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When TV Emulates Real Life

My best friend and I were watching the new Sabrina series when episode 7 came on.  The witches were talking about how there was no greater honor than to be eaten.  It hit both of us so incredibly hard how much this emulated the party princess community and their devotion …
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When What You See in the Mirror Isn’t Reality

After so many years of struggling with learning to have a more healthy relationship with food the one thing I’ve never learned to have a better relationship with is the mirror.  See what you see when you see a photo of me is not the same as when I see …
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Its Ok to Be a Work In Progress

I saw someone recently post that they felt so lost at 22. She has friends getting married and having kids, others still partying and drinking.  Somehow she is caught in the middle with no idea where to be.  The sentiment is clearly shared among many by the comment section. The …
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Know Your Worth

“You are enough, you are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are” -Sierra Boggess This past few weeks have been ones of tons of contemplation.  There has been a lot of falling on my face and feeling “not good enough” and doing tons of comparing my life to what …
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Bodyshaming is Everywhere in Entertainment

So over the years I have worked for multiple entertainment venues and companies… lets be real many.  And the body shaming flat out making fun of people’s bodies is not limited to theme parks only.  Some of the most cruel people are those in small entertainment companies who openly laugh …
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My 3 favorite tips for coping with migraines

So interesting tid bit, I suffer from a disease called chronic daily migraine. If you’ve ever had a migraine you know the insane pain associated with them and I am here to share my tricks to quickly and easily eliminate them!  I’ve made quite a few life style changes including …