lives, we have to believe in ourselves, trust that when we leap the net will appear and have the hustle for that net and leap.  All of the pieces have to come …
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The Demons That Lurk

So Dapper Day weekend was an insanely fun weekend, I really was able to escape hang out and not think about anything but having fun and dressing up.  I ate whatever I wanted and really didn’t think too much about it, something we all SHOULD be doing daily.  Monday morning …